ELE – elevated command prompt

ELE is the simple elevation utility for command prompt. It allows you to re-open already opened Command prompt and keeps current path.

Usually if you open command prompt with Administrator's rights from Start Menu, you have to type cd command to change location from Windows directories to your desired location. It is very annoying if you have already opened command prompt in folder you need. ELE saves your time and re-opens your current command prompt , just type "ele".There are two binary files are included: one of them is "native" application for Windows 7 and second one is native for Windows 8.


ele - runs   new console window in the current directory.

ele /x - runs   new console window in the current directory and closes the originating console window. If ELE started from a file manager, it just opens a new elevated console in current directory.

ele application.exe /param1 /param2 - runs elevated instance of the application.exe with param1 and param2, e.g. ele notepad.exe d:\myfile.txt


  • Put ele.exe in any folder what included in your %PATH% environment. E.g. C:\Windows is very good choice.
  • You can add ELE on toolbar of Total Commander to open current directory with elevated Administrator's rights.
  • Also you integrate ELE with Windows Explorer. Sample registry files are included.

Download ELE