Opera 36 comes with special features for Windows 10 users

The recently released Opera 36 browser comes with nice user interface improvements. Some of those improvements are designed especially for Windows 10 users. Let's see which benefits it can provide to the end user.


Once you install or upgrade your existing Opera installation, go to its settings. Under the section Browser -> User Interface, there is a new option "Show system color on tab bar". By default it is disabled, which causes the Opera browser to look like a Universal/Metro app with a gray title bar:Opera 36 default look in Windows 10

Once you enable this new option, the title bar will follow the current color from your preferences in the Settings App - Personalization - Color:Opera 36 colorized in Windows 10

This is a nice feature.

Under the "User Interface" section, you will find other useful options too like a separate search box in the address bar or the ability to force a touch-friendly user interface even if no touch screen is detected.

When the search box is enabled, it looks like this:Opera 36 search box

When the touch friendly UI is force-enabled or a touch screen is detected, the browser will automatically increase the size of toolbar items and all context menus, plus it will give you a new icon for going fullscreen.

Opera 36 non-touch controls in Windows 10Opera 36 touch controls in Windows 10If you enable advanced settings in the browser's options, the Start page options will contain additional items. In the regular mode it looks like this:

Opera 36 basic start options Windows 10In the advanced mode it looks like this:Opera 36 enable advanced settingsOpera 36 advanced start options Windows 10 There you can customize the start page news section if you use it:

Opera 36 news start options Windows 10Finally, the start page navigation panel has been moved to the left, to optimize for horizontal space on widescreen monitors which are popular these days.

Opera has become an interesting program, offering features which other browsers does not have. It offers the same control as Google Chrome for the most part in addition to some extra settings and features like an integrated ad blocker which will arrive soon. Maybe some day, Opera will evolve to become suitable for power users once again.

You can download Opera 36 using the following links:
Opera 36 online installer | Opera 36 offline installer

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