Aero Patch 1.4

Here is Aero patch created by my friend Mr. dUSHA what enables full featured aero glass and personalization features in Windows 7 Home Basic and Windows 7 Starter, such as
- Aero Glass and coloring.
- Full themes support including RSS and slideshow themes.
- Peak, Shake and WinFlip 3D.
- Third party themes support.

Latest version is 1.4, see list of changes below

Aero Patch change log

Aero Patch 1.4
"This copy of Windows is not genuine" fixed. Probably you'll never see it again.
Warning!Actually your Windows will be not genuine, but you will not receive notification messages. Aero Patch is still harmful for your OS, use it if you strongly sure what you need Aero.
Aero Patch 1.2
Added uninstaller. Go to Control Panel - Programs - Uninstall a program to completely remove Aero patch and rollback all changes.
Aero Patch 1.0
Initial release.

How to install Aero Patch
1. Uninstall our Personalization Panel and Personalization panel DWM controller sowtare if they was installed. They are incompatible with Aero Patch.
2. Unpack Aeropatch1.4.exe from downloaded zip archive. Right click on the extracted file and select "Run as administrator". Your Windows will be rebooted. Just wait when it will be done.
3. Enjoy Aero and native personalization.

Both x86 and x64 systems are supported.

Here is the video of Windows 7 Starter.

Credits and statement of Aero Patch

  • Andrey "Mr. dUSHA" Bendus is the author of Aero Patch, he have created all parts of its engine.

  • Sergey "Smarty" Shicharev - installer and genuie notifcation suspender.

  • Happy Bulldozer - nothing. I AM NOT CREATOR OF THIS PATCH. You guys have to buy beer to my friends what mentioned above .

    Aero Patch is distributed from Winaero with author's permissions and support. So, we are a sort of the official mirror.

Donate options for satisfied users:


  1. April
    09 Aug 11

    *_* ??????????????????????????????????(<- sorry, too many jrpgs at the moment XD)

    Amazing! Thank you soooooooo much. My netbook looks so pretty now.

    It was really easy to install too

  2. jsztram
    09 Aug 11

    hot to uninstall this path? after instalation on my acer aspire one 3g module doesn't work.

  3. Sergey
    09 Aug 11

    This patch does not affect any drivers or devices.
    Anyway, try to reinstall drivers on your 3g module

  4. Jrtovarm
    09 Aug 11

    Great finally I will change the look of my laptop, I commend you for so spectacular program :):)

  5. jsztram
    09 Aug 11

    i have reinstall 3g drivers, now it works

  6. Sergey
    10 Aug 11

    I was sure what it helping

  7. Apap
    10 Aug 11

    Thank You !!!!

  8. Sergey
    10 Aug 11

    You are welcome

  9. PS
    10 Aug 11

    I have tried to looking ways for few hoursssss and I found you!!!

  10. Anonymous
    12 Aug 11

    This is great, but, how can i unistall the patch if i had a trouble?

  11. Sergey
    12 Aug 11

    Latest version has uninstaller.
    It mentioned in announce

  12. Anonymous
    12 Aug 11

    Yes, i know that, but how can i use the uninstaller?

  13. Sergey
    13 Aug 11

    All you need is run patch again

  14. Anonymous
    13 Aug 11


  15. edson z
    14 Aug 11

    Great program. In Brasil all notebook incluind just Windows Starter.

  16. ycopat
    14 Aug 11

    How do I patch this thing? help please?

  17. Sergey
    15 Aug 11

    Download and run. Thats all

  18. ivan
    15 Aug 11

    thank you so much! thanks god i found you! im looking for this for a couple of months... but now.. atlast!!!! its working!!!!

  19. Anonymous
    16 Aug 11

    For reference, it works perfectly on Acer Aspire One D257.

  20. Sergey
    16 Aug 11

    God bless ...

  21. Jrtovarm
    17 Aug 11

    This program is an upgrade or similar?

  22. Madoenz
    18 Aug 11

    Oh my God is working! A lot of thanks to you!

  23. Am
    19 Aug 11

    How does this program work? What files does it patch actually?

  24. wan yuhiesa
    20 Aug 11

    ooh my lord!!! are totally genius...born to be hacker

  25. caminante
    20 Aug 11

    This program is beautiful and works perfectly. Thanks so much!

