Microsoft Releases Cascadia Font 1910.04

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'Cascadia Code' is an open-source font created by Microsoft which is available on GitHub. It is a monospaced font which plays well with code editors like Notepad++, Visual Code, or Geany. Today, the company is releasing a new version of this font with a number of improvements.

Cascadia Code is the new monospaced font developed alongside the Windows Terminal. Starting with Cascadia Code version 1909.16, it is packaged inside the Windows Terminal and will automatically install on download. You can also download it from its GitHub releases page.

Cascadia Code 1910.04 features Latin-1 characters. It now includes the full ISO-8859-1 glyph set along with other character tweaks.

Besides this change, the font now includes Box drawing glyphs.

The team is about to adjust the GitHub repo options to allow more people to contribute, and to add a weight axis and Greek, Cyrillic, Vietnamese, Hebrew, and Arabic characters.

The Cascadia Code font was created hand-in-hand with the newest Windows Terminal app in mind. The name of the font follows the Windows Terminal project, which has the 'project Cascadia' codename at Microsoft. With the next app update, the new font will be automatically installed.

Cascadia Code supports programming ligatures. Programming ligatures are most useful when writing code, as they create new glyphs by combining characters. This helps make code more readable and user-friendly for some people.

The font can be installed in Windows, MacOS, and Linux.  For Windows, see How to install fonts in Windows 10.

Like most monospaced fonts, the Cascadia Code font allow easily distinguish character like 0 (zero) and the o/O letter, and I (i) and l (L). This helps a lot to avoid mistyping variable names.

Here is how it looks on Linux:

Interested users can download Cascadia Code Font from here:

Download Cascadia Code Font

Also check out its source code on GitHub. Source.

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