Enable DNS over HTTPS in Opera (DoH)

How to Enable DNS over HTTPS (DoH) in Opera

Opera is a popular Chromium-based browser with a number of exclusive features and options. In today's post, we will discuss how to enable the DNS over HTTPS (Doh) feature in Opera. It is available in the browser out of the box, but not enabled by default.


For those who is not familiar with DoH, DNS-over-HTTPS is a relatively young web protocol, implement about two years ago. It is intended to increase user privacy and security by preventing eavesdropping and manipulation of DNS data by man-in-the-middle attacks by using the HTTPS protocol to encrypt the data between the DoH client and the DoH-based DNS resolver.

The DoH feature is available in Opera starting with beta version 65. By that time, it was limited to the Cloudflare provider, and was an experimental option which had to be enabled with a flag.

Opera 67, the latest stable version as of the time of this writing, has a special option in Settings, so you no longer need to deal with flags. Here's what you have to do to get DoH enabled.

To Enable DNS over HTTPS (DoH) in Opera,

  1. Click on the Opera icon to open the browser's menu.
  2. Pick Settings from the menu. Pressing Alt + P opens Settings directly.
  3. In Settings, click on Advanced > Browser on the left.Opera Enable DNS Over HTTPS Step 1
  4. On the right, scroll down to the System section.
  5. Turn on the option Use DNS-over-HTTPS instead of the system’s DNS settings.Opera Enable DNS Over HTTPS Step 2
  6. Pick a suitable provider. Cloudflare is the default, there is also Google DNS, and an option to use a custom DoH provider.Opera Enable DNS Over HTTPS Step 3

You are done!

The default list of trusted resolvers in Opera may be expanded in the future.

Similarly, users of other browsers can also enable this functionality.

Note: Firefox has Cloudflare and NextDNS services preinstalled out of the box. By this time, DNS over HTTPS (DoH) is enabled by default in Firefox for US-based users only, but that will change in the future.


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Author: Sergey Tkachenko

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  1. Thanks for the procedure as outlined. It has changed slightly and you may want to update your procedure, eg there is no Advanced > Browser menu option. Only Browser.

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