User List Enabler for Windows 8

I proud to introduce my latest work - User List Enabler for Windows 8. Today me and my friend Gaurav Kale, we have done the great research related to auto logging in the last user in Windows 8.
Version 2.0 is released, please update ASAP. See the change log for details

If you have multiple user accounts in Windows 8 (e.g. one for yourself and another for your family member), you may notice a new annoyance in Windows 8 – it signs in the last user automatically who shut down/rebooted the PC. This tool resolves the issue and brings back the users list for you with one click. You will be able to choose your user account at every startup.As the result of our hard research, this tool is completely different from other existing methods, including all our methods we have described in our blog.

This is unique and safest tool, because:
  • it does not changes access rights on any registry key
  • it does not break "Run as different user..." Explorer command
  • it uses only built-in Windows features and tools

Under the hood of User List Enabler for Windows 8

Under the hood of User List Enabler for Windows 8 is nothing more than just Group Policy's "Logoff script" is Task Scheduler with special task. We will cover all details in our blog tomorrow.
Every restart/shutdown event it set DWORD value mentioned here to 1.

So, I am happy to release this tool for you to do all the dirty job. Enjoy!

Change log

  • User list enabler now compatible with Windows 8 and Windows 8 Pro.
  • Fixed a bug with user account which is not administrator.
  • Application was rewritten from scratch.

Initial release

User List Enabler in action

User List Enabler for Windows 8 is free, portable tool compatible with Windows 8 x86 and x64. It will request UAC/Administrator's right when they will be required. Use "Reset to defaults" button to rollback changes.

Feel free to report bugs if you found it.

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  1. PaDi
    05 Feb 13

    Hi, I have two standard users for my kids, so it is frustrating to boot the machine and not let me choose the account I want to log on with.
    My problem is that the tool doesn't seem to work under "Standard Accounts" even when I give the rights as Administrator, the system stills boot to them automatically.

  2. mojster001
    20 Feb 13

    It works for "admin" account but not for "standard user" account. Any solution?

  3. Sergey
    21 Feb 13

    I am looking for solution

  4. chrisbax
    23 Feb 13

    I report another problem, the program only works in a single situation:
    1) every account is an Administrator account
    2) and every account is protected by password.
    If one of this conditions is not satisfied, the program doesn't work.
    My problem is: I have 2 synchronized Microsoft accounts, which must be protected by password.
    I want to see the user list, but I want to disable the password on login (using netplwiz.exe), just like it happened in XP or 7.
    I hope it might be possible... and I don't understand why Microsoft deleted this feature... :(

  5. Sergey
    23 Feb 13

    if you have disabled the password on login using netplwiz.exe, Windows will perform auto logon regardless of this program settings.

  6. chrisbax
    26 Feb 13

    And so there is no solution... however thank you for the program

  7. Sergey
    27 Feb 13

    Sir, I figure out how to fix the issue.
    The solution will come with this weekend

  8. chrisbax
    27 Feb 13

    Can't wait to see it! Thank you!!

  9. chrisbax
    02 Mar 13

    Thank you Sergey! However, in order to work for local accounts (not synchronized with Windows Live mail) it must be used a little process: for every account must be set a password. If the user doesn't want a password, the space for it can be left blank (when setting up it on Settings). On startup the list of users is automatically shown, and clicking on the user image, the login is done immediately. I suggest to put this guide in the description of the program, because it may be not clear for some users.
    The program still doesn't work for Windows-synchronized accounts with a disabled password (with netplwiz). However I think that there is no solution for this... anyway, the program works well for every other kind of accounts, guest or administrator... so it is a very good work!

  10. Sergey
    04 Mar 13

    Windows 8 with german language. I try to pin a program from my nas with unc path. The result is a shortcut to my local temp folder. Then I tried with a local program, but with the same result. All pinned shortcuts go to my temp folder. And yes, I use the last version for win8.
    Thx for your help

  11. ana
    12 Mar 13

    So, if I understand right, there's no way to make it work if users doesn't have a password? Because, if so, I think that I save more time switching account once I'm on start...

