How to fix the error about outdated version of Skype and continue to use older versions

We notified you earlier that Microsoft was planning to prevent old versions of Skype from working. Since yesterday, all versions of Skype below Skype 6.13 for Windows and Skype 6.14 for OS X are blocked and do not allow you to sign in. If you are not happy with the latest bloated version with obtrusive ads, here is a temporary workaround which will allow you to bypass the version check and run Skype 5.

Here are step-by-step instructions, please follow them carefully.
Update: our reader "Raven Killer" has suggested the following solution (and I can confirm that it works):

  1. Backup your old Skype 5.x executable file. In my case, I had Skype.exe v5.2.60.113.
  2. Install the latest version of Skype and sign in using your Skype credentials. Check the automatic sign in/save password option.
  3. Exit Skype 6.x
  4. Replace the Skype.exe file in the Program Files\Skype folder (use Program Files (x86)\Skype folder in case if you have a 64-bit OS).
  5. Run it. The old version of Skype will use the saved credentials from the newer version and will work without issues.

Another solution is as follows:

  1. Find Skype 3.8 on the web and install it. It is a good idea to start your search from here: Old versions of Skype (UPDATE: the link is dead).
  2. Login as usual. Check "Auto sign-in when starting Skype" (i.e. Save password option).
  3. Restart Skype 3.8 again. Now, in your config.xml profile, there will be a "Credentials2" section with your Skype-signed public key.
    You can check it manually.
    Press Win + R shortcut keys together on your keyboard to open the Run dialog. Please see the ultimate list of all Windows keyboard shortcuts with Win keys). Type the following in the Run box:

    There you will find your config.xml file.

  4. Now, run Skype v5.5. It will login automatically, and will not complain about outdated version. It will also not sign out. If this trick expires in 30 days, repeat these steps.

So, you need to have two binaries on your PC - one for Skype 3.8 to generate the required config section, and another for regular use. This is not handy, but Windows users have no other solution at the moment, unlike Linux users of Skype where Skype is still usable and does not have ads. (via skypeopensource),

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Author: Sergey Tkachenko

Sergey Tkachenko is a software developer who started Winaero back in 2011. On this blog, Sergey is writing about everything connected to Microsoft, Windows and popular software. Follow him on Telegram, Twitter, and YouTube.

199 thoughts on “How to fix the error about outdated version of Skype and continue to use older versions”

  1. Oldapps pulled out all versions of skype…. you cannot dowload it from there anymore.

    Also it is unclear at step 3 what do you do once you find the Credentials2 key…..

    Thx man :)

  2. You want OldVersion. Additionally you don’t really need to do anything with the Credentials2, just login once with 3.8, then close the program and reinstall the version you desire.

    1. This fix stopped working 3 days after I tried it. I did a complete uninstall of 5.5, went back to 3.8, followed the steps above, reinstalled 5.5 and launched it. It immediately threw me out. Any other ideas? Again, it worked for three days but now I can’t get it working. Help!

  3. I discovered a better trick to fix it skype 5.5 will stop working yeah okay so I uninstalled my old skype installed skype cus had a crash issue but anyways when skype 5.3 wouldn’t log me in I have it backed up in the program files(x86) directory make a copy and paste it in the program files (x86) it’ll name it skype -copy rename it skype then update the one in the regular skype folder to the newest version log into it then quit and open version 5.3, or 5.2 whichever you prefer you have backed up it’ll run it’s file updater and log you right in 5.3 and under work best for this trick I’d use skype version,, or those 3 old versions work best I hope this helps :) the website you can download them from is for windows users,, for mac users my install help is for windows but there might be a similar way to do it on mac :)

      1. You’re Welcome C: there was no way I was gonna use the new one no matter what they did so I tried doing that and it worked C: I’m glad it helped you out too C:

    1. i tried what you said and it didn’t work for me i guess you should give me a simple explanation for me to be able to fix my old skype thank you and God bless

  4. Raven Killer, Your comment went up from my head, Can you please tell us step by step, so I can use Skype too. It seem very complicated to me.

