Firefox 81 receives a new Print Preview dialog

Mozilla is about to update the page print preview dialog in Firefox. The appropriate change is already landed in Nightly, a bleeding edge version of the browser.


Starting in Firefox 81, the browser will render the page print preview in a new flyout, that provides all the printing options in the right sidebar, and a preview of the page that takes the rest of the dialog.

Firefox 81 New Print Dialog

It provides the following options:

  • Select the destination printer
  • The number of copies.
  • Set the page orientation, portrait or landscape.
  • Change the page scale.
  • Enable or disable the printing of headers and footers.
  • Enable or disable the printing of backgrounds.
  • A link to open the system print dialog .

So, if you are going to try the new feature, you need to get Firefox Nightly. As of now, the Nightly channel of the browser represents Firefox 81.

For comparison, the current version of the print preview dialog appears in a new window, where the options are arranged in the toolbar at the top of the window. Here is how it looks.

Firefox Current Print Preview Dialog

As the new dialog is work-in-progress, Mozilla has added an option to disable the new one and restore the current one shown above. This can be done as follows.

Disable the new Print dialog in Firefox 81 Nightly

  1. Open the Firefox browser.
  2. Enter about:config into the address bar, and confirm your intention.Firefox About Config Accept Risk Proceed With Caution Confirm
  3. Type print.tab_modal.enabled in the search box.
  4. Set the print.tab_modal.enabled option to false.

You are done. To restore the new print preview UI later, you need to set the above print.tab_modal.enabled option to true. In a few months it should reach the stable version of the Firefox browser.

Mozilla is constantly making improvements for Nightly users. Recently, the company has added a useful Nightly Experiments page, and the ability to clear the Startup cache to resolve the startup issues in Firefox.

Thanks to Techdows for tip.


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