  12. Sergey
    13 Mar 13

    You understand it wrong.
    It makes the user list available if user account have no password.

  13. lim
    08 Apr 13

    Does not work anymore since 07/04/2013. it could be because of an update. After the restart, the registry key is set to 0 when it should be 1 because of the script. On windows 8 pro x64.

  14. web
    09 Apr 13

    i can confirm that it's not working now at least on my end(it worked before), tried setting it off and on again , but no luck yet.

  15. Mauy
    12 Apr 13

    it does not work if i reboot system can you modify it so it can work when i reboot?

  16. Fersanin
    05 May 13

    La herramienta en mii caso funciona bien en parte , con Windows 8Prof. x64 si reinicias se inicia Windowqs con la última cuenta que reiniciaste , si apagas y vuelves a encender entonces si aparecen las dos cuentas de usuario para elegir la que tu quieras.Muchas gracias por esta herramienta.


  17. web
    31 May 13

    maybe something got borked on my endbefore, but looks like now it's working fine as Fersanin said

  18. Tajnymag
    21 Jun 13

    Don't know why, but it has suddenly stopped working.After few reboots it's again on default "last user signed" screen.If you'll update it, I would worship you ;-)

  19. tud
    25 Jun 13

    i also want to mention that it doesn't work. i am using a x64 windows 8. after reboot the login for the last logged in user is shown.

  20. preston
    02 Jul 13

    Stopped working for me too. There's 3 user accounts on my win8 pro x64, and it only works for one of them now.

  21. clive960
    11 Jul 13

    just tried your user list enabler on my pc running win 8 pro 64bit and it didn't work. sorry.

  22. me
    12 Jul 13

    maybe it will work again if instead of using userswitch entry this one:

    Task Scheduler Configuration:

    Run whether user is logged on or not
    Run with highest privileges
    configure for Windows 8
    note: you need to use an account with administrative privileges for the task.


    at Log on (any user!)
    On connection to user session (any user!)


    optional arguments:
    ADD "HKLM\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Authentication\LogonUI" /v LastLoggedOnUserSID /t REG_SZ /d "" /f


    Untick everything you can, or at your own discretion.

    good luck.

  23. Jumpy
    26 Oct 13

    Anything for Windows 8.1, please?

  24. Hazem
    31 Oct 13

    please update it to work for win 8.1

  25. Ethancarter
    16 Nov 13

    Thanks but it doesn't work any more on Windows 8.1.

  26. throkr
    16 Nov 13

    Just used it without any problem in Win8.1 Pro x64 ...
    Thank you !

  27. Anonymous
    21 Nov 13


  28. Anonymous
    21 Nov 13

    eu amor julinena não jogo

  29. Marababol
    12 Dec 13

    I am using Win8.1 Pro x64.

    I have Guest account enabled and it it doesn't seem to work with it.
    When I am logged in as Guest and restart, I am automatically logged back into the Guest account and not brought back to the main users selection view.

    For standard accounts, everything is fine and no auto logging occurs.

  30. Alessio79
    25 Jan 14

    Hi, don't works with Microsoft account on Windows 8.1 x64

  31. Anonymous
    01 Feb 14

    not working on windows 8.1 :(

  32. jan
    11 Feb 14

    Didn't work on W8.1 but the important question is why the software does phone home?
    F-secure blocked the application because of using the internet. I don't believe this software needs an internet connection.
    The script mentioned by "me|12 Jul 13" didn't work for me either.

  33. Sergey
    15 Feb 14

    Phone calling is just new version check.
    And yes, it does not work on the latest Windows 8.1.
    I have no solution atm

  34. Wolfeymole
    17 Feb 14

    This does work on Win 8.1 with two password protected admin accounts running on an HP 64 bit machine.