    1. 1. install skype version 5.2 or then copy and paste the skype folder in your program files (windows 32 bit os) or program files(x86) (windows 64 bit os) 2. rename the copied folder or backed up folder after the version (example Skype 3. go to and download it and run the installer it’ll update the skype in the original skype folder 4. run it and check automatically log me in when skype starts option then sign in 5. quit skype do not sign out just quit it 6. go to the skype folder you backed up open it then phone and run the old skype 5.2 or 5.3 7. it should sign you in without issues 8. make sure you allow the home network or whatever you use when it pops up and asks and have it pinned to taskbar as well as the skype 6 incase any issues occur 9. if it signs you out or you try to log in and it says something like Disk I/O error then quit it log into skype 6 and quit it then open skype 5.3 or 5.2 again it should sign you right in :)

          1. the reason I`m asking is that without a SP3 on my XP I won`t be able to download and install the latest Skype version from their website and play your trick as statet above….

          2. Actually, if you have a Skype.exe file from the latest version, you can run it directly.
            You can try to run it to perform the trick.

        1. get skype v4.2.0.169 and the shared.xml from skype version 5.10 so it’ll connect here you can replace the shared.xml in appdata>roaming>skype (shared.xml file) (skype)
          I have heard people talking about how the newest skype does not work on xp sp2

  5. And also I just discovered for anyone who still uses skype 4.2 and can’t log into works and so do the 4.2 versions before that :)

  6. I’m starting to think maybe we should use skype as it uses the least memory usage skype 5 and 6 are memory hogs compared to it skype uses less than 63k memory usage and 5 goes over 150k memory usage but 6 is the worst by far my friend’s skype 6 went over 245k memory usage so I say this everyone use skype or use my trick to keep 5.2 and 5.3 alive 5.2 and 5.3 are not that bad with memory usage they are nowhere near as bad as 6 :)

      1. yeah that was why 3.8 was always the most popular old version used a lot of people I know tho stick with 4.2 cus it’s a memory saving version and idc if it doesn’t have the group video calling feature I’m never in group calls and even when I am noone ever uses video 4.2 has group calling that’s all we need group video calling I know will cause skype memory usage to go sky high and sometimes it even lags it so what’s the point in my opinion it’s kind of useless since I know a lot of people don’t even use the function

        1. Am using skype version 3.8 . But i cant log in.
          Am using windows 7.can u please help me to log in on skype 3.8

    1. Raven Killer, when you write, ‘I say this everyone use skype’

      Do you mean, go to / Dowload Skype / Install it and Run it? …

      Because I have tried and all subsequent versions up to the very last they have – Skype – and none of them work now …

  7. also I should let you know the trick I discovered is safer than the other one you have the alternative with the skype 3.8 way because logging into version before 4.2 now are known to wipe contacts

  8. this was on
    Caution: Installing a Skype version older then 4.2 can WIPE all your contacts.

        1. this is probably one of our best bets I know some people don’t want to do all the complicated stuff to get a version of 5 working and you don’t have to do any complicated stuff for this one but install it open it and you can sing into an account without it erroring

  9. if anyone has trouble getting skype 4.2 to connect download that txt file and open the skype shared.xml file and replace everything with the coding in there it will fix any issues

  10. Raven Killer, can’t thank you enough for the workaround – it works!!
    Just want to add, I’m running WinXP Pro Sp3 and I was able to do it with without losing my contacts.
    Before starting I backed up copies of my Skype 3.8 folders from C:\Program Files\Skype and C:\Documents and Settings\”username”\Application Data\Skype to another folder on my desktop. I then followed your steps with version as suggested. It took a few times of switching back and forth between v4.2 and v6.18 to get everything working but eventually all went well.
    Then I quit 4.2 without signing out and tried firing up 3.8 from the desktop folder backup – and it worked! No loss of contacts or history. It does however seem to be having trouble receiving voicemails – I still have to quit 3.8, start 4.2 to receive them, then quit that and restart 3.8 and then they show up. Very strange. Still working on it.
    While 4.2 is hugely better than 6.18 (anything is!), it’s still totally screwed up compared to 3.8. Must have my 3.8!!!
    Anybody who tries this with 3.8 should still be careful about the contacts tho, I may have just gotten lucky. If I figure out the voicemail problem I’ll add it here. Thanks again for your help!

