General Availability of Microsoft Edge WebView2 for .NET

Microsoft has released WebView2 for .NET and its fixed version, a Microsoft Edge component that developers can use in their apps as an embedded web rendering engine. The latter can be shipped as a non-updatable component with apps.

Microsoft WebView2 Banner

WebView2 allows integrating the Edge core with Win32 C/C++ apps. By using WebView2, developers can build modern apps that support all the existing Windows versions.

Microsoft Edge WebView2 is now generally available for use in production .NET 5, .NET Core, and .NET Framework WinForms and WPF applications on existing Windows versions. Additionally, WebView2’s Fixed Version distribution mode is also generally available for production applications.

Microsoft is about to continue updating the WebView2 SDK approximately every 6 weeks driven by your feedback. To keep up with the latest updates checkout its Release Notes and follow the WebView2 Announcements Repo.

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