Microsoft announced DirectStorage 1.1 with greatly improved performance

Microsoft has announced that they are going to release DirectStorage 1.1 with GPU Decompression to developers by the end of 2022. It will include GPU decompression of game resources which is nearly 3x faster that the classic CPU process.

Every character, object, and landscape in games has “assets” describing characteristics like shape, lighting, and color. This adds up to hundreds of gigabytes of data. To reduce the overall package size of a game, these assets are compressed.  To be loaded into video memory, they need to be decompressed. Historically, game assets have been optimized for CPU decompression. DirectStorage improves this in a great way.

With DirectStorage 1.0, Microsoft made reading them much faster thanks to new APIs that go well with NVMe disks.

DirectStorage 1.1 moves the decompression of resources to the GPU side. GPUs can efficiently perform repeatable tasks in parallel, so combined with NVMe, the amount of time it takes for an asset to load decreases. Microsoft's test show that scenes are loading nearly 3x faster.

While DirectStorage is available on Windows 10, some of it optimizations are exclusive to Windows 11. Anyway, games that use DirectStorage 1.1 with GPU decompression will run fast than before even on Windows 10.

To have best gaming experience, you need an NVMe SSD, and any DirectX 12 capable GPU that supports Shader Model 6.0.

Source: Microsoft

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Author: Sergey Tkachenko

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