Personalization Panel 2.5

Personalization Panel for Windows 7 Starter ? Windows 7 Home Basic provides a premium personalization features for low-end Windows 7 Editions. It can bypass the restrictions and offers the useful UI like in Ultimate Edition of Windows 7.

Personalization Panel 2.5 is the latest version. It is strongly recomended to update your current version right now!

It covers most personalization features and also allows you to change wallpaper in Windows 7 Starter and change color of windows in Windows 7 Home Basic.

Changelog since 1.2.x branch

  • Fixed application crash when user has canceled UAC promt under Windows 7 Starter
  • Fixed metrics reset between themes
  • Code optimization
  • Fixed installer: double language selection prompt was removed
  • Installer does not open any sites without user request anymore
  • Added "save a theme" feature. It allows you to save your current appearance as
  • .theme file.
  • Added simple "check for update" system
  • rebranding. Now personalization panel is a part on project, not
    The complete changelog you'll find in the installation directory

The Personalization Panel in action

I have prepared the demo video of Windows 7 Starter running Personalization Panel.

Personalization Panel Features

  • Desktop Context Menu integration

  • OS Language depended/Auto-translation: All text labels are from Windows libraries and always be in your native language!

  • .theme files support in both Starter and Home Basic. Everything will be applied correct except windows metric for classic themes

  • Allows you to change Windows 7 Starter Wallpaper

  • Allows you to change windows and taskbar colors in Windows 7 Home Basic by two methods with live preview

  • Useful access to related Control Panel applets

  • .theme files associations handling

  • .msstyles files associations handling

  • .themepack files associations handling (limited to installation at this moment. You can't create your own themepacks)

Something you have to know

  1. What is the reason to use Personalization Panel?The answer is simple - it is a small, even portable application and it does not break your OS and does not modfy any of system files. It just works. Also you can always ask us for help - this is a good reason too.

  2. There are two types of setup available - portable and regular. Regular setup in only one way to get proper theme switching and system integration.

    The portable setup does not handle any type of files and applications will be not available from desktop context menu.

    Regular setup is recommended way of installation to you.

  3. Privacy statement. Since version "Personalization Panel 2.5" I have added simple updates check in panel. It does not send any type of your personal data to me. It cannot be used to personally identify you.Everything it does is simple window what shows the new version numbers when it available. The goal is to help you to stay up-to-date and nothing more.

  4. Why we made rebranding. Because we won't to use as development corner. Today its just my personal blog.

  5. Whats next? I plan to implement desktop slideshow and themepacks creation in the near future. BTW, themepacks already done but I have exluded their code from this release due to bugs. Stay tuned!

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  1. April
    14 Jul 11

    Thank you soooooooo much!

    My lappy was so boring but now it's pretty again :D

  2. Vivek Sant ( New Delhi, India)
    17 Jul 11

    I am very happy with this application. it works very well.

  3. Sergey
    17 Jul 11

    Glad to know it
    I will try to improve the application.

  4. Melinda
    18 Jul 11

    Thanks so much for such a great app. I am confused as how to change the wallpaper - all I can install is the sample pictures - I cannot use my own pictures

  5. Sergey
    18 Jul 11

    Can you post full path to your own image?
    For example d:\pictures\myimage.jpg

    I will try to re-create this path and repeat the issue

  6. nyle
    20 Jul 11

    hey..seriously thank you so much!!
    i just bought my netbook and it was so boring with the blue background..

  7. Sergey
    20 Jul 11

    u r welcome

  8. Maximus
    04 Aug 11

    I can't find the Desktop Context Menu Integration on win 7 Starter Installation of the new Personalization program

  9. Sergey
    04 Aug 11

    Its implemented by installer and not needed in application's GUI.

  10. Maximus
    05 Aug 11

    But when double clicking the themes, it keeps says themes can't installed in this windows version

    I'm already installing the UXCore X86, on the same folder personalization panel, the winreviewru personalization has appear on my right click on the desktop, automatically opened the personalization exe

    Unzipping the theme that contain *theme and folder name Desktop Background to the windows>resources>theme
    Still didn't work
    Please help, thank you Happy Bulldozer

  11. Sergey
    05 Aug 11

    Which version of Personalization Panel you have installed?
    In latest version of application you have to use "regular" setup mode for *theme and *msstyles files handling. The following option should be checked during setup:

  12. lahiru dhananjaya
    06 Aug 11

    I'm very happy with this.............. ;-)

  13. Apap
    08 Aug 11

    Sorry, but, may .msstyle can't apply

    (Sorry if my English was mistake, because I'm not British, or other that use English)

  14. amyy
    29 Aug 11

    where can i get themes to change colour the start bar but so it stays in windows 7 theme instead of going back to 97/98?

  15. Anonymous
    09 Sep 11

    thankyou soo much Mr. Happy Bulldozer......
    now my laptop looks really gorgeous.....
    a big big big thankyou!!!!!!

  16. onkar
    15 Sep 11

    hello team, I have installed this n thnks fr that.. but where can i get the themes ??????/

  17. Sergey
    15 Sep 11

    Mate, check some comments above, please

  18. Anonymous
    22 Sep 11

    why the fuck i just downloaded it
    the fucker does not even install itself

  19. Sergey
    25 Sep 11

    Usually it works for 99.99% of users
    Can you provide more details, what kind of error it shows you when failed to install?

