MATE 1.16 is out

A new version of the popular MATE desktop environment for Linux is out. This release is all about GTK+ 3 improvements and fixes. Let's see what's new in MATE 1.16.

The MATE 1.16 release is focused on improving GTK3+ compatibility, moving components to newer libraries, bugfixes and code improvements.  Here are the key changes in this release:


  • Improved GTK3+ support across the entire MATE Desktop.
  • Application and theme support for GTK+ 3.22.
  • More applications build against GTK3+ only:
    • Engrampa
    • MATE Notification Daemon
    • MATE PolKit
    • MATE Session Manager
    • MATE Terminal


Some applications have been decoupled from libmate-desktop:

  • Engrampa
  • MATE Applets
  • MATE Netbook
  • MATE Power Manager
  • MATE Terminal
  • Pluma

Work has started to port applications to GApplcation:

  • Engrampa
  • MATE Applets
  • MATE Netbook
  • MATE User Share
  • Many bugs and deprecations are fixed.
  • Translations are updated.

As you can see, most of the changes are under the hood. Refer to the official announcement to get the full change log.



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