Personalization Panel for Windows 10

Personalization Panel for Windows 10 is a brand new app from Winaero which I created to bring back the familiar user interface for personalizing Windows 10. It restores the options which were removed from the desktop context menu and replaced with the Settings app.
The latest version is 2.2. Please upgrade your Personalization Panel for Windows 10. See the change log below.Personalization Panel for Windows 10 has an authentic look like the original. It is a portable free app which supports all editions of Windows 10 and works with 64-bit (x64) and 32-bit (x86) versions. The application can be integrated directly into the Desktop context menu from the app's options so you can use the personalization options like previous versions of Windows.

It also supports multiple languages. The following translations are included with Personalization Panel for Windows 10:
Arabic (Saudi Arabia)
Bulgarian (Bulgaria)
Chinese (Simplified, China)
Chinese (Traditional, Hong Kong SAR)
Croatian (Croatia)
Czech (Czech Republic)
Danish (Denmark)
Dutch (Netherlands)
English (United Kingdom)
English (United States)
Estonian (Estonia)
Finnish (Finland)
French (France)
German (Germany)
Greek (Greece)
Hebrew (Israel)
Hungarian (Hungary)
Italian (Italy)
Japanese (Japan)
Korean (Korea)
Latvian (Latvia)
Lithuanian (Lithuania)
Norwegian, Bokmal (Norway)
Polish (Poland)
Portuguese (Brazil)
Portuguese (Portugal)
Romanian (Romania)
Russian (Russia)
Serbian (Latin, Serbia)
Slovak (Slovakia)
Slovenian (Slovenia)
Spanish (Spain, International Sort)
Swedish (Sweden)
Thai (Thailand)
Turkish (Turkey)
Ukrainian (Ukraine)

You can change the user interface language using the "Options" link.


The application does not allow you to share themes or create themespacks from within the theme list. To solve this issue, click the "Theme Gallery" link under the theme list and create the themepack file/share the theme from the opened window.

Translate "get colored title bars"

To translate the "Get colored title bars" link, add to your language file the following line:
lblColoredTitlebars.Text=Your translation text here

Change log

I tried to fix a crash when the app loads the list of themes. If you were affected by this issue, please try with this new version.
Full compatibility with Windows 10 version 1703 (Creators Update). Added the ability to open the classic Desktop Background and Color and Appearance windows.

Full compatibility with Windows 10 version 1506 (Threshold 2) and Windows 10 version 1607 (Anniversary Update). See this post for details.
Added the classic Display item in the Desktop context menu for the integration mode.

v1.1 [ Read release notes ]
  • Added the ability to hide the status bar.
  • Added the ability to get colored title bars instantly.
  • Added version information in the top right corner.
  • Fixed a bug related to saving/restoring the window position and size.
  • Fixed a typo: Easy -> Ease

v1.0 Initial release

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  1. EBIN
    31 Jul 15

    Guess you're going to fix the UI clusterfuck that is W10 sooner or later :D

  2. EBIN
    01 Aug 15

    Can you also change the "Display settings" to use the old menu? It's still present.

  3. flameswild
    05 Aug 15

    Any way to change it back to default?

  4. Sergey
    05 Aug 15

    Use options - disable integration

  5. MDJ
    09 Aug 15

    This application still need such improvements as faster startup, non laggy resizing, displaying of currently selected theme.

  6. Sergey
    09 Aug 15

    I will try my best.

  7. ROB
    11 Aug 15

    Nice program. Is there any chance you can add the 'Advanced Appearance Settings' that was removed in Windows 8? It would be nice to have the ability to change the fonts, sizes/metrics, and the non-Aero colors.

  8. Sergey
    11 Aug 15

    No chance.
    All those options are added to Winaero Tweaker, there is no plan to port/add them to this personalization panel.

  9. Reginald Henry
    12 Aug 15

    Help! I installed this as instructed, but it didn't integrate and now stops my left click start menu from the Win10 icon at the bottom left. Is this a bug or what? How do I get my system back as it was (I have disabled integration and restarted, but it does not help).

  10. Sergey
    12 Aug 15

    Reginald Henry
    You Start menu is stopped working,
    It is very common issue for Windows 10 and it is NOT related to this app.

  11. Graphicsgod
    14 Aug 15

    Thank you!! Thank you!! Thank you!!

    I cannot stand what Microsoft has done to Windows and has made it worse than Windows 7, rather than easier!! You have restored the functionality of my Windows back and made doing something as simple as changing themes as easy as it used to be.

  12. edelweiss
    15 Aug 15

    thanks a lot !! ^^

    20 Aug 15

    my icons have not been replaced with windows 10 viz. favourites bar google icon "stuff " icon Solitaire icon
    shut down icon Please advise ASAP

  14. dac
    08 Oct 15

    everything about this app works on 10240.. EXCEPT that the installed themes do not show in the center... bug via updates...?