    Thanks Sergey

  35. Andrejy
    17 Feb 14

    reg add HKLM\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Authentication\LogonUI\UserSwitch /v Enabled /t REG_DWORD /d 1 /f

    SetACL -on "HKLM\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Authentication\LogonUI\UserSwitch" -ot reg -actn ace -ace "n:S-1-5-18;p:set_val;m:deny;w:dacl"

  36. peter c
    04 May 14

    Installed this on W8.1 x64, with one standard account and one administrator, both set up with no passwords.
    Worked fine the first two starts, but then went back to its old ways of going to last user's desktop. Tried un-installing then starting again, but no luck. Any suggestions?

  37. isao
    07 May 14

    does not working on 8.1 standard account.

  38. Bospik
    01 Jun 14

    To work you need to use:

    n:S-1-5-18 (User: System) —> n:S-1-5-32-544 (User: Administrators)

    SetACL -on "HKLM\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Authentication\LogonUI\UserSwitch" -ot reg -actn ace -ace "n:S-1-5-32-544;p:set_val;m:deny;w:dacl"

    CHECKED !!!

  39. Sergey
    03 Jun 14

    Thank you. I will try.

  40. adilson telles
    27 Jun 14

    great job!
    worked like a charm here (windows 8.1 pro x64).

  41. Bospik
    12 Jul 14

    Here are fully tested and working method:

    reg add HKLM\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Authentication\LogonUI\UserSwitch /v Enabled /t REG_DWORD /d 1 /f

    SetACL -on "HKLM\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Authentication\LogonUI\UserSwitch" -ot reg -actn ace -ace "n:S-1-5-18;p:set_val;i:so;m:deny;w:dacl"

    TESTED and WORKS on many PC

  42. Julien
    27 Sep 14

    Bospik, I don't understand what to do.
    Do I have to create a Batch file with your quote ? Something else ?

  43. hman
    01 Nov 14

    Windows 8.1 machine, no login passwords. utility (ver 2 ) does not work at all. will always go back to last used account whether admin or otherwise.

  44. Bart
    18 Nov 14

    New lenovo laptop with Windows 8.1 hom x64, if i run the tool & shutdown it does not work, run it again it does remember the settings so i can restore to default, too bad...

  45. Anonymous
    08 Dec 14

    I tried it several times, but it doesn't work no matter what I do. Is there any other program that will fix this?

  46. Anonymous
    22 Dec 14

    It does work but is finicky....assuming it is installed correctly you have to cycle through the options, rebooting each time, before it will work......not sure why. Also, anytime something is updated (e.g. java) it tends to break after which you have to cycle through again! This is a little frustrating but better than the alternative.

  47. duesi06
    27 Dec 14

    When i start the Program, i get the following error:
    Dateisystemfehler (-1073741819)

  48. Anonymous
    25 Jan 15

    any plan for windows 10 please

  49. bsodcsi
    11 Mar 15

    I think I may have figured out what was wrong with this in Windows 8.1, It seems that Microsoft has again separated the meaning of what a administrator is and just being associated in the Admin group does not actually make you a administrator for certain programs or policies. What I found was if you install the product and reboot, once you get back in to rerun the program install and disable it. This is the trick, right click the program and run as administrator to disable it. Reboot and right click the program and choose run as administrator to enable it.
    Problem solved.

  50. Fabio
    07 Apr 15

    Problem: Not working properly with windows 10 (if i activate your tool, at reboot the pc do auto logon with another account xD

  51. Allan
    30 Jul 15

    Can you update this app to work with Windows 10?

  52. SirAguilera
    31 Jul 15

    Thank you, it worked me, Windows 10 was automatically logging into the last account, which was annoying. Now it boots up and it lets choose the user.

  53. DangerousPit
    03 Aug 15

    Works with Windows 10 (x86) without any problems for me.

  54. Tino
    25 Oct 15

    Using your Winaero User List Enabler v2.0.0.0 on my Windows 10 Home Laptop: No change at start-up all. After rebooting the last user gets still signed in like before using your tool.

    A windows 10 Home version of our tool would be appreciated a lot.

    best regards from Switzerland,

  55. kamil
    18 Apr 16

    not working on win8.1 last user signed automatically, .I want similar to win7 selectable users

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