How to get the classic Display options in Windows 10 instead of the Settings app

In Windows 10, the classic Display options context menu was replaced with the new Metro app called "Settings". The Settings app opens when you click the item "Display settings" in the Desktop context menu. It is possible to get the classic Display settings applet back in the Desktop context menu. If you like it more than the Settings app, follow the instructions in this article.

To add classic Display settings to Windows 10's desktop context menu, you have to do the following.

Use the Personalization Panel for Windows 10 freeware app.

  1. Download Personalization Panel for Windows 10. Since version, it supports adding the classic Display context menu item for the Desktop in Windows 10.
  2. Run the application and click the Options link.
  3. In application preferences, click the button "Integrate with Desktop context menu".
    Confirm the UAC prompt.

That's it. Now, once you click the item "Display settings", the classic Display settings window will open.

You will also get the classic Personalization window and the ability to get colored title bars in Windows 10.

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9 thoughts on “How to get the classic Display options in Windows 10 instead of the Settings app

    1. Juchi

      Yes! Please add this!! The old resolution settings panel has disappeared and nobody knows how to get it back. Registry hacks won’t even switch over to it because it’s just GONE.


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