Firefox 112 allows you to close tabs with middle-click in tab list, adds password reveal, and more

Mozilla, the company behind the Firefox browser, has released two new versions of the browser - Firefox 112 Stable and Firefox 102.10 ESR. These new versions will bring new features, updates, and fixes to enhance the user experience and address security issues.


It's worth noting that Firefox ESR, which is a version of Firefox designed for enterprise use, is slowly reaching its end of support, which is set for August 2023. It will then be replaced by Firefox 115 ESR.

Firefox 112 Released

What's new in Firefox 112

You can download Firefox 112 from its official website.

  • Users are now able to reveal the password hidden behind asterisks or dots by right-clicking on the password field. There is a new option for that. It is designed to make it easier for users to check the accuracy of their passwords or to recover forgotten passwords without having to reset them.Firefox 112 Reveal Password
  • Ubuntu Linux users can now import their browser data from the Chromium Snap package. Currently, this will only work if Firefox is not also installed as a Snap package, but work is underway to address this!
  • If you frequently use the tab list panel located in the tab bar, there is a small update for you. You can now easily close tabs by simply middle-clicking on the items in that list.Middle Click To Close
  • Previously, to re-open a closed tab, users could use the keyboard shortcut (Cmd/Ctrl)-Shift-T. However, now this same shortcut has been updated to restore the previous session if there are no more closed tabs from the same session to re-open. So, if you accidentally close a tab or multiple tabs and want to restore the entire previous session, you can use the same keyboard shortcut to quickly do so.
  • For all ETP Strict users, there is now an extended list of known tracking parameters that are removed from URLs to further protect Firefox users from cross-site tracking.
  • In Windows, Firefox comes with the overlay of software-decoded video on Intel GPUs. It is enabled by default. Thisfeature is designed to improve the quality of video downscaling and reduce the overall usage of the GPU. With this enhancement, users can expect a better video experience while also minimizing the load on their GPU.

You will find changes for developers on a dedicated website.

Fixes in this release

Firefox 112 comes with fixes for 22 vulnerabilities. Among the 22 vulnerabilities, 10 are considered high impact, 8 are moderate impact, and the remaining 4 are low impact. They all are listed here.

These fixes are designed to address security issues and prevent potential threats to the user's browsing experience. By updating to the latest version of Firefox, users can ensure that their browser is protected from known vulnerabilities and stay safe while browsing the web.

In addition to the stable release, Mozilla also updates its development channels at the same time. Firefox Beta and Developer channels will be updated to version 113, while Firefox Nightly will be moved to version 114. These channels allow developers and early adopters to test new features and updates before they are released to the public.

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