Microsoft makes passwords optional for personal accounts

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Microsoft has been pushing password-less experiences since 2015 when the company introduced Windows 10. The company offers Windows Hello as a better, more secure way to sign in into Windows, apps, and accounts. Also, Microsoft continuously tries to encourage users to opt for its Authenticator app for improved security. The main pitch is that regular passwords are insecure in the modern world and too easy to crack using various techniques. Also, many people tend to use a single password for many accounts, which further increases the risks of identity theft and data loss. Microsoft Authenticator and Windows Hello are safer, more reliable, and plain less annoying.

If you hate managing passwords, Microsoft has good news for you: You can now remove the password from a Microsoft Account altogether and use passwordless methods, such as Authenticator and Windows Hello.

It is worth mentioning that password-less sign-in is not a new feature in the Microsoft ecosystem. That capability has been available for business customers for quite a while, and now regular consumers can protect their accounts by ditching less secure authentication methods.

Password-less sign-in is available for personal Microsoft Accounts in various services, such as Microsoft 365, Teams, Outlook, OneDrive, Microsoft Edge, etc.

Remove the password from your Microsoft Account

To remove the password from your Microsoft Account in favor of Microsoft Authenticator or Windows Hello, go to, sign in with your profile, and then go to Advanced Security Options. In the "Additional Security Options" section, find the "Passwordless Account" option and click Turn on. Microsoft notes that users are free to enable a traditional password at any time they want.

Of course, a good-old password remains the primary way to log into different services and accounts. While the world might not be ready to abandon traditional passwords, you can make them more secure and the managing process less annoying by utilizing free tools from Microsoft. The company provides a reliable password manager and monitor in the Edge browser. Also, you can sync passwords across devices and browsers using the Microsoft Authenticator app.

You can read more about password-less sign-in in Microsoft Accounts in a blog post on the official Microsoft website.

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Author: Taras Buria

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