How to remove the user profile button (You) in Google Chrome 44 and above

Previously, we covered how to disable or enable the Google Chrome profile button in the window title. It could be done with a special flag in chrome://flags/. Unfortunately, the appropriate flag described in the mentioned article was removed in Chrome 44, which is in beta now. Here is an alternative way to remove the user profile button (You) in Google Chrome 44 and above.

There are lots of users who use the Chrome browser as a single user, and so they do not use the Profile button in the window title. They do not switch between profiles and many of them are interested in disabling that button.
Although the enable-new-profile-management flag was removed from Google Chrome 44, there is a new way to get rid of the profile button.

  1. Right click the Google Chrome shortcut and pick Properties in the context menu.
  2. In the "Target" field add the option --disable-new-avatar-menu after the Chrome.exe part:
    chrome.exe --disable-new-avatar-menu

    It should look as follows:
    google chrome 44 disable profile you button

  3. Close all opened Chrome windows and start it once again. The profile button will disappear!

google chrome before
google chrome 44 remove profile button
That's it. There is no guarantee that this command line option won't be removed in the future, but it is still good to have at least this alternative for all those who need to disable the profile button in Google Chrome (via Techdows).

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Author: Sergey Tkachenko

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5 thoughts on “How to remove the user profile button (You) in Google Chrome 44 and above”

  1. Comparing to Firefox Chrome lacks a lot of customizability. This makes advanced users disappointed so there are discussions in Google Chrome Help Forums. For instance, now I see people complaining about useless notification about going fullscreen. Even if disabled on some sites it‘s still displayed and even reappears after hovering mouse to the top of the screen. It‘s a serious issue since Google thinks that they know better than their users so they make a lot of stuff which nags and makes one just want to change browsers.

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