2 thoughts on “Enable guest account in Windows 10”

  1. Here is the thing that I’ve done in order to use the reserved Guest name. Normally, if you create a user account with a name Guest, Windows will not accept it as it is a reserved name for the built-in Guest account. What I’ve did was:

    1. Go to secpol.msc (Only available to Pro editions) and navigate to Local Policies and then Security Options. There you can see a policy which says Accounts:Rename guest account. Double-click it and change its value to whatever name. I changed mine to Guest (built-in).

    2. Next, open the Run dialog box and run lusrmgr.msc. Go to Users and then click on Action Menu and then New user…

    3. On the New User dialog box, type Guest on the User name field. Leave the password entry blank

    4. Uncheck User must change password at next logon checkbox and then check the following checkboxes:
    User cannot change password
    Password never expires

    5. To change its user group, just follow the Step 4 on the tutorial above.

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