Enable Extensions Menu Button in Microsoft Edge Chromium

How to Enable the Extensions Menu Button in Microsoft Edge Chromium

In the latest Canary Edge, you can now enable the brand new 'Extensions' menu which adds a button to the toolbar. The menu hosts all the installed browser extensions for faster access. Also, it allows having a clean toolbar, which is a long awaited feature for many users.

Here's how it looks:

Edge Extension Menu

The menu contains the Manage extensions link for convenience.

Once menu enabled, you can show or hide extension buttons from the toolbar. The menu has a pin icon that appears when you hover over with the mouse pointer the extension item in the menu. Click on it to pin the extension to the toolbar (see the screenshot).

Edge Extension Pin Unpin From Toolbar Pin Icon

Click on it once again to unpin it. Also, you can right-click on the extension button in the toolbar to unpin it.

Edge Extension Pin Unpin From Toolbar

Let's see how to enable the Extension Menu Button in Microsoft Edge Chromium.

To Enable the Extensions Menu Button in Microsoft Edge Chromium,

  1. Close Microsoft Edge Canary.
  2. Right-click the Edge Canary shortcut and select Properties from the context menu.
  3. Add --enable-features=ExtensionsToolbarMenu after the msedge.exe portion in the shortcut target box.Edge Chromium Enable Extension Menu
  4. Launch Edge using the modified shortcut.

That's it!

As you may already know, Microsoft is currently using three channels to deliver updates to Edge Insiders. The Canary channel receives updates daily (except Saturday and Sunday), the Dev channel is getting updates weekly, and the Beta channel is updated every 6 weeks. The stable channel is also on its way to users.

Actual Microsoft Edge Versions

The actual pre-release versions of Edge Chromium at the moment of this writing are as follows:

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  2. Don Washburn

    I’m running Edge Dev 80.0.328.4 and the extensions menu button has disappeared for some reason. This is true on several computers I use.
    Have you noticed this too?
    It looks like it’s back in canary 80.0.337.0 though.
    Thanks and Best Regards,
    Don Washburn
    Cedar Rapids, Iowa USA


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