    1. Oh, forgot to mention, if you fire up 4.2 or 3.8 and it calls up 6.18 instead, go into C:\Program Files\Skype\Phone (the folder where v6.18 now lives) and change the filename of Skype.exe to Skype.exe.old – that seems to take care of it. And with more futzing around with this, it looks like whatever changes you want to make to your settings, like call forwarding etc., you have to first make in 4.2, then they’ll “take” in 3.8.
      And my klutzy workaround for the voicemail problem for now is to set call forwarding to kick in if I don’t pick up in 20 seconds. Not too useful for those who don’t have another number w/voicemail to forward to tho.
      What a hassle. Leave it to Microsoft to make something so simple and functional into a total clusterf***….

      1. I know right microsoft ad to shut down all our versions we liked aka the 5 series most people I know used 5 a lot of them are now reverting to cus it’s not a hassle to keep working only a shared.xml replacement

    2. lol skype 6 is just terrible in general skype went downhill at the 5.5 release and they never fixed it I remember the 5.7 beta gave me bluescreen a lot xD

  11. here is a shared.xml file for skype 4.2 to connect if you have issues an example the shared.xml file withg credentials from skype 6 works only sometimes and fails others,, and

  12. I did discover something that 5.3 did not 4.2 allows you to see a shared screen from people using the newest version of skype however 5.3 kicks it out when it loads

  13. Well, the joy was short lived. Today Skype 3.8 logged me out by itself, and now there’s no making either 3.8 ~OR~ 4.2 work….
    Raven Killer, I downloaded your shared.xml file, and I’m assuming you meant that we should put it in C:\Documents and Settings\User\Application Data\Skype in place of the one currently there, did I get that right? I did that and unfortunately no change, 3.8 and 4.2 are still dead. Did I do something incorrectly, or is it time to cancel my Skype subscription and go with VoxOx instead?

  14. My 3.8 was working with the XML file. But, it just stopped working again around midnight on August 16th. Any new ideas?

  15. Hi, My problem is although I could sign in to the older version of skype by following your procedure, I can’t make video calls. It doesn’t detect my web cam. I checked my web cam without skype, it is working properly. That problem came earlier too when I Update skype. It didn’t detect my web cam. So I installed an older version, and problem was solved.

    But now, it came again. :( I tried uninstalling and installing several times, but no use.. dunno what to do. Could you please tell me a way to solve my problem?

  16. Thank you very much Raven Killer, your solution works perfectly.

    I need your help, I run 2 accounts on Skype, one for my business and the other one is for my personal contacts, is there a way to run 2 older versions of Skype?

    Your assistance will be highly appreciated. Thank you very much again

    1. yes make sure you are using version tho cus I know 5.3 may force sign you out when using 2 accounts there is a tool for it

  17. I use COMODO Internet Security Premium as both my Antivirus and Firewall.

    COMODO has a Host Intrusion Protection System or ‘HIPS’, which is a component that monitors critical operating system activities. to protect the computer against malware actions.

    Well, guess what … The latest version of Skype was trying to get control of my keyboard (in effect trying to install a keylogger in the background) and also trying to get control of the parental control settings of my computer.

    Now I know why they are forcing this latest version of Skype on all people … They are making it easier for the NSA to monitor us all! …

    Sergey, your latest entry on this article was posted on 2nd Aug. Since then there have been quite a number of comments … I am not clear as to what works now and what is the most recommended course of action.

