Microsoft Releases PowerToys v0.12 With Batch File Renaming

Microsoft releases a new version of Windows 10 PowerToys that includes the ability to batch rename multiple files. There's a new tool, PowerRename, that brings a number of useful options to rename a bunch of files with one click.


PowerRename is a new open source tool that is intended to help you rename a large number of files using various naming conditions like search and replace a portion of the file name, define regular expressions, change letter case, and more.

PowerRename is implemented as a shell extension for File Explorer (read plugin). It opens a dialog box with a bunch of options. See this demo video:

While you type in the search and replace input fields, the preview area will show what the items will be renamed to. You can toggle specific items to include or exclude from the operation in the preview area. Other checkbox options allow more control of scope of the rename operation. PowerRename then calls into the Windows Explorer file operations engine to perform the rename. This has the benefit of allowing the rename operation to be undone after PowerRename exits. PowerRename was designed to cover the majority of bulk rename scenarios while still striving for simplicity for the average user.

FancyZones improvements

PowerToys FacyZones Layout

The next big improvement is with FancyZones, a window manager that’s designed to make it easy to arrange and snap windows into efficient layouts for your workflow. The zone editor is now multi-monitor aware, comes with globalization bug fixes, and has a number of other issues resolved. Learn more here.

Finally, Microsoft is working to bring Dark Mode to all PowerToys

Get PowerToys

To get PowerToys, point your browser to and download the PowerToysSetup.msi installer.


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