25 thoughts on “Disable logon screen background image in Windows 10 without using third party tools

  1. Vic

    Can’t seem to get this to work on the final public release version of Win 10 Pro.
    Anyone else had success with disabling the background image?
    I have tried both sign out and restart and still see background image…

    1. Andy

      I just did it now with Windows 10 Home. Just went to the folder and made a new.. whatever you call it… and it worked right away when I logged out

  2. Rodrive

    This worked on my Windows 10 Pro, dont know why Microsoft didn’t alow to set custom background for this

  3. wilson david

    I have tried to take all the necessary steps and was successfull but when i tried to lock the screen and see if there was a picture on the logon background. The screen kept loading and switching on and off. Please advice me on what to do

  4. Stephen Kroos

    Finally, I’ve been waiting for Microsoft to do something about that background, but it seems they don’t care. I really appreciate the tutorials you post, Sergey.

  5. Rokas Gustys

    Now that the wallpaper can be disabled, the new question is: Is it possible to change the solid color? You could do this in Windows 8 and 8.1. Its was purple by default but you could change that using default accent color values in registry:

    “DefaultStartColor”=dword:ff1d1d1d <— Dark Gray
    "DefaultAccentColor"=dword:ff5e5e5e <— Dark Gray

    Does anyone know of a similar way to do this in Windows 10?

  6. Customise

    I really want to choose my own picture for the Windows 10 Login screen (that is, the screen where you enter your password, not the Lock Screen). Thankfully I’ve been able to use WinAero Tweaker to disable the pathetic Microsoft-light-streaming-in-from-the-windows picture, but the solid colour is boring.

    Sergey, do you reckon that you will be able to add a tweak for this? Your others are fantastic.

  7. billybob squires

    definitely want to support you however I have no credit card
    can I send you a Walmart Visa with $$$ on it or a money order?


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