New Options for Notification Toasts in Windows 10

Windows 10 features toast notifications instead of the classic balloon tooltips. Microsoft is constantly improving the notification system, so the most recent build 18917 of Windows 10 Insider Preview (20H1) features a couple of new features added to notification toasts.

When an app sends a notification, Windows 10 shows a toast banner above the taskbar. If you miss a notification, it is queued up in the Action Center.

Windows 10 Toast Notification Example:

Windows 10 Toast Notification Example

Action Center Notifications Example:

Action Center Notifications Example

Starting in Windows 10 Build 18917,  notification toasts include a number of new options. First of all, there is a new Gear button that allows to directly go to notification settings, or turn off notifications for the current app.

Notification Toast Options 20h1Notification Toast Options 20h1

The same options appear if you right-click on a notification toast.

Action Center Manage Notifications Link

Also, there is a new 'Manage notifications' link in the Action Center that can also be used to quickly reach notification options in the Settings app.

Both changes are quite useful. Unfortunately, they are in A/B testing, so they may not be available on your computer.

Source: Reddit.


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