  26. Xanza
    20 Aug 11

    I can't get it to work? I don't know why . I'm on win7 stater I run the program. It reboots but nothing happens. If I run again it says undo complete and reboots again. I'm stuck here

  27. Sergey
    20 Aug 11

    >>It reboots but nothing happens.
    After this you have to right click on desktop and select personalization. You will able to use it like in Windows 7 Ultimate

  28. vikram
    21 Aug 11

    sir im having windows 7 ultimate but my motherboard does not support aero or i do not have aero drivers....can i use this?

  29. Sergey
    21 Aug 11

    I think you can't because this patch unlocks Aero where it locked programmatically. In your case it is hardware limitations.

  30. Anonymous
    24 Aug 11

    WOW! Brilliant!!
    am left wordless! mind blowing work!
    thanks a ton!

  31. Sergey
    24 Aug 11

    you are welcome

  32. aditj77
    26 Aug 11

    run patch as admin

  33. Anonymous
    28 Aug 11

    Great Work

  34. ghost
    29 Aug 11

    it worked great for about week and then I decided to change my theme and the ability to change the wallpaper had stopped working. However the colorization still works.

  35. santu
    30 Aug 11

    great work:) but how to uninstall it ............???????& how to undo the patch............ uninstaller is not there in new version also.........

  36. Anonymous
    31 Aug 11

    Run patch once again to uninstall it

  37. arun
    31 Aug 11

    man! this patch was soo cool!
    Thank you very much :D works great! i would recommend this to anyone

  38. johnlth93
    01 Sep 11

    This patch work great on my Windows 7 Starter
    Recommanded ...

    btw kindly describe how your program work, like what file does it changed and so?


  39. Sergey
    01 Sep 11

    for starter this patch does following:
    adds some registry keys
    adds uDWM.DLL
    renames slc.dll to sl2.dll
    adds new slc.dll (patch core)

  40. Alexey
    01 Sep 11

    Is it safe? Could I use Windows Update after applying it?

  41. johnlth93
    01 Sep 11

    Yo thanks for quick reply but i saw the install log just now

    Here's the log : http;//pastebin,com/whX6yNGh
    Those are the changes on my Win 7 Starter x86(32bit)

    And btw a notice for all, you're adviced to validate your Windows before patching. You can try validate after patch, it will say that you maybe have alter files that required to do validation. No harm done i believe, just some md5/sha1 check for files integrity.

    @above, i do believe that Windows Update is alright after that, as long as your copy of Windows is validated as Genuine.

    Thanks and nice tools btw.

  42. Anonymous
    01 Sep 11

    This patch is free from spyware or adware?

  43. BorlandGuy
    02 Sep 11

    Yes, this patch is free from spyware or adware

    @Alexey: my Home Basic is still Genuine

  44. Ghost
    03 Sep 11

    I reported in an earlier post that the ability to change the desktop wallpaper had stopped working after about a week. I have found that if I select a new wallpaper (selection does not happen and does not show) and then reboot my computer the new wallpaper will be applied. I'm hoping a future update will to this patch will fix this little bug. Other than that minor inconvenience, this is a great patch.

  45. Anonymous
    04 Sep 11

    It does not pick up *.themepack like your other program does pls make it associated with this program in the next version

  46. AtoS
    04 Sep 11

    Since its not picking up the theme's automatically how do i install them?

  47. Sergey
    05 Sep 11

    Actually, that patch is not my program. It was developed by Mr .dUSHA and was shared at russian forum. I have uploaded it here to provide useful download for non-russian spoken users.
    For themepacks you can use 7-zip archiver. Using 7-zip you can extract all wallpapers and theme file.
    Also, you can use this

  48. AtoS
    05 Sep 11

    Crap this is actually quite nice with shell integration. Ohh well the other question is that would installing your program along with this result in any kind of compatibility issues.

    You should make a small utility to install themas i tried to install using winrar/7zip method but it did not show up in the personalization choices.

  49. Sergey
    06 Sep 11

    Why not?
    I will try to make

  50. sufi
    06 Sep 11

    thanks.... thanks a lot. its working on my vaio eb44en.

  51. the king
    07 Sep 11

    you are the best thanx very much

  52. Manustif
    10 Sep 11

    Great work!! But same problem here: after short time the possibility to change theme and the ability to change the wallpaper had stopped working. After reboot, I had the last picture on screen. My workaround was to uninstall and repatch the system. Any other ideas?

  53. Sergey
    11 Sep 11

    I have no any ideas. I will contact the developer

  54. Manustif
    11 Sep 11

    Thanks for your comment. The wallpaper was absolutely fixend an it was no way to change it. Aero glass and the dialogs was not affected. BTW. thanks a lot to you and the developer for this great and astonishing work!!