  20. Walter Sobchak
    05 Oct 11

    I just recently bought a new netbook with win7 starter and was very disappointed by the lack of proper customization, until i found this app/patch. It just works, and you don't even need to install any custom theme patcher, custom themes work just fine with this software(you just need to copy the custom themes into the resources/themes folder inside the main windows directory). Big kudos to the developer! You did a wonderfull job.

  21. kent vincent
    06 Oct 11

    tnx a lot....i found you..

  22. lolo
    10 Oct 11

    how to apply themes using this software in windows 7 starter..??

  23. lokesh-India
    20 Oct 11

    thanx, it worked and saved my day but the microsoft themes pictures, sound and other things does'nt change automatically even after selecting the theme, please advise

  24. Sergey
    20 Oct 11

    Because it does not implemented yet

  25. brazil starter
    31 Oct 11

    does this version applies transparency on starter edition. i just downloaded version and it has no transparency option

  26. Sergey
    31 Oct 11

    this version does not apply transparency on starter edition

  27. Thais
    10 Nov 11

    Hello, great app, made me happy for a whole day, but, sadly, the personalization didn't survived the windows automatic updates...
    I tried to re-install the app, tried to re-patch, re-install again.... and no changes....

  28. sicran
    13 Nov 11

    Thank you so much it work's great, with no errors' like on a premium version.

  29. guest
    25 Nov 11

    ay thank u thank u :-*

  30. milee
    26 Nov 11

    how do i apply transparency using this in my home basic?

  31. Anonymous
    26 Nov 11

    Check out WHOLE THIS site, not only one article

  32. grimblegrumble
    30 Nov 11

    thank you!!!

  33. tyren
    07 Dec 11

    man I don't know how to thank you?u r the best.

  34. soum
    13 Dec 11

    sir,i applied everything from your comments.but i can not make my window border transparent.though i made it blur and colourfull but not semi transparent.not a 10% me pleaseeeeeeee!

  35. soum
    13 Dec 11

    forgot to say.i have windows 7 home basic x64

  36. BrianT
    19 Dec 11

    I love Personalization Panel.Thanks to this my desktop is now my own look again. I can now change my wallpaper on my Windows 7 Starter. But how do I save the themes I created? I noticed that although it changes the wallpaper I cannot seem to save the theme. How do I save my themes?

  37. Sergey
    20 Dec 11

    Theme saving was not be implement
    I think i will do

  38. Anonymous
    20 Dec 11


  39. AndreaBorman
    28 Dec 11

    I fully recommend this program. Yes,it does change the desktop wallpaper on my Windows 7 Starter. And it also gives easy access to other personalization features.Such as changing the desktop icons and changing the sounds.

    But I would like to be able to save my themes. Is that possible? Andrea Borman.

  40. zabeullah
    18 Jan 12

    I just install windows 7 starter N and how i should download personalize panel for that????? plz id u all know help me ..
    my email:-

  41. lucas
    20 Jan 12

    Eu amei, Gostei bastante e estou muito feliz por ter funcionado. Muito Obrigado!!lol

  42. Anonymous
    20 Jan 12

    Amazing! Work 100%

  43. ivan
    22 Jan 12


  44. anonimo, brasil
    23 Jan 12

    ate que em fim consegui mudar meu papel de parede o programa funciona muito bem, obrigado!

  45. raveena
    03 Feb 12

    gmnh she cara ganti tema untuk windows 7 starter!unsure[img]

  46. hello
    05 Feb 12

    thnx a lot!
    will this app enable multi monitor feature to windows 7 starter?

  47. vctpanama
    06 Feb 12

    thankyou so much,very good

  48. HELP?
    13 Feb 12

    its not letting me download it and i cant find the download button can you help me please :(

  49. akhtr
    14 Feb 12

    i installed it and it installed without any error,
    but when i opened it , error comes up, this feature not supported by this edition of windows, i hav win 7 starter, help me

  50. Anonymous
    14 Feb 12

    akhtr - probably Windows reports Ultimate edition instead of Starter. If you playing with activation system or/and OEM data, it is possible to get such kind of issues. You can run panel with /forceedition, but it still will not work properly.

    HELP? - DON"T use Google Translate.

  51. windows 7
    15 Feb 12

    thanks alot

  52. David
    19 Feb 12

    Thanks for a fantastic piece of software. I can make my netbook (ASUS 1001PDX) look the way I want.

    As others have asked, please add the ability to save in a future release.


  53. w7
    25 Feb 12

    Yea, right thanks a lot!
    But where is the actual aero glass transparent file to download??? Nowhere on the Web, I can tell you that. I got Personalization Panel and under window colors I only have old schemes.
    What a scheme!

  54. Sergey
    26 Feb 12

    I will share it for you ASAP

  55. Buyer
    08 Mar 12

    installing this app will affect my OS license. will microsoft gonn know that i tweaked the system?

  56. Anonymous
    09 Mar 12

    installing this app will NOT affect your OS license.
    It does not modify any system files or license mechanisms

  57. User
    09 Mar 12

    installing this app will NOT affect your OS license.
    It does not modify any system files or license mechanisms.

  58. anda
    13 Mar 12

    thank's i like it..

