Firefox will get an improved bookmarks user interface

With the next few upcoming releases, Mozilla Firefox will get a refined bookmarks UI. Developers from Mozilla are working to make it more logical and easy to use for the end user. This will affect the "star" button behavior and the appearance of the bookmarks menu in the browser.

In currently released Firefox versions, when the user clicks the star button in the address bar, the browser bookmarks the opened web address and puts the created bookmark into the folder "Unsorted bookmarks". Sometimes it is hard to find it there later, especially if you never managed the "Unsorted bookmarks" folder. It can get cluttered quickly with a bunch of bookmarks.

Mozilla developers are going to change this and improve the behavior of bookmarks. Starting with Firefox 48, they are going to rename Unsorted bookmarks to "Other bookmarks". They consider the new name as more logical for this folder.

Also, when you bookmark a page, the browser will explicitly ask in which folder to place the new bookmark:

With Firefox 49, the bookmarks menu will contain 5 recent bookmarks, which will make them easy to spot.

For those who will not like this change, there will be an option to hide these recent bookmarks from the menu.

While these options do not change the way the user interacts with bookmarks, they can make them more useful and friendly. What is your opinion about these changes? Do you find them useful, especially the recently bookmarked feature?

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Author: Sergey Tkachenko

Sergey Tkachenko is a software developer who started Winaero back in 2011. On this blog, Sergey is writing about everything connected to Microsoft, Windows and popular software. Follow him on Telegram, Twitter, and YouTube.

8 thoughts on “Firefox will get an improved bookmarks user interface”

  1. Firefox devs are wasting their time for nothing. This will change nothing.
    All their users are already switched to Google Chrome.

    1. Firefox has stunning customizability. I’d not exchange it to any other browser unless I could feel real improvement in speed. However, there’s one condition—real performance would have to be good even when having 20 tabs or more opened at the same time.

  2. They should add the ability to show icons only, like on IE (and soon Edge) and the ability to change bookmark and bookmark folder icons, once again, just like on IE.

    1. you can do that by deleting the bookmark title text already but i get that some users might find general setting more convenient – try creating a bug and bugzilla

  3. They would better fix this bug, it’s been in Firefox for a long time: when you bookmark a page and then in the opened pop-up navigate through folders and try to rename any of them the new name is being written straight on top of the old name until you press Enter to confirm new name .

  4. They’re going to rename Unsorted bookmarks to “Other bookmarks”? What a very stupid idea. Have these people noting to do with their time? The current “Unsorted” bookmarks is very clear. They’re unsorted. Change that to “other” and it could mean anything. The user won’t remember if they created it, nested within various bookmarks, or if it’s a Firefox generated one. Why don’t they do something useful instead? If they must play around with bookmarks & folders then give us a way to change the icons of said folders. Don’t fix something that is currently very clear, labelled as “unsorted” to something that will mean absolutely nothing by calling it “other”. Gawd, really? They’re going to deliberately make it harder to work out what’s in our current “unsorted” bookmarks by renaming the folder to something really, really vague called “other”? What, are they all stupid at Firefox?

  5. Just wait a couple months.
    It will soon take 5 clicks just to find a bookmark.
    What ver. is FF (not “fx”) up to now 93?
    Software arrogance.

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