  55. Anonymous
    24 Sep 11

    This is awesome.. works wonderfully for me.. i was looking for this for a long time, Thank u so much.... :D:D

  56. Anonymous
    28 Sep 11

    Awesome!!! Saved me ?2575! Thanks a ton! Any link to donate?

  57. Sergey
    28 Sep 11

    Mr dUSHA makes it for free. He not need for donations
    Thank you anyway!

  58. Anonymous
    30 Sep 11

    Beautiful! but how do you uninstall the personalization panel? i just deleted the icon off my computer, because since it had no shortcut arrow on it. i thought that was it, so was that correct?

  59. Anonymous (above)
    30 Sep 11

    ... How did i forget the uninstall button...?
    Thanks again

  60. Anonymous
    02 Oct 11

    A bunch of thanks
    ive been finding it for months!!1

  61. paras
    03 Oct 11

    thanks man awesome

  62. ken
    06 Oct 11

    thanks thanks thanks..................... more power to your team

  63. Anonymous
    09 Oct 11

    Thanks...This is windows 7 starter turning into ultimate!

  64. duskpit
    13 Oct 11

    last windows update locked all features of this patch and now personalization panel has no options, only "This page in unavailable in this version of Windows. Use anytime upgrade." Win7HB64.

  65. Sergey
    14 Oct 11

    Try to reinstall patch. Please Let us know this helps or not.

  66. Anonymous
    14 Oct 11

    Ok, i'll try. I'll open theme on winreview forums (i'm russian))) ).

  67. DarkRasorfist
    16 Oct 11

    Thank you very very very very very much! Now my notebook is really cute haha~
    Seriously, the unique program that have solved my problem with the poor windows 7 home basic theme!
    I loved it! Thank you very much

  68. Guest
    21 Oct 11

    Professionalization look good, but not able to find option for uninstall.

  69. Anonymous
    22 Oct 11

    You are a Genius mate. Thank you so much.

  70. Anonymous
    23 Oct 11



  71. Anonymous
    25 Oct 11

    Aero on my NC10 - Mind = blown.


  72. m.jay
    27 Oct 11

    great work ur intelligent :D:D

  73. stano
    28 Oct 11

    thank youuuuu very much. goood job.

  74. Anonymous
    29 Oct 11

    Can i patch this to windows vista?? please help.

  75. hatsuyuki
    29 Oct 11

    this works for my netbook with win 7 starter! thanks!

    im wondering where is the appearance settings window cant find it

  76. Anonymous
    01 Nov 11

    Thank you, unblocked my friend's laptop with Windows 7 Home Basic.

  77. proclivity
    06 Nov 11

    You haven't the slightest clue how incredibly grateful I am to Mr. dUSHA. I've been looking for a way to enable transparency and Aero effects to my netbook for so long, and now I've finally found it... what a wonderful opportunity. Thank you so, so much... I still can't believe it.

  78. Adeliton
    07 Nov 11

    congratulations .... thank you very much !!!!

  79. ??????
    10 Nov 11

    ???????, ?????? ? ???????? ????? ????????????.

  80. Sulistyo
    14 Nov 11

    what a great patch, work great on my windows7 starter. Question : Does the pacth will remain work after my win starter get some updates from microsoft?. (thaks for the information)

  81. Anonymous
    17 Nov 11

    Update works fine. This is not an activator.
    P.S.: sorry for the incomprehensible - I do not know English, I'm using Google Translate.

  82. Anonymous
    18 Nov 11

    cant download validate at windows site

  83. microsoft
    18 Nov 11

    hi my windows cant be validate on windows site

  84. sulistyo
    19 Nov 11

    thanks for the reply: I hope it works. I'll try to update my win starter now. n hope it will remains work.

  85. Zaur
    25 Nov 11

    Thank you very much, Im so happy..... Continue in the same spirit!

  86. sumit
    26 Nov 11

    cant believe it's working!!!
    i m using win7 home basic!lol

  87. sumit
    26 Nov 11

  88. maho
    27 Nov 11

    recent update made the windows prompt my windows version is not original, then it reboot. after that the patch wont work anymore. need new patch

  89. Sergey
    27 Nov 11

    try to re-install
    run this patch again to remove it completely
    then run it again, to make fresh install of patch

  90. maho
    28 Nov 11

    ah, so running the patch for second time will uninstall it. thanks a lot. now it works

  91. Anonymous
    02 Dec 11

    Windows not genuine at

  92. Anonymous
    18 Dec 11

    it says windows is not genuine after installing the patch. when i uninstalled the patch and validated it, it says genuine again.