  59. Schlurch
    20 Mar 12

    Thx for this!
    It works fine with my eeepc & starter edit.

    kind regards

  60. Suman Sahu
    28 Mar 12

    Wow its a great software to allow Personalization Panel in Win 7 starter as well as Home Basic. With unable to apply theme in Win 7 Home Basic it was like living in 18th Century. After searching the internet whole day long, finally got this software and it really does work. A very big THANK YOU to Admin for doing this great work. This software doesn't do anything with the Operating System of Windows nor will you find any System Slowness as in the case of other non Windows themes. Admin, if you could come up with where I could save my personalized theme would be a great idea.

    Comment By: Suman Sahu

  61. Sergey
    29 Mar 12

    I swear i will make theme saving as soon as possible

  62. Peaceful Warrior
    04 Apr 12

    Thank You soo much for this, it is awesome that i can change my background, it was really easy to download and conigure, living the dream in Chile!!!

    peace and love be upon all

  63. kodok
    05 Apr 12

    thank pisan euy

  64. robson da palhada
    07 Apr 12

    muito bom valeu muito facil e funciona

  65. atif ali
    08 Apr 12

    wao awsome muuuuuuwwwwah

  66. Blackcrack
    08 Apr 12

    hey, you have the sourcecode.. a full pease of Programm for a NTSystem and a NT system is programming on, why not integrating it on Reactos ?

    best regards

  67. Sergey
    08 Apr 12

    I don't have the source code.
    Personalization panel was created from scratch using partially documented winapi calls.

  68. fuckxupaki
    15 Apr 12

    esse video nao me ensio nada

  69. vida loka
    16 Apr 12

    ou ese programa não da mem para mudar a cor da bara de tarefas

  70. old lady happy
    17 Apr 12

    -- I've been using computers since they weighed 50 lbs and the only 'web graphic' was a stick man. I've burned thru all the biggest, fastest, best and now, retired, just want my tablet and this wee notebook. But ohn to the dull desktop! You made an old lady happy now that I've got my own colors flying on this little - totally adorable toy.

  71. Sergey
    17 Apr 12

    You are welcome

  72. RJ
    20 Apr 12


  73. Anonymous
    21 Apr 12


  74. formosuslhen
    27 Apr 12

    huhu why it doesnt work for my samsung netbook??
    it is just like compress icon appearing to my download, and when i double click it to RUN, it doesnt work.. why ?? :(

  75. Sergey
    27 Apr 12

    Actually i don't know
    Maybe browser issue. Try to change your browser to another.
    Maybe your windows has broken file ?ssociations. Then you can try to install 7-zip and extract archive content using Explorer's context menu

  76. formosuslhen
    28 Apr 12

    @Happy Bulldozer hmm i only have to install 7-zip not the unzip?
    and how about the extract archive, for what?

    honestly, i try to download any personalize panel in every different site,
    but it always ZIP file, and if i double click it, it has no reaction or any command button..

  77. Sergey
    28 Apr 12

    hmm, you have to extract the archive to get Personalization Panel installer.
    It is good form to distribute the software using ZIP archives. It is safe.
    I reccomended you to use 7zip because it is free, small and very powerful archiver. It adds "7-zip - > Extract" context menu item to the Windows Explorer. You will be able to extract all popular archive formats, not only ZIP files.

  78. formosuslhen
    30 Apr 12

    the 7-zip file that ive downloaded has no extract option.. where did i find it?

  79. Sergey
    01 May 12

    In Windows Explorer's context menu (right click on presonalization panel zip file)

  80. formosuslhen
    03 May 12

    oh.. thank you it works with the "7-zip" thank you so much! you help me a lot

  81. Sergey
    03 May 12

    You are welcome. Glad to know what it was helpful for you.

  82. formosuslhen
    04 May 12

    haha i have another problem.. my toolbar does not change when i use some theme that I've downloaded, it is always windows 7 basic.

  83. jazzy
    05 May 12

    as u have earlier described that we neeed to patch some system files to gain transparency of the windows.
    does this patching of system files affect the genuineness of windows..????
    i use win 7 hb x64.
    nd gr8 wrk indeed.

  84. Mahesh
    06 May 12

    How much money i have to donate to download this personalization, If it is free pls. give me a link

  85. sammy1391
    07 May 12

    i have successfully donloaded d personalization to my disappointment i stil cant change my desktop background......wat shud i do...i hav window7 home basic...plzzzz help

  86. formosuslhen
    07 May 12

    actually, I'm using Windows 7 starter.. i think, it will really solve my problem regarding to the personalize panel if i change my Operating System right? just like Windows 7 Home Premium? and most of the cool theme that i wanted to install is compatible only for home premium or vista.. what will be best OS for this personalize panel?

  87. formosuslhen
    07 May 12

    and i also follow all the instruction, step by step, but those theme changer is not working.

  88. Sergey
    08 May 12

    jazzy, you will not loose genuineness of windows in case of uxtheme patching

    Mahesh it does not necessarily. You can donate only if you want. Link is orange "donate" button at the and of post.

    formosuslhen i will upload package with a set of themes what will install working themes for your starter

  89. sammy1391
    08 May 12

    i posted a comment on 7th may....plzz help regardn dat....plzzzz........

  90. formosuslhen
    09 May 12

    Happy Bulldozer thank you so much.. how could i know if you already uploaded it?

  91. Sergey
    09 May 12

    sammy1391, sorry, I did not notice your comment :(
    What is language of your Windows? And what is file name and full path to your wallpaper? Also you need admininstrator's rights in Windows 7 Starter to run Personalization panel.
    formosuslhen, I plan to make it after the holidays, i.e. tomorrow 20:00 GMT+3

  92. formosuslhen
    11 May 12

    Happy Bulldozer it say's that:
    "Installer integrity check has failed. Common causes include incomplete download and damaged media. Contact the installer's author to otain a new copy."

