16 thoughts on “Disable logon screen background image in Windows 10 Anniversary Update”

  1. I upgraded (from 8.1) to Win 10 Pro Version 10.0.14393 Build 14393 after the Anniversary release date, so I assume I have the “Anniversary Edition.”

    The “turn-off” option does not appear in this version as shown in your screenshot here.

    thanks, Bill

    1. If you can tolerate the same image for the sign in screen and the lock screen, just enable the mentioned option.
      Then set the desired image as your lock screen background.

      1. Ye, but kinda like the random from Spotlight, too bad they still haven’t figure a way to translate that to the sign in. But meh :)


      2. That is not the answer we all looked for, ie how to get rid of opening photos of any kind. I turn off the button and it stays turned off and the photo is right back there when I reboot. I say I hate popcorn and you say try this caramel popcorn.

  2. Do you know how to remove the photo that comes up “before” the lock screen that you have to click through to get to the lock screen?

  3. Even when you turn off the lock screen it still loads that annoying picture. And you no longer can use the space bar to go to your desktop. I don’t need the owner login screen and wish I could get rid of it also. I must say the new Windows 10 anniversary that was forced on us is a step backwards!

  4. Hello, this worked for logon screen, but what about the screen that appears when monitor is turned on after sleeping?

    The fact, is that I configured power options so that monitor turns off after 10 minutes of inactivity.

    To turn on again, I move the mouse, for my surprise, the background image appears in front of the application I was running when monitor turned off. To get rid of it, I have to use the finger to move the picture toward the top of the screen (this is a touch screen).

    How can I disable background image completely?


  5. My lock screen background picture has been turned off for quite some time, and I still have the same annoying lock screen. Why can’t it just open with a sign-on page like any sensible computer? And now with my 3 yr old laptop I have to hit the cursor multiple times to get to the sign-on page, which can take several minutes. Just a stupid nuisance.

  6. I tried the setting, no change.

    Another example of patronising, condescending Microsoft, assuming everyone wants to see their selected image.

    I’d find it less irritating if it weren’t for the additional text and ‘like what you see’ stuff. Just the image alone would be better.

  7. What the f*** is this? all I asked was to get rid of the windows 10 log on screen pictures, they are a stupid waste of time. It’s time I learn unix or linix or something else windows just gets suckier and suckier with all their stupid commercials. bring back the talking paper clip, even it is not as stupid

  8. the picture won’t remove no matter what. what am i doing wrong? it shows a picture of a dock. it’s a windows default picture of some sort. it’s a nice picture, but i do not want to see it. there seems no way to change it or remove it, so i am FORCED to see the dock picture every time I boot my PC. where are the windows pictures stored??? maybe I can delete all the pictures to prevent this.

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