Winaero XMouse Tuner

For unknown reasons, Windows always had a set of hidden features which can affect the X-Mouse feature behavior. Xmouse is a feature which allows the focus of windows to follow the mouse pointer, meaning, as you move the mouse pointer around, the window which is under the mouse pointer becomes the active window. In Windows Vista and later versions such as Windows 7, and Windows 8/8.1, Microsoft added a built-in option to turn on Xmouse, but it is very basic. I decided to create an advanced tweaking software for the XMouse feature.
The latest version is, see the change log below.

Winaero XMouse Tuner is a simple portable app which supports Windows 8, Windows 8.1 and Windows 7. It allows you to control the XMouse on the fly and change its settings. You can change the following options:
  • enable or disable window activation option by mouse hover.
  • change the window activation timeout when the mouse pointer hovers it.
  • enable or disable window raising when it is hovered.

Change log

Now it is possible to set the timeout to less than 500ms. You can set it to 100ms.
Intial release

Winaero XMouse Tuner works in Windows x86 and x64. No separate x64 build required.

This app has been superseded by Winaero Tweaker and is no longer being maintained. Use the following options from Winaero Tweaker:

You can download Winaero Tweaker here: Download Winaero Tweaker.
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  1. Davidh
    04 Mar 14

    I don't know if my first comment was saved. Sorry if this is repeated. I installed x-mouse tuner and can't find the program or any shortcuts for accessing it. It's not on my Desktop, Programs folders or Control Panel. I cannot find any instructions on how to access the program, I am on Windows 7 64 Professional. I am very familiar with x-mouse features and with setting the registry values for it, so I'm not new to this. It seems like it would be a great utility, like many of your other programs. How do I get to it? Thankyou,

  2. maxcheese3
    23 Mar 14

    Simply find the zip file, its called, it should be in the folder you downloaded it to (most likely your downloads folder), then open that, opent the Windows 7 folder, then run the mouse tuner application.

  3. Guest
    18 Apr 14

    I just sent you an email but this application is exactly what I am looking for, sadly it locks up my whole PC if I up the timer value and I have to force a reboot.

  4. gg
    30 May 14

    Works rather fine on Vista for me. Thanks!

  5. EricB
    25 Jun 14

    Nice tool, but since the "Windows Activation Timeout" CANNOT be set below 500ms,
    I found it useless.
    I need to be able to type immediately after switching mouse focus, and I found
    characters were being lost because of this delay.

    Why not let the user choose? Currently, I edited the Registry to a set 100ms timeout.

  6. HowardG
    03 Aug 14

    Nice! Much better than the tedious Ease of Access / Make the mouse easier to use process. But what I really would like is for it to accept a commandline parameter that would simply invoke the program and toggle the window tracking behavior and then exit without displaying a window.
    This would allow me to assign a hotkey or programmable key to turn Window tracking on if it is off and turn it off if it is on.

  7. Stu
    29 Aug 14

    Nice !

    Any chance of adding this to the packages at - it would be super useful to be able to type

    cinst winaero-xmouse

    when setting up a new windows machine

  8. foo
    19 Sep 14

    PLEASE set the minimum activation timeout to ZERO, or as close to zero as possible. Thank you.

  9. Almost Perfect
    22 Sep 14

    Agreed with previous posters: The 500 ms min timeout is too big to be useful. I overrode this manually by setting ActiveWndTrkTimeout under HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Control Panel\Desktop in the registry to 100 decimal. Setting the min value to 100 or lower should be a trivial fix for you to make to this otherwise perfect little app.

  10. Glorious!...
    06 Jan 15

    ... but the minimum activation timeout could be less; in linux is common to see nearly 0 ms to focus-follow other windows and it works well; set the minimum to zero or at least 100ms, otherwise is wonderful!

    10 Jan 15

    Dear Sergey, thank you much for this excellent tool, but please update to permit timeout less than 500ms. This is necessary for making a focus-follow-mouse desktop useable.

  12. Sergey
    21 Jan 15

    Now it is possible to set 100ms

  13. AvG
    06 Feb 15

    Nice tool, just what I was looking for. Thanks Sergey!

    Now, how about adding the same mark-text-with-mouse-to-copy and paste with middle mouse-button features to get that real *nixy feel in Windows too?

  14. Guest
    10 Mar 15

    Thank you so much for this little tool. Is it possible to configure things so that the partially-obscured window is raised only when its title bar or outer frame is clicked? Right now, if I click anywhere in the partially-obscured window, it gets raised.

  15. Sergey
    11 Mar 15

    I guess it is not possible

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