How to Transfer/Backup Files on iOS via iTools PC?

Tired of using the same old complicated methods to transfer data from your iOS device to other devices? Managing applications/games and transferring your iOS device’s photos and videos safely can be very tricky especially if you cannot access your iTunes account.


So is there an alternate that you can use to transfer your data in a hassle-free manner? The answer to that is - yes!

iTools is a simplified application that will come very handy to you if you are facing any kind of issues with your iTune/iCloud ID. You can simply download the application onto your device and voila, all your data transmission issues will be solved in the fraction of a second. The application can help you restore, extract and secure any type of data without any lengthy or time-consuming processes.ITools PC Image2

Here is a short guide to help you restore or backup your iOS device’s data using iTools.

Backup your iOS device’s data using iTools

Step 1: Click on the Toolbox in the iTools app on your PC.

Step 2: Go to the “Mobile storage” option, a new window will pop-up once you click on the option.

Step 3: Click on the “Import” button on the new window.

Step 4: Select File/Folder option (Whichever is more suitable to your need.)

Step 5: Send any number of contacts, music, documents photos or videos to to your iPhone from any device.

iTools is a multi-purpose tool that can help you manage your iPod/iPad/iPhone effortlessly, it is completely suitable for the latest iOS 12. The application supports Windows 8.1/8, Windows 7, Windows 10, Vista as well as XP.

If using your own GPS location is a matter of concern for you then iTools is the perfect app for you. It offers you a fake GPS location for your iPhone/iPad so that you can easily mask your device’s location.

ITools PC Image1

Next, if you are looking to transfer files (photos) to your iPhone from PC through iTools, here is a short guide for you to follow.

The foremost step for you to follow is to ensure that your iPhone is properly connected to your PC. Once you the devices are connected, run iTools on your personal computer. If for example, you are trying to export photos to your iPhone or preview pictures in their original resolution then follow these steps:

To transfer files (photos) to your iPhone from PC through iTools,

Step 1: Click on the “Device” option on the interface.

Step 2: Now click on “Photos > photos” (on the left sidebar). Here you can view all the photos saved on your iOS device.

Here you can conveniently segregate the photos on your device according to the time, name, size, date, etc via the icons provided on the top-right corner of your screen.

Step 3: Choose the photos that you wish to transfer and click on the “Export” button.

You can select and send multiple pictures at the same time using the Ctrl key.

Step 4: Next you will be requested to select a location to save your photos or any other files.

Transfer the the data of your choice and to your preferred location.

On the other hand, if you wish to transfer photos from any device to your iPhone then you need to simply click on the “Import” to get started. Now you can restore any old data back to your mobile conveniently.

Another important concern and regularly asked question is how can one transfer books using iTools PC?

iTools’ user friendly interface and cutting edge technology has this query of yours resolved. Any prior experience in using iBooks must have left you puzzled because of the difficulty the tool posses when it comes to downloading a PDF on an iOS device. You can transfer books from your PC to your mobile and vice versa in two easy ways.

Another amazing feature of iTools is that you can send music in multiple ways from your iOS device to your personal computer via iTools and you stand no risk of destroying your collection of iPhone tracks when you sync the two devices in order to complete the transfer. Pretty much like the iTunes application, you can download unlimited songs of your choice.

Steps to exporting iBooks to your personal computer from your iPhone

Step 1: Start off by connecting your mobile to your computer.

Step 2: Click on the iTools program.

Step 3: Click on “Device.”

Step 4: Then click on “Books.”

Step 5: Finally click on “iBooks”

A list of the pre-downloaded material available on your device will be displayed to you. You can view details such as author name, book’s name, size and rating will be made available to you.


iTools is the best alternative available in the market when you are to replace iTunes. iTools can make transferring data and files much easier. Whether you are an amateur or a pro at handling technical applications this will come pretty handy to everyone.

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  1. For videos and images, you don’t need any special software on a PC running Windows 10. You just plug your iPhone into your PC’s USB port, select “Allow This Device” on your iPhone screen, and then you can access all the pics and videos in subfolders in Explorer. Cut and Paste to a folder on your hard drive, and you are done. I do this about once a year. Never used iTunes and never will!

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