    Would you (or Raven Killer) be so kind as to confirm what method works currently and also put it in as much layman terms as possible (not all of us are that computer savvy, you see … :))

    I thank you both in advance.

    1. The updated part works for me:

      Update: our reader “Raven Killer” has suggested the following solution (and I can confirm that it works):

      Backup your old Skype 5.x executable file. In my case, I had Skype.exe v5.2.60.113.
      Install the latest version of Skype and sign in using your Skype credentials. Check the automatic sign in/save password option.
      Exit Skype 6.x
      Replace the Skype.exe file in the Program Files\Skype folder (use Program Files (x86)\Skype folder in case if you have a 64-bit OS).
      Run it. The old version of Skype will use the saved credentials from the newer version and will work without issues.

  18. Hi Brother Reven Killer, Please i a very important help from you people, I have old version of skype 3.8 and the new version 6.18 on my widows 7 , But i try to use 3.8 old version but is not working else only the new version which i did not like, I like to use the old version only please advise me.

  19. Hi Sergey,

    Thank you for getting back to me so promptly.

    As per your last message:

    “Backup your old Skype 5.x executable file. In my case, I had Skype.exe v5.2.60.113.”

    1) Does it have to be Skype.exe v5.2.60.113, or any Skype 5.x version would do?

    2) If the latter, which of the Skype 5.x versions uses the least memory, do you know?

    3) By ‘backing up’, you mean saving the Skype 5.x executable file somewhere other than on the drive where we install the latest version of Skype? (Because installing the latest version of Skype on the same drive where we have the Skype 5.x executable file wipes out this file …)

    “Install the latest version of Skype and sign in using your Skype credentials. Check the automatic sign in/save password option.”

    3) By this you mean ticking the ‘Sign me in when Skype starts’ option on the log in window, or do we have to go into “Skype’s options’, once we are logged in to Skype?

    “Exit Skype 6.x”

    4) The normal way? (Skype / Sign out / Skype’s log in window / Close / Skype’s Icon / Quit)

    “Replace the Skype.exe file in the Program Files\Skype folder (use Program Files (x86)\Skype folder in case if you have a 64-bit OS).”

    5) Delete the Skype 5.x executable file and drag (or copy) the latest version of Skype .exe file to the same folder? …

    Run it. The old version of Skype will use the saved credentials from the newer version and will work without issues.

    I have tried this before and it didn’t work; but chances are I did something wrong. Please excuse my ignorance; but I want to get this right and be able to share the right information with people I know.

    Many thanks in advance.

    1. 1. You can use any Skype 5 executable file
      2. 5.2 consumes less memory than 5.5
      3. By ‘backup’ I meant the copy of the skype.exe file. You need only that file. Save it to any desired folder and run from there. It will work.
      And yes, just tick the ‘Sign me in when Skype starts’ option on the log in window.
      4. It is better to use ‘Tray icon context menu -> Quit’
      5. Actually, this is not necessary. Just run Skype.exe v5 from any desired folder after you exit Skype 6.
      That’s ut.

  20. Seems like 4.2 is dead even with the fixes mentioned above. Anyone got a new solution? Any help would be appreciated.

    1. the shared.xml file goes in your appdata/roaming/skype folder make sure u have hidden files turned on it’s how I got 4.2 working for me

      1. I still get the message “Skype can’t connect” even after doing a fresh install and replacing the xml file. Which of the other steps mentioned above should I also do? Any help would be appreciated.

          1. the shared.xml file goes into appdata/roaming/skype try that one

          2. I’m still getting “skype can’t connect”. I’m putting the shared.xml in users/XXX/appdata/roaming/skype so I’m not sure what I’m doing wrong.

  21. I can comfirm that replacing the shared.xml in your appdata/roaming/skype works as I have been using skype since the rollout block it didn’t connect at first for me either when I replaced that file it fixed it I took a snapshot you can see there it’s working

  22. a lot of you I think are confusing skype 4.2 as that version no longer works use version

    1. I can categorically confirm that Skype version, dowloaded from the site:

      *WORKS* !!!

