Download the full offline installer for Dropbox

Like many products have started doing, Dropbox now offers a web-based installer for its Windows desktop client and also for Mac. When you click the download link, you get a small installer stub instead of the full-sized installer. That web installer will download the full version of Dropbox to your PC and install it. This is not an issue for users who want to install Dropbox on just one PC, but, if you want to download it once and then install it on multiple PCs, it makes no sense to download it individually on every PC.

To get the full offline installer for Dropbox for Windows, use the following link:

Dropbox for Windows

If you are user of OS X, here is a link for you:

Dropbox for Mac

Using these links, you can directly download the full installer. Bookmark this page so you can directly download the full installer always whenever you have to install Dropbox on any PC.
For every new Dropbox update, we will try to keep this article current with updated links. You can also subscribe to our RSS feed to track the changes.

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6 thoughts on “Download the full offline installer for Dropbox

  1. Dropboxer

    This URL is outdated as it contains old version. The current version is 3.0.4. This is the correct URL to always get the latest Dropbox:

    1. Jake G

      Thats a good find, can Dropbox added to new version of Opera with VPN feature ? When ever i try to add Dropbox the software crashes.

      Any solution to that ?

      1. Sergey Tkachenko Post author

        Hmm, no idea. I do not use Dropbox very often.
        And I prefer Firefox over Opera these days.

  2. Doug

    This is one awesomely helpful post. Thanks very much!

  3. Emezi Innocent

    I do really want to install and have Dropbox for myself but don’t know how to go about it.

  4. Avi

    Facing Error 2 while Installation. How to resolve that error>??


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