How to remove Firefox View and List all tabs from Firefox toolbar

In Firefox 106, developers have added two new buttons to the toolbar of the browser. One of them, Firefox View, opens a built-in page with the list of recently opened tabs, tabs from your other devices, and also allows switching the theme. Another one is List all tabs that appears at the end of the tab row and opens a menu with open tabs similar to what you could see in Chrome. If you aren't happy to see any of them (or both), here is how to get rid of them.


Besides the new buttons, Firefox 106 includes some other new features, like basic PDF editing and annotating, new Colorways themes, a new style of private window, and image OCR on MacOS. If you are interested, you can learn more details on this release in this post.

The new toolbar buttons are intended to increase your productivity. With the Firefox View you can quickly reopen a closed tab, or access tabs from any device with Firefox installed, even from your smartphone. The latter obviously requires you to use a Mozilla Account. Additionally, the Firefox View for some reason exposes the Colorways themes which you can change here.

While this page may be of help, its button always persist in the tab row at the left edge. Some users will use Firefox View rarely, or never use at all. So it will eat the space for nothing, and it can be a good idea to hide it.

The second addition to the toolbar is the List all tabs button. When you click it, a menu opens that contains all open tabs with full titles visible. Users who open a lot of tabs may find it useful. However, if you never open tons of tabs, it maybe a redundant control in the browser's UI. Unlike Google Chrome, which always shows a similar button all the time, you can make Firefox hide it.

So, here's how to hide and remove the new buttons.

How to Remove the Firefox View Button

  1. Right-click the the Firefox View button.
  2. From its context menu, select "Remove from the toolbar".Remove Firefox View From Toolbar
  3. Also, you can click the "Customize the toolbar..." item and drag-n-drop the button out of the tab row in the next dialog.Customize The Toolbar
  4. Finally, you can pin it to the overflow menu using the eponymous menu item. The button will be hidden, but will remain accessible from the drop-down list next to the menu button in the toolbar.Overflow Menu

Regardless of the method you used to hide Firefox View, it is easy to restore it at any moment. Click anywhere on the toolbar, select "Customize the toolbar...", and move the button back to its place, or to any other location of your choice.

There is also an alternative method that completely disables the "View" feature in the browser. That you need to do is to set the browser.tabs.firefox-view option to false in about:config.

Permanently disable Firefox View in the browser

  1. In Firefox, enter about:config in the URL bar, and hit Enter.
  2. Click on the accept the risk and continue button to access the Advanced Preferences page.
  3. In the search box at the top, paste browser.tabs.firefox-view.
  4. Once the grid below the search box shows the browser.tabs.firefox-view value, double click it to set it to false.Permanently Disable Firefox View
  5. Restart the browser, and you are done!

From now, Firefox View will be disabled in the browser and won't be exposed anywhere in the user interface.No View Button Anywhere In The Ui

You can undo the change by switching browser.tabs.firefox-view value back to true. Restart the browser to have Firefox View re-enabled. Thanks to our reader Kay for the tip!

Unlike the Firefox View icon, the List all tabs button can't be hidden this way. You cannot move it or pin to the overflow menu. For that purpose, Firefox includes a hidden secret option, browser.tabs.tabmanager.enabled. To remove the the List all tabs button, do the following.

How to Remove the List All Tabs button Button in Firefox

  1. Open a new tab, type about:config in the address bar, and hit Enter.Open About:config
  2. On the Advanced Preferences page, confirm that you accept the risk and continue.
  3. Now, paste the following text in the search box: browser.tabs.tabmanager.enabled.
  4. Once Firefox shows the browser.tabs.tabmanager.enabled option, set it to false.Remove List All Tabs Button From Firefox
  5. Finally, restart the browser.List All Tabs Button Removed

From now, the button will not appear on the tab bar when all tabs fit the screen. However, once you open many tabs that cause the tab row scrolling, the button will appear automatically. It will disappear after you close some of the tabs that don't fit the screen.

Obviously,you can undo the change at any moment of time by setting the browser.tabs.tabmanager.enabled option back to true. Don't forget to restart Firefox after that for the changes to take effect.


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Author: Sergey Tkachenko

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5 thoughts on “How to remove Firefox View and List all tabs from Firefox toolbar”

  1. “firefox view” can be dragged off in the “customize toolbar” page

    however the “list all tabs” cannot… and the about:config trick did not do anything for that one even after restarting… (where as i tried the about:config for the firefox view and it worked immediately even without a restart)

  2. Thank you so much! In fact it was awful this “List All Tabs”, It was no use, other than leaving the browser polluted. Thank you so much again, you’re the man.

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