How to install an MUI language CAB file in Windows 8.1, Windows 8 and Windows 7

Recently we collected and posted here a bunch of direct links to various MUI language packs for Windows 8.1, Windows 8 RTM and Windows 7. It is useful for users who need to install them on multiple PCs. They will save their Internet bandwidth and time by not downloading them again on each PC. Instead, they can save the offline package and use it for future installs. In this article, we shall see how to install these downloaded language packs.


First, make sure that you have the correct language pack matching your OS.
There are two formats of MUI language packs: EXE, the executable file format, and the CAB (*.cab) file format.
While double clicking the *.exe file is enough to install the appropriate MUI files, installing the CAB files isn't so obvious and requires a few more steps.

Follow these simple instructions to install the CAB files. The process is similar for Windows 8 and Windows 7:

  1. Press Win + R keys together on the keyboard to bring up the Run dialog.
    Tip: see the ultimate list of all Windows keyboard shortcuts with Win keys.
  2. Type the following in the Run box:

    run lpksetup
    Press Enter.

  3. The "Install or Uninstall display languages" wizard will appear on the screen.
    lpksetup wizard
    Click the Install display languages button.
  4. In the next page of the wizard, click Browse and pick the *.cab file of the MUI language you downloaded.
    lpksetup browse
    Wait till it is installed. This can take a considerable amount of time and disk space. A System Restore point will also be created first.
  5. To switch to the installed language pack for your user account, you have to open the following Control panel applet:
    Control Panel\Clock, Language, and Region\Language

    language list

  6. Click the Options link on the right side of the just installed language. There, you will find the ability to activate it as the main display language.
    activate language
    Log out and log in again for the language to change.

    Note: On Windows 7, open Control Panel\Clock, Language, and Region\Region and Language. Click on Keyboards and Languages tab. Under Display language, choose a language from the list and click OK.

That's it. Now you know how to deal with downloaded *.cab files for MUI language packages.

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Author: Sergey Tkachenko

Sergey Tkachenko is a software developer who started Winaero back in 2011. On this blog, Sergey is writing about everything connected to Microsoft, Windows and popular software. Follow him on Telegram, Twitter, and YouTube.

24 thoughts on “How to install an MUI language CAB file in Windows 8.1, Windows 8 and Windows 7”

      1. I have my windows 10 in Portuguese and which I don’t know.
        I have .cab of US English but this method is not working. sorry, I can’t give you the specific details about the error cause I can’t read it, but there I an exclamatory mark(!) on yellow triangle after step 4 in front of the language name, and I am not able to click ok to go to next step.
        Please help!!!

  1. This stuff is so great, i was able to solve my issue in a matter of minutes, thanks a lot and keep up the good job…

  2. Hi

    i tried to install English but when i get to language installer it doesnt let me choose ‘next’ and i see a message below that this language is already installed.

    so i checked the in the control panel and English is still ‘not available in this version of windows’

    is there another way to install English in windows 8 version, please help

  3. Finally got to your site after hunting around for a day and half – your solution is the only one that works. Seriously legit. Much thanks.

  4. I think they have fixed this outdoor. When i exactly follow the instruction you wrote, on the lpksetup.exe window, there’s a yellow warning sign which tells me i cannot install the packet. Any new idea?

          1. I am using lpksetup as described in the article.
            It allows me to make Russian Windows 7 from the English one.

  5. I have a new harddisk installed that is set up in polnish, with windows 8.1 on it.

    I downloaded the english MUI, and did the “” lpksetup.exe ” command as displayed above, and it starts installing the cab. However, after 1 hour of installing it sais: “failure” (in polnish) with no explonation why.

    Any help is appreciated.

  6. I was ready to say you need to re write your instructions because it ain’t working for me until I read the NOTE part for windows 7 lol….thank you!!!! it worked!!!

  7. Hello,
    I downloaded the English 32bit pack.
    I did all the above steps but
    The “Install or Uninstall display languages” wizard , I see the line of the English Language that I want to install but with a Yellow warning triangle /!\.
    And the “Next” button is NOT available :((
    What to do?

  8. Where can download for free the 32-bit version of Simplified Chinese language pack for Windows RT (NOT Windows 8) for Microsoft Surface RT tablet ???????????

    Please, I need this for Windows RT.

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