  93. Sergey
    11 May 12

    Dammit. Try to re-donwload, and if you will have same issue i'll reupload.
    I can't reupload it right now because I am far from home atm.

  94. Sergey
    11 May 12

    I have reuploaded theme suite, you can try this link

  95. formosuslhen
    12 May 12

    Happy Bulldozer wiw u help me alot.. thank you sooooo much! i love the green tea, and all the sound effects included in each kind of theme.. and my brother is so amaze with the CE, cristine red, and some kind of transformer effect. it help us.. thank you so much. i salute you.. hehehe muah! thank you..... despite of your business you gave me a time to fix my problem... hahaha thank you again!

  96. Sergey
    12 May 12

    U r welcome. Glad to help to anyone

  97. ankur dhar
    13 May 12

    there are only two themes in this app i hav windows7 starter how to get more themes?

  98. sagar
    16 May 12

    its very nice

  99. some user
    16 May 12

    Does this enable transparency? I usninstalled v1.2 to try this and i lost transparency.

  100. Sergey
    17 May 12

    This can't enable transparency. To enable transparency you have to broke Windows license subsystem. This software keeps your OS untouched.

  101. vijay231501
    17 May 12

    thank u sir,
    U've solve my problem i'm very happy to sloved my desktop wallpaper change...

    lots of thanks Sir,

  102. Sergey
    17 May 12

    You are welcome!

  103. sant_
    21 May 12


  104. YAY
    28 May 12


  105. Anonymous
    01 Jun 12

    how can i install 3d themes in my windows 7 home basic

  106. !ncredible!ndia
    02 Jun 12

    hey bulldozer .. this app is pretty cool.. the only thing which is creating a problem is that after 2-3 times usage the button "desktop background" does not open and i have tried to uninstall and install it several times... any ideas and suggestions ?

  107. Sergey
    02 Jun 12

    Yeah, sometimes it happens and i don't know why :(
    You need no reinstall.
    Restart Explorer or log off and log in back.
    I can't defeat this trouible since first release.

  108. JackCZ
    02 Jun 12

    Thanks man !!

  109. Anonymous
    03 Jun 12

    Hello Bulldozer
    Thank you for this program. I have installed the application in the portable mode. HOw do I uninstall it to restore windows to the state it was before.

  110. Sergey
    03 Jun 12

    if you are user of 7 starter, set the default wallpaper and delete application,s folder. otherwise you can just remove that folder. that's all.

  111. Brian
    04 Jun 12

    hmm, very strange. seems to work for everyone else but for me it doesn't i have windows 7 starter and when i use this program it just sets to the default theme. i down load your themes and read the README files and then apply one of your themes. I just get the default windows theme. I create my own theme and then save it. I apply it and just get the default windows theme. Had to manually configure windows about 10 times now. but changing anything using Personalization Panel just causes the Default windows Theme to load. And Yes, i have applied the patches

  112. Sergey
    05 Jun 12

    I even don't know what I can say.
    Once I have seen Windows 7 Starter what tells to Personalization Panel what it works under the Windows 7 Ultimate. It completely brokes Personalization Panel. But I don't think what you have similar case.
    No any error messages?
    Also, what patches you have applied?

  113. captain
    05 Jun 12

    windows colour transparency is not working. any idea why?

  114. Sergey
    05 Jun 12

    Its on Home Basic or on Starter?

  115. annie
    05 Jun 12

    thank you so much..... you have solved my problem since i have my laptop

  116. Sergey
    05 Jun 12

    Glad to know that.
    You are welcome

  117. Marcin
    05 Jun 12

    Sergey please reupload somewhere "XP Luna Recolor ThemePack"

  118. Sergey
    06 Jun 12

    Hi, I will try to find it.
    I suspect it was deleted from my PC.
    I will look.

  119. Anonymous
    06 Jun 12

    Thank you so much!!! I will use them in a call center to make work more enjoyable

  120. Marcin
    06 Jun 12

    Maybe post these styles on deviantart? Many people are still looking for XP themes. These are great!

  121. Sergey
    07 Jun 12

    thanks. I will post them right now

  122. talis
    07 Jun 12

    thank you so much... im very happy...

  123. jooshep1
    09 Jun 12

    dose this work i dont want to mess up my computer cuz i have mw3 and more games i dont want to reinstall them?

  124. Sergey
    09 Jun 12

    Just wondered how such questions can come in your mind.
    Mate, you will lose NOTHING
    It can be even installed in portable mode.

  125. saurabh
    12 Jun 12

    How do i patch some system files to gain transparency?
    And can i install themes, made for higher versions of windows, in home basic ?

  126. saurabh
    14 Jun 12

    thank u happy bulldozer

  127. Sergey
    14 Jun 12

    you are welcome.

  128. Mizunashi Rena
    23 Jun 12

    Does this provide tranparency and breaks genuine windows? Thanks a lot

  129. Anonymous
    23 Jun 12

    this not provides transparency because it not breaks OS. You can't get transparency without OS breaking. This software keeps your Windows untouched

  130. Lt.John
    24 Jun 12

    thank you for this apps
    i hope i can donate
    but.... no money :(

  131. Sergey
    27 Jun 12

    It is not a problem.
    This is FREE software

  132. Byerus
    03 Jul 12

    Don´t work to me. On an Acer aspire with amd chip and win 7 starter, appear an error when i try to use it: "your windows 7 version is not supported". Some help?

