7 thoughts on “Find if your account is administrator in Windows 10”

  1. … or just launch any executable by right-clicking and choosing “Run as administrator”. UAC prompt will show whether you’re enough of a boss.

  2. Now this is weird. I activated the built-in administrator account using the Winaero Tweaker and I get “Error 1376. no local accounts” after typing “net localgroup Administrators”.

    I was always wondering why I still see all those annoying confirmation dialog boxes (for copying, deleting, moving files, etc) while being administrator. Could it be that this built-in admin account in Windows 10 is not a “real” admin account anymore?

  3. Oh, I get it!

    I had to use the word “Administrators” in the operating system’s language (in German in my case) and now I see the proper information.

  4. i like ur site but my isp shaw company always block me to become administrator and block me to run winaero this iligal or no.all my window are remote administrator .so simply i canat use tweak thank u

  5. Thank you so much for your guide! Just want to add a note for all Swedish Windows 10 users.
    “net localgroup Administrators” becomes “net localgroup Användare”
    “net localgroup Users” becomes “net localgroup Användare”

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