File Explorer keyboard shortcuts every Windows 10 user should know

Every Windows version features a number of useful shortcuts for File Explorer. With each new release of Windows, Explorer has gained new keyboard shortcuts. In this article, I would like to share the full list of shortcuts available in File Explorer. These hotkeys can help you save time and increase productivity. Here we go.

File Explorer logo bannerWin + E - Open Explorer.

Esc - Cancel file operation.


F2 - Rename.

F2, then Tab - Fast Rename mode.

F3, Ctrl + E or Ctrl + F - Search Box.

F4 - Drop down the address bar.

F5 - Refresh.

F6 - Move focus between various elements - Command bar/Ribbon, Navigation pane and File pane.

F10 - Menu Bar (Windows 7 only).

F11 - Toggle Fullscreen.

Home - Move selection to beginning.

End - Move selection to end.

Up/Down arrow keys - Move selection up, down.

Left/Right arrow keys - Expand/collapse folder in navigation pane, move selection left/right in file pane.

* - Expand folder and all subfolders in navigation pane (Use with caution).

Shift + F10 or Menu key - Right click.

Del - Delete.

Shift + Delete - Delete without moving to Recycle Bin.

Enter - Open file.

Alt + Enter - Properties.

Ctrl + X - Cut.

Ctrl + C - Copy.

Ctrl + V - Paste.

Ctrl + W or Alt+F4 - Close window.

Ctrl + Z - Undo.

Ctrl + Y - Redo.

Ctrl + A - Select all.

Ctrl + N - New window.

Ctrl + Shift+N - New folder.

Alt + P - Preview pane toggle.

Alt + Shift +P - Details pane toggle (Windows 8 and later).

Ctrl + + - Resize all columns to fit in details view. Works in Explorer, Registry editor and many third party apps..

Ctrl + Shift + 1 - Extra Large Icons.

Ctrl + Shift + 2 - Large Icons.

Ctrl + Shift + 3 - Medium Icons.

Ctrl + Shift + 4 - Small Icons.

Ctrl + Shift + 5 - List.

Ctrl + Shift + 6 - Details.

Ctrl + Shift + 7 - Tiles.

Ctrl + Shift + 8 - Content.

Alt + Up - Up one level.

Alt + Left or Backspace - Back.

Alt + Right - Forward.

Alt + D - Move focus to address bar.

Ctrl + Shift + E - Show in navigation pane the parent folder of the folder selected in file pane.

Ctrl + F1 - Show/hide Ribbon.

Let us know if you want to add some missing keyboard shortcut and tell us if you discovered any new ones from this article.


7 thoughts on “File Explorer keyboard shortcuts every Windows 10 user should know

  1. MaX

    Hi, it doesn’t work ALT+D for focusing address field, do you know why?

    Windows 10 (1511)

    1. Sergey Tkachenko Post author

      I have no idea.
      Maybe you have some third party app which enhanced Explorer but affected this keyboard shortcut?
      In English Alt+D comes from the mnemonic for “A_d_dress”, which used to be the label in Windows XP. If
      there was a different label in Italian, it will be a different letter you need to use.

      From here:

    2. simon

      The Ctrl+Shift 1,2 etc to toggle views (large, small icons, details etc) don’t work on my Win10 x64 computer.

      However, Alt+Shift 1,2,3 etc does work.


  2. MaX

    No I haven’t, I’m trying it in another PC with Win7 64-bit, same result.
    I’m using an italian keyboard and I have used all this combinations with no result:


  3. Jose_49

    Woot! Learned a couple of new ones today!

    Would like to add that Ctrl + L works exactly as Alt+ D

  4. MaX

    CTRL+L it works.


  5. Kurt

    how can it be that there is no shortcut for moving files ?


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