How to disable the save password prompt in Internet Explorer 11

When you enter a password on some website in Internet Explorer, it prompts you to store the password for further use. Once you have allowed Internet Explorer to store your password, it will fill the user name and password fields automatically the next time you visit that page again. For security and safety reasons you might prefer to not store your passwords and disable the save password prompt completely in Internet Explorer 11. Here is how you can turn it off.


Once you have disabled the password saving feature of IE11 in Windows 8.1 and Windows RT 8.1, it will affect both the modern and desktop versions of IE11. Keep this in mind before you proceed. To disable it, you need to perform the following steps.
    1. Open the Control Panel (see how)
    2. Open the Internet Options dialog. It can be opened via the Control Panel (Control Panel\Network and Internet\Internet Options):control panel internet options
      Note that these settings are also accessible via IE's menu bar: in Internet Explorer, press F10 on the keyboard to display the main menu, then choose Tools -> Internet Options:

browser menu

  1. On the 'Content' tab click the 'Settings' button under the 'AutoComplete' section.Content Tab
  2. In the next window, untick the User names and passwords on forms option and click OK to close the current window.Autocomplete Settings

That's it. You can always turn on this option back if you decide to store your passwords again.

If you use the Metro version of Internet Explorer which is touch friendly, you may want to disable the password saving feature using Modern IE's options.
Follow these simple instructions:

  1. Start the Metro version of Internet Explorer 11 first, then swipe from the right side to the center of the screen. The Charms Bar will become visible. Tap the Settings icon. (You can also directly press Win+I using the keyboard to open the Settings Charm of any app).IE Charms Bar
  2. Tap Options in Settings.Settings
  3. Under the 'Passwords' group, switch the slider named 'Offer to save passwords when I log into sites' to the left to turn it off. Modern IE PasswordsThis will disable the password saving prompt for both the modern and desktop versions of IE11.

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Author: Sergey Tkachenko

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  1. Couldn’t you just have written:
    IE / Tools / Internet Options / Content / AutoComplete / Settings / untick “User names and passwords on forms” / OK / Bada Bing


    1. Perhaps not everyone would understand those instructions…remember that many people are still not comfortable with how the internet/computers/software works.

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