      I will be writing more about this later.

  23. Raven Killer,
    I don’t have an appdata/roaming/skype folder, I’m on XP 64-bit and I also have an XP 32-bit machine. I installed v and replaced the shared.xml file with the one from the download site The shared.xml file is in docsandsettings/appdata/skype folder on both versions of XP. I can’t login though. Have you or anyone else done this fix or another fix with XP?

  24. I just downloaded this version and it seems to be working sky42i.exe (24.2 mb)

    1. Please post links to russian sites only @my russian site Post here some other service like rghost.
      Thanks in advance.

    2. This works on XP 64-bit! Logged in right away, all my contacts, full chat history, made a test call, uses the studio-quality SILK codec and everything! Thanks Ivan! The main reason I need to use older versions of skype is because I produce talk radio shows and I need skype to use the SILK codec for studio-quality sound. When Microsoft bought skype they didn’t want to pay for the licensing for the high-end codecs so the newer versions of skype sound horrible, they are not suitable for the airwaves. We’re back in business now with SILK codecs on skype! Thanks again!

    3. I have also downloaded the executable file for Skype from http://webfile.ru538f1d18832921cecc1cfaccfb0afbad

      and once again, I confirm that it **WORKS** !!!

      I’ll be writing more in detail about this later.


    Like most of you (if not all of you), I stumbled upon this site, because I got really cheesed off when Skype (Microsoft) decided it was going to force us all to run their latest ads-inclusive and heavy-on-resources version of Skype.

    When I installed the latest version of Skype – in keeping with the instructions for running Skype 5.x – I was horrified when I discovered that Skype (Microsoft) was trying to install a keylogger in the background and also trying to get control of the parental control settings of my computer …

    This page offers 2 solutions for bypassing Skype’s version checking and continue using older versions of Skype, one by ‘Raven Killer’ and the other one by the author of this post Sergey Tkachenko.

    I haven’t tried “Raven Killer’s” solution, as I find this solution to be for more computer-savvy users than myself.

    I tried Sergey’s solution, downloading Skype version from and following his instructions; but unfortunately that didn’t work. Whether that had something to do with downloading the whole Skype installer package (rather than just the .exe file), or with my own incompetence in following Sergey’s original instructions, I’ll never know.

    What’s important is that Ivan Pushkinov reported later having downloaded an old version of Skype that was working for him. This version of Skype turned out to be version

    It is important to notice that this is just the .exe file of this version and *NOT* the whole Skype installer package for this version.

    Anyway, to cut a long story short, I downloaded the file, I run it and the most important thing, it WORKED !!!

    So I decided to write this step-by-step guide to running Skype for non-computer-savvy people like myself. In writing this guide, I’d like to thank ‘Raven Killer’ and Ivan Pushkinov for their contributions; but especially I’d like to thank Sergey Tkachenko as the author of this post, for providing us all with a platform for discussion.

    1) Install the latest version of Skype and make sure that you tick the ‘Sign me in when Skype starts’ option, on the log in window;

    2) Exit Skype 6.x by clicking on ‘Quit’, after right-clicking on the Skype icon, which is located in the icons tray;

    3) Uninstall Skype 6.x from your computer and reboot your computer;

    4) Go to: and download the executable file for Skype version

    4) As this is just an executable file, you will not be installing Skype on your computer. Therefore, you need to go to your download folder and then move this file (or copy it into) the Program Files \ Skype folder, or the Program Files (x86) \ Skype \ Phone folder (if you have a 64-bit OS). By right-clicking on this executable file, you can also choose to pin it to the Taskbar and/or the Start Menu;

    5) Run the executable file for Skype version It will use the saved data from the latest version of Skype and it will work without issues.

