Firefox is adding a weather widget to the New Tab page

Nightly builds of Firefox, which represent Firefox 128, now include a weather widget. It appears every time you open a new tab page, and has a few options.

Weather Indicator

The widget uses AccuWeather as the data source, and offers a few customization options. You can switch it from Fahrenheit to Celsius, enable more detailed view, hide it from the new tab page, and visit the help page on the Mozilla website. All the options reside in the menu of the three button next to the forecast.


Firefox Weather Widget on New Tab Page

It is a work in progress, so by default the widget is hidden even in Nightly. Firefox 128 is scheduled for the release on July 9 release. It is not yet clear if it will include this widget to display the weather forecast.

If you are interested in enabling it, grab the latest Nightly, and follow the steps below.

Enable Weather Widget on New Tab Page in Firefox

  1. Type about:config in the URL box and hit Enter.
  2. Confirm the operation by clicking Accept the Risk and Continue.Accept Risk And Continue Button
  3. In the search box, type browser.newtabpage.activity-stream.showWeather and make sure it is set to true.Enable Weather Widget in Firefox
  4. Now, search for the browser.newtabpage.activity-stream.system.showWeather setting, and also set it to true, e.g. by double-clicking it.Firefox Show Weather on NTP
  5. Now, open a new tab page. You now have the feature forecast enabled.

That's it.

The idea with displaying the weather forecast is not new to Firefox. Most modern browsers do that. For example, Microsoft Edge displays a lot of information on its new tab page by fetching it from its "home" Bing service, including the weather block.

Some users have a privacy concern about this addition, calling such weather blocks an addition way to track the user and his location. Also on Windows 11, there is already a system weather widget. But still a lot of consumers find it pretty useful to have the air temperature somewhere in the browser, to access it with one click.


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