How to Enable New Moment 2 Update Features in Windows 11 22H2

In the morning, Microsoft released Windows 11 Build 22621.755 as an optional update KB5018496. It comes with various changes (listed below), including Task Manager in the taskbar menu, OneDrive subscription management in Settings, and search improvements, and bug fixes. Besides, there are hidden features that you can activate with ViveTool. With a few commands you can enable tablet-optimized taskbar, system tray that supports icon drag-n-drop, Live Search in File Explorer, etc.


These new features are all slated for the Moment 2 update, which is coming to the public somewhere in February/March 2023. Also, they are already familiar to Insiders running Windows 11 on the Dev and Beta channels.

The tablet-optimized taskbar is a new option for devices that have a touch screen. It supports two states, collapsed and expanded. The collapsed state make it more compact and prevents accidental taps. In the expanded state it makes it easier to see the running apps and switch between them.

The new system tray allows the user to re-arrange icons with drag-n-drop. There is nothing really new in this option, as it was the default feature since Vista. But in Windows 11 the new taskbar no longer provides this capability. Microsoft is working on bringing it back, but it remains an experimental option.

The Live Search in File Explorer is an improvement that makes the app show results as you type. The full search results page will update live without needing to press Enter.

With help of ViveTool you can activate all the above mentioned features after installing Windows 11 Build 22621.755 (KB5018496). You can check what build you have currently installed by pressing Win + R, and typing winver in the Run box. Check out the build number and Windows version in the About Windows dialog.

To enable the new Moment 2 features, do the following.

Enable Moment 2 Update Features in Windows 11 22H2

Step 1. Prerequisites

  1. Open GitHub in your browser to this project and download ViveTool.
  2. Unzip the files to the c:\ViveTool folder for faster access to it.
  3. Now, press Win + X or right-click the Start button, and select Terminal (Admin).
  4. Run the c:\vivetool\vivetool.exe /enable /id:39281392 in a PowerShell or Command Prompt tab, and hit Enter.
  5. Reboot Windows 11.

Step 2. Enable tablet-optimized taskbar

  1. Right-click the Start button, and select again Terminal (Admin).
  2. Switch to PowerShell (Ctrl + Shift + 1) or Command Prompt (Ctrl + Shift + 2)
  3. To enable the new tasbkar, and type the following command: c:\vivetool\vivetool.exe /enable /id:26008830.
  4. Press Enter and restart Windows 11.
  5. You will now see a new "optimize" option in Settings > Personalization > Taskbar > Taskbar behaviors. If your device has a touch screen, you will also have the new taskbar. Touch Optimized Taskbar

Step 3. Enable new system tray with icon drag-n-drop support

  1. Open Terminal as Administrator.
  2. Enter the following command:  c:\vivetool\vivetool.exe /enable /id:38764045 and press the Enter key.
  3. Reboot the operating system.
  4. Drag and drop some of the icons in the notification area. Windows 11 will allow you to re-arrange them. See this example:

Step 3. Enable Live Search in File Explorer

  1. Open a new elevated Terminal.
  2. Type and run this command: c:\vivetool\vivetool.exe /enable /id:38665217 and hit the Enter key.
  3. Restart the OS.
  4. Open File Explorer and type something in the search box. You will get instant results as you type.File Explorer Live Search

Bonus tip: Enable the Show the touch keyboard option in Settings

One more hidden gem in Windows 11 Build 22621.755 (KB5018496) is a hidden option for the touch keyboard in Settings. After activating it you will be able to specify when to display the keyboard, e.g when no physical keyboard attached.

For that, open Terminal as Administrator and run c:\vivetool\vivetool /enable /id:37007953.

Show Touch Keyboard Option

Once you restart Windows 11, go to Settings (Win + I) > Time and language > Typing. There you will find the new drop-down menu.

Thanks to @PhantomOfEarth for the commands above.

Finally, there are the changes in Windows 11 Build 22621.755 (KB5018496) listed in the official change log.

Other changes in Windows 11 Build 22621.755 (KB5018496)

  • New! It enhances search visual treatments on the taskbar to improve discoverability. This is available to a small audience initially and deploys more broadly in the months that follow. Some devices might notice different visual treatments as we gather feedback. To learn more about why you might be seeing these changes, see Search for anything, anywhere.
  • New! It enhances the backup experience when using your Microsoft Account (MSA). Some devices might notice visual treatments for this enhancement. This is available to a small audience initially and deploys more broadly in the months that follow.
  • New! It adds improvements to the Microsoft Account experience in Settings. For instance, you can manage your Microsoft OneDrive subscription and related storage alerts.
  • New! It adds Task Manager to the context menu when you right-click the taskbar. This feature rolls out in the coming weeks.
  • It addresses an issue that affects Microsoft Edge when it is in IE Mode. The titles of pop-up windows and tabs are wrong.
  • It addresses an issue that might cause vertical and horizontal line artifacts to appear on the screen.
  • It addresses an issue in that stops the credential UI from displaying in IE mode when you use Microsoft Edge.
  • It addresses an issue that might fail to sync the audio when you record game play using the Xbox Game Bar.
  • It addresses an issue that affects File Explorer. It is less dependable when you browse for Microsoft OneDrive folders.
  • It addresses an issue that affects the Start menu. It stops working when you use keyboard commands to move pinned items to a folder at the end of a list.
  • It stops the start of daylight saving time in Jordan at the end of October 2022. The Jordan time zone will permanently shift to the UTC + 3 time zone.


Download Windows 11 Build 22621.755 (KB5018496)

You will find the official release notes here. To install the update right now, open Settings, click on Windows Update, and then click on the Check button on the right.

The update will appear in the "Optional updates" section.

Alternatively, you can download it manually from the Microsoft Update catalog.

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