    Ps. Please note that if you’ve had your Skype account for a long time, and you have the ‘Keep history for’ option set to ‘forever’, the size of your conversation history file is likely to be a large one. This may cause Skype to use a few minutes to load and sync your whole conversation history for you. It will also give Skype the appearance of hanging and starting slowly. To fix this, please read Sergey’s related post here:

  26. For Windows old skype version read/download here:

    For Linux old skype version read/download here:

      1. Hi guys, i tried the steps provided and its not working for me. I think the problem is every time i execute the old version of skype(after copying it over to the skype\phone folder), it keeps asking me to sign in…
        any ideas? your help is very much appreciated.

          1. Hi Sergey,

            Yea already tried that.. doesn’t seem to work for me… am not sure what the problem was so i started from scratch.. removed all traces of skype from my system then installed 6.x and followed the instructions… when i got to the point where i run 4.2.187.exe it goes to the login screen and doesn’t sign-in as it should, even when the options for auto login was ticked(turned on).

            At any rate, i ended up using 6.x.. am still trying other suggestions and testing it out.. if you guys have other idea, id love to hear it..

            thanks all.. peace Y

  27. problem FIXED ! thanks to brothers from RUSSIA !
    working Skype 3.8 !

  28., says:
    File Not Found

    Can someone upload it somewhere else?

    1. Use the magnet links with your torrent client to download and seed them. All magnet links in the comments here are active:

      Still working direct download links:

      Skype 3.8 Portable (Login Fixed) direct link

      Skype 4.2 Portable (Login Fixed) direct link

      Skype 5.5 Portable (Login Fixed) direct link

      Skype 5.9 Portable (Login Fixed) direct link

      1. thanks, after trying all the ideas above and failed, the Skype 4.2 Portable the only one that works for me.
        still looking to get working Skype though. (best version IMO)
        anyway great work guys.

  29. I can confirm the patched version 3.8 works for logging in.

    Fire should be harmless according to Virustotal.

    1. All credit for patched versions goes to skypeopensource and anonymous users here:
      It is work in progress so keep track for new posts there and share information here.

  30. i am having xp service pack 2 and I am using skype version 5.5 for login as regular use having the config .xml generated from skype 3.8 .It works fine for me almost 1 month but 2 days back I am unable to login on skype 5.5 exit with msg”skpe can not connect”.Then tried to uninstall skpe 5.5 and again install skpe 3.8 but again end with same msg “skpye cannot connect”.
    please help me out from this…..

  31. Thank you so much for this post and all the contributions to fixing this Microsoft insanity. Respect, guys !!!

    I’m with Win XP SP2 and now I can use again my favorite Skype 3.8 thanks to the link provided:
    Skype 3.8 Portable (Login Fixed) direct link
    Hope it’s going to work for more than just few days.

    Much love ^^

    1. I can happily confirm that this patched version **IS WORKING**

      Like others in this forum, I have now gone back to Skype 3.8 (it rules!)

      Things to bear in mind though:

      If video calls are important to you, you will have to have your video call party to download and install this patched version as well; otherwise video calls will not be possible (voice calls are fine!)

      For video and voice calls with someone who has the latest version of Skype installed (and who’s either unwilling to download and install the 3.8 patched version, or not computer-savvy enough to do it), you will have to upgrade to Skype 5 (Skype I believe is the very first Skype 5 version there is and can be dowloaded from here:

      NB: **ALL** Skype 4 versions will not work for video calls, the quality of voice calls will be dreadful (or you’ll start a conversation and after a few minutes your party will not be able to hear you anymore) and they will take your CPU usage right up to 100%, in essence freezing your computer.

      Happy Skyping! … :)

  32. please anyone who has fixed the login issue, make a video tutorial to resolve this issue for those who cant fix it.

  33. Thank you, thank you….I’ve been searching for over 4 days and tried everything. I can confirm that the 3.8 patch download WORKS for Windows XP with service pack 2!

  34. There is another way to Fix the problems with adverts in skype…

    goto C:/windows/system32/drivers/etc/ locate the file “hosts” Copy it to another location and then edit it with notepad.

    add the following line

    Then save the file and make sure it is just “hosts” no extension.