  133. Sergey
    03 Jul 12

    This message usually appears on "cracked" systems.
    If you have any experiments with Windows activation system, it can be cause of issue.

  134. jpark
    07 Jul 12

    thanks for this it enables the aero theme without transprency and sometimes the change background dont work its only grey

  135. jpark
    08 Jul 12

    edit: i managed to enable transparency!! i just downloaded a theme from microsoft and applied it and it became transparent!

  136. Sergey
    08 Jul 12

    Glad to know it. Feel free to contact me if you reach issues with my software.

  137. snsd
    13 Jul 12

    hi is this safe to use? it will not screw my netbook?

  138. kara
    14 Jul 12

    uhhm i installed it and how can i change the color of the taskbar? i saw the video in youtube and the taskbar changes color

  139. Sergey
    14 Jul 12

    Are you Win7 Starter user?

  140. mikeamorsam
    18 Jul 12

    tnx happy i tried the oceannist or what ever... it always shows an error of not downloading or some sort... due to the limited internet signal in our ship i was able to download your the software due to its size...thnx a lot. i would really recommend this to everyone looking for ways to change their decktop wall paper.... tnx again... hope to see more in the future....

  141. Sergey
    18 Jul 12

    thank you very much for appreciation!

  142. kara
    23 Jul 12

    sorry for the late reply im using windows 7 starter, how can i change the color of the taskbar? what theme i should use to change the color of the taskbar?

  143. deeya
    24 Jul 12

    i must say thank you so much =)

  144. lolita kok
    25 Jul 12

    sa marche vous ete super

  145. A Happy Fan
    26 Jul 12

    Thanks so much for suggesting WinAero!! It is awesome and works like a pro. No I can stare at something other than the horridly boring Windows 7 Icon. Yuck! I can even have a screen saver and a whole bunch of other features which is way more than I expected considering I was only hoping for something to change the desktop background *without* leaving the program/app running in the background or some other crap like that. Overall, this program is easy to install and runs smoothly without a hitch. It's awesome and deserves a heck of a lot of praise! I'd donate if I could afford it but until then know that you have one avid fan in me and I love this neat little application.

    Well done and thanks a million!! :-)

  146. Sergey
    26 Jul 12

    You are always welcome

  147. Fan
    01 Aug 12

    it stop working with the new microsoft updates!

  148. Sergey
    01 Aug 12

    Really? What exactly stop working?

  149. confused
    01 Aug 12

    I downloaded everything and i got to the main screen, but when i pic a picture, nothing happens. i hit ok but its still blue. what am i doing wrong

  150. Sergey
    02 Aug 12

    Try to place your image at the root of drive and rename it to 1.jpg, i.e. d:\1.jpg
    Please let me know if it will help.

  151. hadi hermawan
    03 Aug 12

    Thanks so much for suggesting WinAero!! It is awesome and works like a pro. No I can stare at something other than the horridly boring Windows 7 Icon. Yuck! I can even have a screen saver and a whole bunch of other features which is way more than I expected considering I was only hoping for something to change the desktop background *without* leaving the program/app running in the background or some other crap like that. Overall, this program is easy to install and runs smoothly without a hitch. It's awesome and deserves a heck of a lot of praise! I'd donate if I could afford it but until then know that you have one avid fan in me and I love this neat little application. thank you so much , i love you

  152. suprise hlu
    12 Aug 12

    Well I would like to know where I can download those software

  153. gabrielo
    12 Aug 12

    thank you!!! thanks for help

  154. sajan
    18 Aug 12

    thanx bro. it works but plz tell me how to set picturre changing time of theme because pictures are not changing and there is no such setting. reply to my mail-

  155. miko
    18 Aug 12

    thanks a lot:)

  156. C:\Users\PYRAS_2\DownloadsYURAS
    19 Aug 12


  157. fg
    25 Aug 12

    Hi,just used the background changer software,can i use both of this with the personalisation one and background changer?

  158. Sergey
    25 Aug 12

    I think you can.

  159. Anonymous
    01 Sep 12


  160. sonyoshidae
    04 Sep 12

    does this enable the aero theme?

  161. Sergey
    05 Sep 12

    You have to enable aero/glass theme manually.

  162. Hrishikesh Durugkar
    14 Sep 12

    Thanks very very much....!!!!

  163. Charlotte
    17 Sep 12

    Hey..this is pretty good. It helps me a lot in changing whatever backgrounds I want to use on my desktop.

    Thanx a lot heaps...

  164. A Directioner
    21 Sep 12

    I can't open it!

  165. happy user
    21 Sep 12

    i love you WINAERO !!!!!!!!!

  166. tatiana
    30 Sep 12

    Thank you! I would be very interested in the slideshow mode you are developing!

  167. Sergey
    01 Oct 12

    It will come soon

  168. Azalea
    05 Oct 12

    Thanks ! Very helpful

  169. Anonymous
    06 Oct 12

    thanks! WinAero ur very helpful.......:P

  170. srinivas
    10 Oct 12

    win aero is very helpful....... I have installed it . Now does windows7 home basic support glass theme ???
    pls tell me......

