Microsoft Edge will sync PWA apps across your devices

Microsoft is testing a new feature for the Edge browser that will allow you to sync PWA across your devices. With one click you will able to install web apps that you have installed on your other device. The list of available apps appears on the "Apps" page, that opens with the eponymous entry in the menu (Alt+F).

Edge PWA App List Sync 1

Edge PWA App List Sync 3


The list of apps from other devices will also visible directly in the main menu, under the Apps > Available apps submenu. Both options will greatly save your time, as your PWAs will be one click away regardless of the device you currently use.

Edge PWA App List Sync 4

This new feature is currently in testing in the Canary version of the Edge browser. Since it is a Controlled Roll-out, you may or may not see it right now.

Obviously, to get it working, you must use the same Microsoft Account on all your Edge instances.

Finally, if you are not happy with this extra option, you can disable it at any moment of time using a new option in Edge settings.

Edge PWA App List Sync 5

PWA stands for Progressive Web Apps, the apps that have look and feel as a desktop software, but rely on online services. Twitter, YouTube, and hundreds of other websites offer PWAs to make user experience more convenient. Chromium-based web browsers are able to detect the presence of a PWA on the currently open website, and offer the user to install it.

The installed app will place its shortcut to the desktop and in the Start menu for easier access to it. It can be removed from the computer at any moment of time with the options included in the browser, or by using the Settings > Apps  page.

PWAs are a relatively new thing for Desktop computers. They are extremely popular on mobile devices. There, users often prefer to run a lightweight PWA instance instead of installing a [often bloated] full featured client app for this or that service from the app store.

It is great to see Microsoft's efforts to make PWA management more convenient. Besides, the Redmond firm has activated the Tab Search feature in the Edge browser, and has also added visual search to the Web Capture tool.

Thanks to Leo for the tip!

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