    Copy and paste that file back into your “ETC” folder and replace the origional hosts file… Voila Skype has been castrated of adverts. Works for all versions.

  35. Hey guys! Can somebody confirm are those portable versions of skype still working by the time u read this comment? Please share, much appreciated! Becouse when I try to log in with any of those portable versions, it loads for some time and I still can’t connect the first time and after that it can load for hours with no result .. :(

  36. Thanks for this patch…It works superbly
    It would be marvelous if it could work with the multiple launcher..
    Any ideas?

  37. Look guys !! It’s not working !! this is what i get ?! how do u make this patch work ?! please answer.. :(

  38. Hi please I need your help, my skype 3.8 was working but now it stopped. I even downloaded the latest version and its says skype name cant be recognized, I try to log in on their website and it works but skype app does work on my system anymore, I even did a system restore but all to no avail… please help


  39. Can anyone help please? Those msoft bastards are stopping the three network skype app for android phones from working. Is there anyone on here that would be able to make it keep working. I downloaded a patched skype 3.8 version with the information I gained from this website and I wondered if anyone would be able to do the same thing with the skype apk file from three. Hope you can help cos I don’t want to put the shitty 40mb skype on my phone.

    Many thanks

    1. I have an android using skype 2.6 it still works and it’s the most stable and best version I have ever used and if it doesn’t work try this it’s a link to the modded version of skype 2.6 I use it for the custom ringtones lol but it might help u out let me know if it works u can get skype 2.6 original from here

  40. isn’t working for me at all. I go to the page (either directly or through the links and shortened links in these comments) for any previous Skype version and click the “Download Now” button; nothing downloads, but the page refreshes, now showing a box where the button was that gives a link to click if the download didn’t start automatically. I click that link, and it just refreshes back to the original page. Endless cycle with no download and no explanation or fix for why it isn’t working.

    Two laptops with XP 32-bit SP3 (also phones with Android 2.3 and tablets with Android 3.2 and 4.0–have been having signin and other issues with these, too, even though they say they’ve only phased out support Android 2.2 and earlier) and $113/year invested in my Skype Premium and Skype number; they will not get my money again this year if I can’t use it with my devices (and by “use,” I don’t mean “Microsoft states it’s compatible”–I mean I can install and run the programs without locking up my computer or excluding use of any other programs, and without malware like keyloggers being installed under my nose).

  41. Hi all. I’d like to ask if there’s a possibility to fix the login issue also on Skype for Symbian S60 3rd edition? The link is here:
    I can upload also installers for newer Symbian versions.
    Thanx a lot.

  42. I would love to thank the person who created the patched it works :D my stopped working sadly so it’s great to be able to keep using my old skype now if only someone would patch 5.2 or 5.3 v.v

  43. ah the patched 3.8 version worked wondefully, until now. i guess microsoft found out about these workarounds. i’m getting sad again. i can’t stand the new versions, might as well stop using skype altogether. i hope a new fix will come out soon.

  44. the patched skype 5.5 works wonders with the trick to get skype 5.2 and 5.3 working and the patched 4.2 works good if u want to get 5.0 or 5.1 working I have discovered that 5.1 and 5.0 use even less memory than 5.2 and 5.3

  45. Skype 3.8 Portable (Login Fixed) direct link

    Skype 4.2 Portable (Login Fixed) direct link

    Skype 5.5 Portable (Login Fixed) direct link

    Skype 5.9 Portable (Login Fixed) direct link

    1. Thanks to whoever made those files available online, running XP 64 edition and the patched 3.8 just works awesome and very light on system resources ;)

    2. Hi Antonio,

      Just to let you know that as of today – 06/03/2017 – all of your patched versions have stopped working on Win 8.1

      I was using patched version 3.8, I got logged out, and then received a message that said that I had changed my password and needed to log in again with my new password. As I had not changed my password, I thought someone had hacked into my Skype account, and ended up changing my password unnecessarily.

