Microsoft discontinues the People Bar feature

Starting with Windows 10 build 16184, Windows 10 includes the My People feature. It adds a special icon to the notification area of your taskbar and allows pinning your contacts directly to the taskbar, so you can start messaging, call or compose an email just with one click. It looks like Microsoft is about to remove the People bar from the OS.


"My People" is a special toolbar for the taskbar which shows icons of pinned contacts. Tip: See How to Pin Contacts to the taskbar in Windows 10. It  gives you quick access to messaging options via Email and Skype and aggregate information from Skype, Email, People and other apps which have collaboration tasks.

Taskbar With People Icon

While this feature is available starting in Windows 10 Fall Creators Update, it was initially planned for Windows 10 Creators Update, but the final build (15063) of this Windows version doesn't include this feature.

It provides a number of useful quick actions. For example, you can quickly create an email message by clicking the icon. Or, if you drag and drop a file on the pinned contact icon, it will be possible to share it quickly.

Starting in Windows 10 build 18298, the People icon is no longer enabled on the taskbar by default. Additionally, a tweet from Albacore, a guy known for being the trustful source of internal Microsoft news, reveals an upcoming change in the My People feature.  According to him,

It looks like Microsoft is not happy with the current implementation of the feature. Maybe, their telemetry data suggested them that it is not popular among users.

Personally, I always disable the People bar. I find no use for its features. What about you? Will you miss it?


7 thoughts on “Microsoft discontinues the People Bar feature

  1. Lonm

    I can imagine the people bar being useful in an enterprise context, but for home use there’s not much point to it.

  2. Hans

    I did the same thing. I never used it. In fact Microsoft tends to filling up the taskbar. Besides the programs, that already run in backgriunbd (like onedrive) you have ink space, peoples, screen keyboard etc. Why not just enable a a kind of menu?

  3. 7rdy

    In my opinion, It was a crap feature I never used it.

  4. Chris

    one of microsofts most useless features ever
    Good riddance!

  5. David H Johnson

    I also have no use for it. I didn’t see the point in having it. Good riddance.

  6. I am

    I disable it also. Total bloatware.

  7. Willy

    That “feature” was implemented because of Dona Sarkar, populary called cam***.


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