  15. Greebo
    14 Oct 15

    Hi, do you think you can add a setting to change the colours of the windows themselves? in windows 7 it was possible, and I miss it terribly.

  16. AndreeF94
    30 Oct 15

    great program - but the program doesn't show all installed Themes (like ".theme"-Files in "C:\Windows\Resources\Desk Anime")

    The theme "not saved design"are also not showing up in this program.

  17. Jack B
    06 Nov 15

    Great work!

  18. Davin
    08 Nov 15

    Due to popular demand, I believe Microsoft is bring this back in the updated Windows 10 Threshold.

  19. Sebastian
    28 Nov 15

    This IS good, but did you know that these options are added in the existing Personalisation window on the Windows 10 TH2(ThresHold2) update?

  20. Sergey
    28 Nov 15

    Yep, but they open "Metro" settings instead of the classic applets

  21. Anonymous
    27 Dec 15

    Greebo wrote <<Hi, do you think you can add a setting to change the colours of the windows themselves? in windows 7 it was possible, and I miss it terribly.>>
    I join in .. . background colors in windows?

  22. Drog
    17 Jan 16

    Neither the "Desktop Background" nor the "Colours" buttons along the bottom are working. Also there is no way of saving a theme or uninstalling, and my theme settings in the metro app have stopped working even after disabling integration

  23. JT Snake
    20 Jan 16

    Have integrated personalize. Can't delete or save themes.

  24. Fuzzy
    09 Mar 16

    When i choose in Winaero the Aero light theme with white letters and i want to set another colour for the title bars with Personalization Panel for Windows 10, the fonts return black. It happens when i disable the colours for the taskbar, title bars, start etc [to get the black taskbar], if i let the taskbar in the same colour as the titlebars i have white letters again. is there a fix?

  25. Kosa
    12 Apr 16

    Thanks man this was exactly what I was looking for.

  26. Matrix
    21 Apr 16

    Hello and thank you for this quality offering. In the old Windows 7, under the "Color" section, it used to allow users to custom-select each element in a section called "Customize Appearances and Windows" or something like that. Is there any chance you could add that? I used to have a nice grey background in Word and Excel because of this that was low-contrast and much easier on the eyes... and way more attractive also.

    Thank you

  27. ChicoThorn
    19 May 16

    Love the Personalization Panel! You take what Microsoft screws up and fixes 'em pronto! You rock Sergey! :D

  28. Guest
    08 Jul 16

    was not able to revert the integration. Did try several time, did try using command line "/notintegrate".
    Did try with both verisions. The context menu entries are still there. Any hint the get rid of them?

  29. Sergey
    08 Jul 16

    This is strange.
    Can you tell me which Windows version, build and bitness(32/64bit) you are using?

  30. docnmn
    09 Jul 16

    I downloaded your latest versions (both & 2.0), however, after extracting the files in both versions, Norton Antivirus deleted both the file "personalization10.exe" and the file "winaerocontrolls.dll" saying that they both caused a "Threat Name: WS Reputation.1".

    Could you please check this out and fix the pronlem and email me that the problem has been fixed.



  31. Sergey
    09 Jul 16

    I know that you will not like my answer, but Norton Antivirus is shit.
    Fix it on your side yourself, add the app to its exceptions if you need to use it.

  32. ZhangJian
    06 Aug 16

    Yeah,I like classical control

  33. Mr GRiM
    29 Mar 17

    Still works with RS2 and seems to be the only option for selecting custom themes that I can see.

  34. JCL
    13 Apr 17

    Wallpaper selection screen in Windows 10 Personalization Panel v2.0 does not work with Windows 10 after upgraded to Creators Update, it just goes to the default screen in Windows 10, not the classic one. I tried "intergate" button, it does not work. Please fix.

  35. David Johnson
    30 Apr 17

    It is very nice, but it is still too slow. It must take 15 seconds or so to load.

  36. JCL
    03 May 17

    Thanks for the new version, it is working fine!

  37. MrCrazyBolt5150
    22 May 17

    Perfect for the Windows 10 Creators Update (which I'm running right now) Thank you very much for that. :D

  38. JK
    27 May 17

    I installed this and everytime I'm trying to change the theme it crashes. I'm on Creators Update.

  39. Sergey
    30 May 17

    Can you tell me which error message it shows?

  40. JCL
    11 Aug 17

    Sergey, I cannot find the download link to v2.2. Please post it somewhere obvious on your website! Thanks. :-)

    16 Sep 17

    good this personalization panel.

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