Gadgets Revived – the best desktop gadgets package + gadget gallery

Here is good news for everyone who loved and missed Desktop Gadgets in Windows 8. Gadgets Revived, a new project is available. It provides a very cool sidebar gadgets package with ALL original features like Control Panel items, Windows Search results and a gadget gallery! Over 900 high quality gadgets are available for download. According to the Gadgets Revived website:

Gadgets Revived is a web site which hosts a third party Desktop Gadgets gallery. All gadgets are property of their respective authors. Similar to the official gallery, they are available to you for free.

All gadgets here were checked manually by our authors and you can be sure that they work as expected. If you have any issues with some gadget, please notify us in the comments.

All gadgets provided on this site are original/untouched and authentic.


The most important features of this installation are:

  • It supports all possible Windows 8 languages,  so you will get gadgets and sidebar interface with your native language!languageThe installer is able to detect the required language automatically and will install it for the Sidebar.
  • Wait for the installer to finish. You will see the familiar "Gadgets" window opened on the Desktop.afterinstall It will restore all the genuine features like:
    • Desktop context menu:context menu
    • The show/hide gadgets command: show hide gadgets
    • Full Control Panel integration with working links inside the "Appearance and Personalization" Control Panel category! Appearance and Personalization
    • The integration with Windows Search: wherever you type "gadgets" - in Control Panel, or in third party Start menus like Classic Shell or StartIsBack+, the common gadget-related tasks will appear in search results!Gadgets Search resultsThe Classic Shell menu:
      Classic Shell menu

      Classic Shell menu example

      The StartIsBack+ menu:

      Start Is Back menu example

      Start Is Back menu example

Download links

The "Gadgets Revived" gallery is available here: Gadgets Revived.
The Desktop Gadgets installer is available for download from here: Download Desktop Gadgets


5 thoughts on “Gadgets Revived – the best desktop gadgets package + gadget gallery

  1. Jhon Peter

    But , isn’t Gadgets already included with ALL windows versions ???

    1. Sergey Tkachenko Post author

      No. Windows 8 and Windows 8.1 does not include gadgets.

  2. jeff

    desktop gadgets revived is not working at all with build 1511

  3. Montana

    your tips and posts are always useful, thanks for sharing them

  4. ThanosAthaYT

    Awesome, now it can remind me the time, again…! Is there any option to keep gadget it top (in front of other apps)??? That would be really useful! (for the clock, I mean)


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