Winaero Theme Switcher

Winaero Theme Switcher is an application which allows you to change a Windows theme from the command line. It has GUI:

Version 1.1 is available. See the change log below.
But it is primarily intended to be used with the command prompt or in a batch file where you want to automate the applying of a custom theme.
The syntax is as follows:
ThemeSwitcher.exe path_to_file.theme

e.g., to apply the Windows 8's "Earth" theme, you can run the following command:
themeswitcher.exe c:\Windows\Resources\Themes\theme1.theme

If theme is located in one of the following folders:
C:\Windows\Resources\Easy of Access Themes

then you need not specify the full path to the theme file or even its extension, just specify the file name. So, the example above can be shorten to
themeswitcher.exe theme1

You can get more details about usage in the following blog post: How to change a Windows theme from the command prompt

Winaero Theme Switcher in action

Change log

Fixed a crash under server 2012. Thanks to the user "RamPc" for his bug report.
Added the "start" option(e.g. themeswitcher.exe start) which changes current theme to a random theme.
Initial release

Winaero Theme Switcher is available for Windows 7 (Home Premium edition and above) and Windows 8 (all editions except RT).

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  1. Mike T
    08 Apr 13

    Thats really useful utility. good going

  2. Spelling Checker
    25 Jun 13

    "If theme is located in one of the following folders:
    C:\Windows\Resources\Easy of Access Themes

    Wow, I need to create this folder in C:\Windows\Resources\
    that the name is Easy of Access Themes.

    And Tnx for the this Tool!

  3. Almost Happy
    18 Feb 14

    This tool works great, except that if you try and run it from the cmd line, I get a Windows error that Theme Switcher has stopped working, until I open the gui once. The cmd line works fine after the gui is opened the first time. What's up with that?

  4. gaurav
    23 Apr 14

    I am unable to run this on WIndows XP.Will this work on WIN XP.

  5. gaurav
    19 May 14

    How to make this work on WIndows XP.Please let me know if possible?

  6. dalchina
    16 Dec 14

    Very helpful - used as a scheduled task to reapply the SAME theme after logon. Strange...?

    Why? 'cos having set coloured background for Windows 8.1 and fields in the registry (a soft pale yellow rather than glaring white) resume from hibernate loses this background. Reapplying the same theme restores it.

  7. René Luckow
    19 Nov 16

    Just to add to "Almost Happy" about the bug with first time command line usage, create the folder %appdata%\Local\Microsoft\Windows\Themes before first launch and you're good to go.

  8. Facade Kitsune
    29 Dec 16

    I have found a bug in windows 8 (and 7 I guess) version running on windows 10 causes it to delete the saved theme that it changes from when switching

  9. Facade Kitsune
    29 Dec 16

    never mind windows 10 added theme id in the theme file and switching to a theme that shares that id deletes all other themes with that id
    it is so stupid

  10. GTI
    28 Mar 17

    Hi Sergey,

    Many thanks for Theme Switcher

    I use Big Muscle's Aero Glass with UxTSB.dll on Win10 [14393] and when I use the Theme Switcher to activate custom theme it generates a "Theme not saved" and the frames do not change, only Wallpaper change, the same does not occur when I use the " Personalization" of Windows.

    Is this a issue with the Theme Switcher or is that another issue?

  11. Sergey
    28 Mar 17

    Which theme you are trying to apply?
    I would like to reproduce the issue.

  12. GTI
    28 Mar 17

    Thanks for reply!

    I tested only with themes from sagorpirbd found on deviantart and without any other SWs like StartIsBack, etc., I just used the theme and the SWs I mentioned earlier.

    I tested it more extensively with "Aero 7 Themes for Win10 Final" and with "Soft Glass 10 :: for Win10 Final" and sporadically with others by the same author and so far none have worked well for me with Theme Switcher.

  13. Sergey
    29 Mar 17

    Okay, I will try to reproduce it.

  14. GTI
    04 May 17

    Hi Sergey,

    I would like to use Theme Switcher.

    Have you had time to reproduce it?
    Is it an issue with the Theme Switcher or is it another issue?

  15. Anders
    29 Jun 17


    I use themeswitcher to deploy a theme to all our company computers. I run the themeswitcher command every time the users log in. This is running smooth and without any problems on most computers, however I have a handful of users complaining that they are prompted to confirm whether or not to delete the current theme when they log in. For all other users this is running completely in the background and the theme is switching without any prompt at all.

    Have anyone experienced this issue?

  16. Kuchienkz
    30 Oct 17

    Nice App!

    But i wish it wait for the theme change sound effect to finish before actually exit. Many 3rd party themes has theme change sound with 10 seconds duration, maybe more.

  17. Sanj
    24 Jan 18

    The app seems to crash under Windows 10 1709 - is there an update planned.

    Application: ThemeSwitcher.exe
    Framework Version: v4.0.30319
    Description: The process was terminated due to an unhandled exception.
    Exception Info: System.Runtime.InteropServices.COMException
    at ThemesApi.ThemeManagerAPI+ThemeManagerClass.ApplyTheme(System.String)
    at ThemesApi.ThemeManagerAPI.ApplyTheme(System.String)
    at ThemeSwitcher.Program.Main()


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