  171. yuri
    20 Oct 12

    it always makes my explorer crash

  172. Sergey
    20 Oct 12

    who's next? any other mysterious issues?

  173. qwerty
    22 Oct 12

    when im applying theme the recycle bin's icon changes to full but when i click it , it returns to normal?

  174. Anonymous
    26 Oct 12

    I have been using winaero products for some time and I don't know if it is just in my computer or not ( I use win 7 basic)
    The problem is when I use personalisation pannel and aero patcher at the same the advanced settings window that pop-ups at window color advanced settings doen't appear. I mean when you press advanced ttings nothing happens.
    I think you should look in to this.

  175. eye2i2hear
    04 Nov 12

    Any progress report on the next release target date? And will it indeed include desktop slideshow? Hope so!! Nice work thus far, my appreciation and thanks.

  176. ahmad
    12 Nov 12

    thanks sob

  177. Dawn
    18 Nov 12

    Works great, thanks

  178. ME
    19 Nov 12

    aero is not working :(

  179. guest
    22 Nov 12

    hoow do i put my own pictures on ?

  180. purnendu
    27 Nov 12

    personalization pannel is awesome but its desktop background option is not working but it worked for first time only, i also tried to uninstall and reinstall but it doesn't solved the problem. i am having vindows 7 home basic in my pc 64 bit eddition

  181. Sergey
    27 Nov 12

    I will look ASAP. I am sorry

  182. ivi
    06 Dec 12


  183. Confused
    08 Dec 12

    Why can't i change my background with this? i watched the video on how it works, but where it normally would change, it does nothing, i have spent hours on this.

  184. Thisaru
    19 Dec 12

    Well, after updating my Home Basic.. it doesn't support Transparency look into this :/
    thank you

  185. KyuInfatuation
    04 Jan 13

    Can I not use my own personal pictures to make a theme/background?

  186. Anonymous
    04 Jan 13

    help i didnt know how to enable windows 7 homebasic an glass aero theme pls. help mme i want it

  187. BC
    06 Jan 13

    Are changes with this program on a per-user or system wide? I have 2 users and settings seem to apply to both rather than allowing 2 different desktop backgrounds?

    Also, for the second user, even though the screensaver settings are applied with this program and work properly with first user, second user screensaver is still one of the win7 default though the settings show my custom photo screensaver is active.

    Can I setup two different user "personalizations"?

    thank you

  188. @it
    07 Jan 13

    if you still can't change desktop background on win 7 home basic, maybe you can try go to control panel>Appearance and personalization, there should be a "change desktop background" under Display tab..
    it works for me...

  189. Anonymous
    07 Jan 13


  190. blinkz
    10 Jan 13

    but i will waiting update for theme pack and slide desktop.^_^

  191. Sergey
    11 Jan 13

    Its still in development

  192. JoseMR5
    14 Jan 13

    The? best tiny and useful App for bring to life Windows 7 Starter/Home Basic without messing around in the Registry, Thank You!

  193. pippo
    25 Jan 13

    The link for download is not valid....
    No more free or what else?

  194. Sergey
    25 Jan 13

    what? link is still working here

  195. Tito
    27 Jan 13


  196. dell
    27 Jan 13

    there is no timer in desktope picture

  197. Anonymous
    02 Feb 13

    Thank you

  198. nandi
    07 Feb 13

    beautiful u guys thank you so very much it works 100%

  199. Chris Skam
    10 Feb 13

    I just bought a netbook asus with win 7 starter and it was boring untill i find this ! Thank you !!!!!!

  200. Anonymous
    16 Feb 13

    ang ganda

  201. george anthony
    19 Feb 13

    thanks, it works well on my w7s netbook.

  202. tojo
    20 Feb 13

    thank you so much! it worked

  203. Anonymous
    21 Feb 13


  204. Debadyuti
    25 Feb 13

    The pictures are not automatically changing at regular interval of time. The option in my control panel isn't coming and I have to change my theme pictures manually. Help please.

  205. Sergey
    26 Feb 13

    This feature is still in development

  206. ronald
    01 Mar 13

    It's great but i don't known how to update a newer version, I'm so happy now :-D

  207. Whip
    02 Mar 13

    Sergey, you did any amazing job! Thanks a bunch. Nice work!

  208. Sophie
    05 Mar 13

    Hey! I installed this and I still can't use it. When I install it, I make click on Personalization on the right-click menu and then it says "Your Windows 7 version is not supported" Why is it? I'm using Windows 7 Starter build 7600, and don't know why it doesn't work. Please help! What am I doing wrong?

    P.S: I patched before with Universal Theme Patcher.

  209. Sergey
    05 Mar 13

    it reports that Windows edition is not Starter.
    This can be possible if you apply some loader/crack to your Windows 7.

    19 Mar 13

    Thank you very much for your assistance, that i did not believe that can help, but finally you did it freely...
    now I can change to any desktop background I need, thank you a lot.

  211. shubham
    23 Mar 13

    thanks alot for this software

  212. Guest
    27 Mar 13

    Please add intergration to the windows control panel, so in the category view, there's link under Appearance and personalization (in the top of Change desktop background) "change the theme. Also the Desktop Background, make it opens the Windows Control Panel. More similar UI is waited. then make dynamic wallpaper themes work. don't only select 1 wallpaper on the set of the the theme.

