How to get VirtualBox video driver working in Windows 10 build 10041

For testing purposes I always have a VirtualBox machine with the latest Windows 10 build. I installed Windows 10 build 10041 and faced an issue that the VirtualBox video driver did not work in it. So I couldn't get mouse integration, auto-resize option for the guest display, clipboard sharing and so on. Thankfully, it is very easy to fix this issue.

As you might have noticed, the latest versions of Oracle VirtualBox come with Windows 10 support. The appropriate template is available in Windows and Linux versions of the VirtualBox software:
10041 vbox
However, after you install VirtualBox Guest Additions, the video driver does not work. That's because this Windows 10 machine template has video acceleration disabled, so the driver can't be installed and the virtual video device cannot be recognized.

You just need to change it.

  1. Turn off your Windows 10 VM.
  2. Open its settings and go to the Display section on the left. There you need to tick both checkboxes in "Extended features:"
    virtualbox mouse integration windows 10
  3. Click OK and turn on your VM.

It will install and activate the proper driver automatically.
Windows 10 virtualbox video driver
You will get all missing features. You are done.


18 thoughts on “How to get VirtualBox video driver working in Windows 10 build 10041

  1. LaneR

    What version of VirtualBox and Guest Additions are you using?

    I setup Windows 10 build 10041 today on VirtualBox version 4.3.26, with Virtual Box Extension Pack 4.3.26. I’m not able to get Shared Folders working. After following your instructions, Shared Folders still don’t work, and the video adapter is still “Microsoft Basic Display Adapter”.

    I also get the yellow exclamation mark under Other Devices, where Base System Device is listed.

    1. Sergey Tkachenko Post author

      It was 4.3.24, however, it works for me with 4.3.26 too.

  2. gav

    i did wat u said and installed vbox additions but wat happens is my vbox screen goes blue, although windows still responds. WAT DO I DO???

    1. Sergey Tkachenko Post author

      Make sure you are running the latest VirtualBox version
      Works like a charm here.

      1. Hifihedgehog

        No, it does not work as a charm. If you are using a Windows-based version of VirtualBox, you only see solid color backgrounds whenever 3D acceleration is enabled in the VM settings. (Judging by the pictures, you are running Linux) Fortunately, 2D acceleration works very well indeed.

        1. Sergey Tkachenko Post author

          I am using VB in Windows too.
          For example:
          VBox 3D 2d Windows
          Produces no issues, used the same trick.

  3. mbarna

    What other settings are you using? I’ve tried many. With 3d acceleration enabled all I get is a black screen.

    1. Sergey Tkachenko Post author

      Hmm I have not touch anything else

    2. mbarna

      Actually, I got it working. I installed Guest Additions, with Window 8 Compatibility, with 3d acceleration on. It errored at first (black screen), but I forced it to shut down and rebooted and it worked. All of Guest additions works including Auto-Guest Resize.

  4. Heiko

    Wow, that was easy! Many thanks!

  5. Peter

    VS2013 won’t boot with both enabled.

  6. Peter

    What I meant was VS2013 won’t start with both enabled.

  7. Tareg

    Thanks for the instructions. It helped me fixing my display driver issues.

    I just wanted to add that some users might need to increase the video memory size beyond 39MB. My VirtualBox Video driver did not respond properly until I increased my video RAM above 39MB (I used 64MB). Virtualbox highlights a small warning message on the dashboard of the VM to be launched. However, the text can easily be overlooked.

  8. costea

    very helpful the uuper references to video settings for the vm …

  9. Marty DeVall

    For me it was the Display Memory setting in VirtualBox…. Upgraded from Windows 7, was running 27Meg for Display Memory, changed it to 128Meg….

  10. Raphael Henrique

    Thank you very much!
    Work´s fine here!

  11. Sage

    It’s still buggy, unfortunally.
    In latest version (5.1.4 on this time):
    Without 3D acceleration (only with 2D one) it works ok.

  12. Larry

    This doesn’t really work well at all. Maybe it just broke in version 5? The 3D acceleration is completely broken is all I can say. You get a lot of screen tearing and flickering. Just trying to log into Windows is difficult because the password entry box visually vanishes. Any program you launch just gives you a solid color background and displays nothing graphically. Also, programs that check your graphics capability before launching say that the video card doesn’t even support 3D in the first place!


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