Download Microsoft Surface Duo wallpaper

Microsoft's dual-screen Android phone, Surface Duo, comes with an exclusive wallpaper. Here's how to download it right now.

The Surface Duo device is yet another attempt by Microsoft to enter the smartphone market. Surface Duo is the dual-screen, foldable Android device. The device is running a customized Android 10 version with its own Duo UI shell.

Microsoft Surface Duo Banner

Microsoft is going support its Surface Duo devices for three years, shipping OS and security updates. This also means that it should receive Android 11.

Microsoft also confirmed to us that the Surface Duo will have an unlockable bootloader. This means that enthusiasts will be able to get root permissions, and create firmware mods. Also, check out the following post:

Microsoft’s Surface Duo preorder is open, here is all info about the device

Download the Microsoft Surface Duo wallpaper

If you like the device's wallpaper showcased above, here is a bit of good news. Windows Insider MVP Michael Gillett, who traditionally makes such wallpapers available, has already uploaded it on his website, WallpaperHub. Click on the image to download it.Surface Duo Wallpaper Thumb


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