  213. Anonymous
    28 Mar 13

    Picture won't change when I choose background?
    I go to my files to choose a pic, but when I hit okay, it stays as the little blue windows logo

  214. vrams
    02 Apr 13

    With this app. can we change the background with time limit automatically. If yes how can i.

  215. redvic
    06 Apr 13

    thank you works fine 10/10

  216. sainath
    07 Apr 13


    It works with windows 8 theme... too

  217. S@
    11 Apr 13

    hey, i have installed the personalization panel..
    but i'm not able to find the option to change the
    desktop background for no of images
    after some time of interval,....

  218. gopsi
    11 Apr 13

    i am very happy with it

  219. azmunza
    29 Apr 13

    how will i be able to apply slideshows in my desktop background with this?

  220. Anonymous
    03 May 13


  221. wesam
    06 May 13

    thank you for this tool

  222. Ko?n
    09 May 13


  223. jenny29
    27 May 13

    thanks a lot!

    31 May 13

    Very nice! It would be cool if Personalization Panel supported the Bing Desktop wallpaper of the day feature. A future enhancement possibility?

  225. Miki
    03 Jul 13

    thank you~

  226. anonymous
    05 Jul 13


  227. .
    13 Jul 13


  228. Grargh
    29 Jul 13

    I want to uninstall this completely, but when I delete the Personalization folder, the file stays in my Program Files, and every time I try to delete it, it says it can't be deleted because it's in use, even after I've used the Task Manager to make sure it's not running and everything. This is driving me bonkers! Please help?

  229. Anonymous
    16 Aug 13

    thank u..workalo!!hehe

  230. manish
    25 Aug 13

    in personalization menu desktop background to change wall papaer is not working please give a solution ASAP.

  231. akshay
    26 Aug 13

    hi !
    i change the theme in classic and then it not go basic
    plz help me i want that in basic form

  232. Montblanc
    27 Aug 13

    Thanks Sergey, this is awesome!
    Just one thing though. I think that it's possible to enable transparency, but I read through the comments and though you said you would share the files for a user that asked about this, I couldn' find the files myself. I would LOVE to get transparency in my windows, and I think it's possible to do it.
    I don't know if you still check the comments for a program that's kind of old. If you do, pleeease, help me! I would appreciate it very much

  233. ayman
    04 Sep 13

    thankssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss sssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss

  234. suyang
    07 Nov 13

    surprising application i have ever use. years ago i use your home basic color changer to make my windows look better (the original color is ugly). now i have a better application to beautify my windows. coordinate with windows 8.1 theme for windows 7, i think i am using windows 8 now!!

  235. Mr GRiM
    08 Nov 13

    Hi mate just wondering what steps were needed in one of your bullets "Fixed metrics reset between themes" could this be applied to Windows 8 as this is a big problem on 8 on all versions.

  236. KeitaroTachibana
    17 Nov 13

    hey, so i'm here... how do i download it? i cant find a download button anywere x(

  237. KeitaroTachibana
    17 Nov 13

    ok.. nevermind. found it xD

  238. mr. black
    27 Nov 13

    y my window color is not functioning when i click on it.....pls. help...tnx

  239. Anomyous
    29 Dec 13

    Hello, i am making a Windows 7 all versions enabled 32x wim with all updates to now, Dotnet 4.5.1, all Visual C++ runtimes, directx 9c, 7-zip and some tweaks to make it more ready for use [most of the installs are slim so it will fit].

    May i include your Personalization Panel in my Personlized Windows 7 wim, inside the starter edition image?
    This would be great for offline installs, else i would put a link on desktop to this page.

  240. Sergey
    29 Dec 13

    Please put the link to this page.
    Thank you very much for interest in my software.

  241. Anomyous
    29 Dec 13

    Thank you for the reply Sergey.

    I have copied a visual basc script into the Starter Edition image which will make a shortcut to this page on desktop after install.

    Have a nice day.

  242. Sergey
    30 Dec 13

    Thanks again

  243. Anonymous 1
    04 Jan 14

    Thank you very much for making this software

  244. Guest
    06 Jan 14

    Thank you so much

  245. Anonymous
    08 Jan 14

    thank you for this cool app
    sergey, i have instaled this app and many themes from net but the window colour option in my system is not working at all. my system uses windows 7 starter. what should i do? please help buddy!

  246. blackswan
    18 Feb 14

    thanks cool app. way to go

  247. Bernarda Mota
    11 Mar 14

    thank you so much..
    it's working

  248. khaled abu samra
    13 Mar 14

    thank you so much
    good jop

  249. David1958
    15 Mar 14

    Great program, works very good so far, thanks I can't believe Microsoft is so cheap not to add the change desktop wallpaper feature in Windows 7 Starter "Thanks Again!!!

  250. silva
    22 Mar 14

    Would it be possible to update this for windows 8 users that added the side menu back? I downloaded it but it doesn't work.

  251. MIB4u
    02 May 14

    Hi Sergey!
    Just a question: If I have Win7Pro, I don't need this tool?

  252. xyz
    07 May 14

    i can't change themes Sergey!
    i downloaded it
    it just changes the color of taskbar and all that
    but how can i apply themes????
    whenever i want to do it only change the wallpaper

  253. thzyy
    19 May 14

    After restarting my laptop, the background just went back to my original windows wallpaper. I tried reinstalling it but didn't work.

    windows 7 starter

    whyyyy :(

  254. julez
    28 May 14

    it says only for starter and HOME basic. but i'm using WIN7 STARTER!!! WTF IS THIS??
    im using acer aspire one netbook, and i look again in My Computer (Properties) and i see the WIndows version is onlyWIN7 starter copyright (c) 2009 all right reserved -___- wtf is that? Am i in premium version? but when i open my netbook i have always seen a GENIUNE message that always pop up when i turn on my netbook. could someone help this freaaaking problem? -___-

  255. Guest
    07 Jun 14

    thank you .......

