GIMP 2.10.22 released with AVIF AV1 format support

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GIMP, the excellent image editing software available for Linux, Windows and Mac, today received a new update. Version 2.10.22 comes with improvements made to various image format support. This is the first release of the app that supports AVIF images, and can export and import images from AV1 files.

Changes introduced in GIMP 2.10.22

  • AVIF support for both import and export
  • HEIF files (both AVIF and HEIC) can now be imported and exported in high bit depth (10- and 12-bit per channel).
  • The plug-in for reading PSP (Paint Shop Pro) files has received numerous bug fixes and improvements. Raster layers from PSP images over version 6 are now supported, as well as 16-bit integer, grayscale, and indexed images.
  • Multi-layer TIFF export got improved by allowing to crop layers to image bounds in the exported image.
  • BMP always include color masks when exporting BMP with color space info, as mandated by BITMAPV5HEADER specification.
  • DDS import is now a bit more permissive, allowing to load some files with invalid header flags regarding compression, while we are able to know the right compression from other flags. This allows to recover invalid DDS files exported by other software.
  • JPEG and WebP detection improved.
  • XPM does not export a “None” (transparent) color when unused. Exporting an unused color was not a bug per-se but was not very well handled by some third party software.
  • All filters implemented as GEGL operations now show a Sample merged checkbox in the Tool Options dockable (just below the Sample average option). This allows color picking visible colors when necessary.
  • Spyrogimp, the official plug-in to draw spyrograph patterns, now works on grayscale images too and won’t clutter the undo history as much as it used to.
  • And plenty of other improvements which you can find in the official announcement.

Grab the update and read more details on the official GIMP web site.

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