      If you were the person who worked on these patched versions, please fix them. If you were not, do you know who came up with these patched versions, and how to give word to them of what’s happened? …

  46. Am very grateful and happy to use old Skype again after 2 years. thanks and i will always follow this forum you guys are the best. keep the update coming.


    I had to re-format my HD and reinstall windows 7.
    Now skype Skype-4-2-0-187 won’t log in at all.
    I do not like at all the new version of skype.
    Any solutions please
    Thanking you all.

  48. Tried patched 4.2 version. It works but tracing (*.trace.txt and *.log files in the executable directory) is enabled all the time and usual way to disable it doesn’t work.

  49. If you want to install old versions of Skype just because of advertisements, then you may want to try this. BEFORE you install Skype (uninstall if already installed otherwise you will get a place holder) open Internet Options in Control Panel, click on the Security tab, then click on Restricted Sites. Click on the Sites tab. Put in the Add this website to the zone box, then click add. Close our all windows by clicking close, or OK. Now install Skype. You will have NO ads.

  50. this works :)

      1. you’re very welcome :) just make sure to sign into the patched 4.2 first that’s better for group calls than that new 7.4 got sick of the ads and it maing my voice cut out

        1. that one works as well seems to use less memory than but as long as it’s one that works for group calling as a replacement of that terrible 7.4 both work very well :)

          1. for if anyone wants to use the modded 5.5 to get good old 5.3 working here’s a link for 5.3 :)

  51. Now if only I could get an old version for linux my linux dual boot badly needs an old version as well

  52. 5.3.x seems to no longer work on Windows 8.1 weirdly enough 5.1, 4.2, and 5.5 do just an FYI

  53. bitches please make yourself a favor and stop messing around with this shit.
    Skype sucked hard even before microsoft bought it. then microsoft bought it… why are you still here?
    Skype is bloatware, spyware, malware, adware, …. cant really get much worse than that
    by using skype, you are slowing down the adoption of technology that increases peoples freedom

    alternatives: applications using sip or xmpp. you can find many free opensource apps running on all major OS

  54. patched skype 3.8 works ! on x64 windows 7 and may be on 8 and 10 too :)

    1. Patched version 3.8 (and all the other patched versions) has/have stopped working on Win 8.1 today – 06/03/2017

  55. My skype 3.8 search directory isn’t working and i can’t add anyone ,so if someone do have solution to this please lemme know

    1. Looks like someone got it working here:

      I uploaded a ZIP file for Skype 3.8 if anyone is interested:

      1. Minus, thanks it works again :)


        Looks like someone got it working here:

        I uploaded a ZIP file for Skype 3.8 if anyone is interested:”

  56. wtf guys skype 3.8 died few days ago?? :S :S will there be a patch again or skype is dead forever? :S

  57. minus thanks ! it working again :)

    Looks like someone got it working here:

    I uploaded a ZIP file for Skype 3.8 if anyone is interested:

  58. Great great great, thanx for the last zip file of Skype v3.8 with registry ttweak. It logs in again!!!

  59. I commented here two or three years ago and I’m back again with good news.

    I can again confirm that works alright, but pay close attention to the readme file.

    Included patched exe has the same filesize as previous patched Skype executable, but has different hash so something was changed inside the file since the old patched file will not log in anymore. VirusTotal currently gives the above patched exe 5 / 61, but I don’t see any suspicious activity. But of course your mileage may vary. Fingers crossed. :)

  60. Guys WTF?? this link does NOT work!! :((
    Anyone has any solution for old skypes.. ??? WE MUST NEVER GIVE UP!!

  61. Can someone create a patched version of 7.41 (Windows) which reports itself as version 8? Skype plan to disable login of the 7.4x client on Sept. 1st and it would be great to be able to keep using it.

  62. Please is there a Skype v7.36 or some other patched version which runs on XP and can login? I’d be really happy of anything! Cause now it seems that all the 7.x versions are cut off the servers. Now the only way I can hink of is to spoof the client to be visible for MS like the v8.

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