  256. BelLan
    10 Jun 14


  257. Michaela
    06 Jul 14

    Hey! Just thought I'd share this little tip for those having issues with the background:

    You have to make sure that the image you save is ".jpg", ".jpeg", ".jpe", or ".jfif"
    Any other types will NOT work, from what I have seen.

    If you have an image and it isn't becoming the back ground, no matter what you name it, follow these steps to help fix it (This also fixes photos not showing up when you go to select them):
    1) Open your image in Paint (or any other photo editor)
    2) Click "Save As..." - This should bring up a dialogue box. Find a dropdown box saying something like ".png" or ".bmp" next to "File Type"
    3) Click on "JPEG (*.jpg, *.jpeg, *.jpe, *.jfif)" or similar in the list.
    4) Name and save file. If it says "This file already exists", overwrite the file.
    5) Change the background in the program. You should now have a new background!

    This may not work for everyone, but it did work for me! Hope it does work for you!

    (If you wish to contact me, email me at

  258. Royal.s
    06 Jul 14

    PLz mere help karo ismae wallpaper change kaesae hongae plz thx for softwere i can dente 100 rs 0k

  259. anonymous
    15 Jul 14

    thank you so much for this. its been ages i've been trying to find the solution. finally today i can enjoy and personalized my desktop. thank you again!

  260. Anonymous
    08 Aug 14

    i cant access Window Color :(

  261. krishan
    09 Aug 14

    how can i use transparency option in it...

  262. tine
    24 Aug 14

    thankyou so much <3

  263. Sabrunto
    08 Sep 14

    I'm using windows7 starter. When I change the BG it only changes in the admin account, not in the user accounts. The theme flickers but nothing happens on the user account. I tried running the app as admin, but no success.

  264. DjLevel9
    13 Sep 14

    Doesn't work in Windows 8.1 Microsoft is still Blocking we have to find some to OVERRIDE and get the window 7/8 Control Panel Back with ALL it's features

  265. Marco-66
    03 Oct 14

    I can confirm the Sabrunto comment, the BG is changed only on an Admin account there a solution for this ?

  266. Hurileno
    02 Dec 14

    When do you think planning to release it with the slideshow also Thanks for making this program

  267. Hanabishi
    04 Jan 15

    The option to change the desktop background does not work for non-admin accounts, even though I ran the program as admin. Is there a fix or a workaround for this?

  268. obkid
    22 Mar 15

    I second Hanabishi's question. Any updates?

  269. obkid
    22 Mar 15

    The work around that work for me is temporarily change the account to administrator. Log off and on. Change the background then change the account to a non-administrator account.

  270. hamid
    24 Apr 15


  271. bharath
    28 May 15

    cant download ...why ?

  272. hamza ahmed
    30 May 15

    thank yoooooooou

  273. nosrej
    05 Jul 15

    thank you so really work!

  274. GH
    12 Dec 15

    How can I uninstall aero enabler? I have tried the normal windows uninstaller but it says thereis no uninstaller

  275. Sergey
    14 Dec 15

    What is aero enabler?

  276. GH
    15 Dec 15

    Aero enabler installed together with Personalization Panel. I thought it was yours. It installs Aero on a pc that does not have it.

  277. Sergey
    18 Dec 15

    This is really strange, because this Personalization Panel is not bundled which any aero enabler!
    Where you downloaded it?

  278. Anonymous
    13 Feb 16


  279. Cristine
    24 Mar 16

    What to click so I can download Personalization Panel?

  280. iEatPotatoes
    30 Mar 16

    I've tried tons of ways to make this work I tried to change the color of the taskbar etc. but nothing is happening, the color just stays the same. Any tips and can anyone help me here.

  281. Kirti
    05 May 16

    Thanks a lot!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    It's awesome

  282. tnx
    12 May 16


  283. mike
    07 Jun 16

    how can i change desktop background??

  284. Rain
    16 Jun 16

    THX very much

  285. BOSS
    16 Jun 16

    thanks you

  286. RaRaH
    23 Jun 16

    OMG, Big thanks for tthis app...
    at last, I found that I want... I think I can't apply my Doraemon theme, but using this app I can apply my theme.
    great...It works very well and I do love this app :-)

  287. Mike
    27 Jul 16

    Thanks a lot.
    Tested a few similar softs before, and it's the only one able to work fine on my Asus Eee PC R105D with W7 Starter.
    Gives full satisfaction !

  288. DiazDan
    24 Sep 16

    Hello, i need help. i had these sofware working for at least 5 years or more, everything was well. resently, i open it, and a windows error saying " has stop" i uninstaled, and re instaled, and still no fix, it is also happening with every software from these page, and some others like Mipony, and x360x.
    they all use to work, now they all have the same error when i start them up. please, if anyone could help me, i would be very thankfull.

  289. Guilherme
    02 Feb 17

    Thanks Man its amazing

  290. Jom
    19 Feb 17

    For some reason, the colors won't change anymore. Do you have any idea how this may have happened?

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