  93. guest
    18 Dec 11

    i have intel core i3 with nvidia Gforce cuda i tryed your patch but after reboot i seen only black screen....?? i have license win 7 home basic 6.1 build 701 service pack 1... can you pl help email id in advance

  94. AndreaBorman
    18 Dec 11

    I am very happy with this software. Yes it works. Now i have full Aero Glass features and all of the great personalization features of higher editions in my Windows 7 starter. And I can change the wallpaper too and save my themes. Keep up the good work. Andrea.

  95. JennyG
    18 Dec 11

    This is working great on my Windows 7 Starter,but I have just one problem.

    I keep getting this pop up message from Windows activation saying. "This copy of Windows may not be gueniune,Windows will restart your computer to apply repairs." And then after my computer restarts I find that Windows has disabled the Aero patch. But when I reinstall it again it works and then a few minutes later,I get the same pop up message.

    But my Windows is activated but it seems every time I renable the Aero patch,I get the same mesage and Windows just uninstalls it again.

    What do I do about this?Help!

  96. Anonymous
    21 Dec 11


    25 Dec 11

    it did not work in my starter . when i run the exe file it does not reboot the system but only two processess ,personalization panel and notepad appear in task manager. it did not work even i uninstalled panel and dwm controller hepl me out please is my id.

  98. Aman
    26 Dec 11

    Thanks a lot.
    Now I can use all aero features in my original win 7 home basic SP1.
    No problems in update. Just thinking will this work the same in future major updates like SP2.

  99. Guest
    04 Jan 12

    Thank you man !!!!!
    I am sing win 7 HB SP1 but it now looks as if I am running win 7 ultimate!

    09 Jan 12

    i take back my words it worked when i completely deleted all the registry entries of dwm controller

  101. MJ
    12 Jan 12

    Thank you very much Mr dUSHA. Works beautifully on Dell Inspiron Mini 1018, W7 Starter.

  102. mayuu
    19 Jan 12

    same problem with duskpit. won't work on me no matter how many times i try to patch it up. it keeps on saying 'This page is not available in this edition of windows 7' or something like that.
    I'm using Sony Vaio with Windows 7 Home Basic 64bit.
    Help please??

  103. ndibo3
    26 Jan 12

    Works fine on my Win7Starter.... good karma for you, sir!

  104. bg binu
    28 Jan 12

    thank u very much,you have made me very happy,for many days i was searching for this atlast u made it happen,God bless you,long live,.............

  105. slip
    08 Feb 12

    yui slipkorn

  106. spectator
    15 Feb 12

    dear admin,
    i patched my win7 home starter and it worked but my theme changed into windows classic and can't change it into windows basic again. what am i suppose to do? i hope you can help me ASAP. thanks

  107. Sergey
    15 Feb 12

    Try to remove UxStyle, if it was installed before
    I suspect it is cause of your trouble

  108. Rohan
    24 Feb 12

    Rohanto be frank I was afraid to use this on my one week old lenovo laptop with win i read through all the comments.. after using it... wow i was totally amazed... it worked like a charm. now my laptop looks totally awesome.. thanks so much both of you.. you made my day.

  109. ager
    05 Mar 12

    gaergaera ergaerg

  110. Summer
    10 Mar 12

    hello. is this free from malwares and viruses?

  111. Sunny
    13 Mar 12

    This is free from malwares and viruses but it breakes validation :(

  112. Anonymous
    27 Mar 12

    its awesome dude:)
    thanks. i use win7 home basic and its work.u

  113. Anonymous
    28 Mar 12

    wow, amazing I love you soooo perfect.....

  114. Anonymous
    29 Mar 12

    thanks dude.

  115. Nine
    03 Apr 12

    I need heeeeelp.... I had installed this amazing app and, for some stupid reason, my brother uninstalled it...... I downloaded it again, installed just like the first time and Aero doesn't work now!
    I'm so pissed... I've tried the Windows solution for Aero and it gives me a bunch of reasons... None of which could be true because I've already had this on my netbook, it worked perfectly before... Please, somebody help me, I'm spoiled by the beauty of Aero... Can't stand my netbook without it :(((

  116. Sergey
    04 Apr 12

    Probably you can fix your issue by doing following steps:
    Start - type cmd.exe in search field and press CTRL+SHIFT+Enter
    Then type type sfc /scannow
    Wait for end of process
    Reboot your PC
    Install Aero Patch again
    Let me know if it was helpful for you

  117. Nine
    04 Apr 12

    Thank you sooooooooooooo much, it totally worked! I'm never gonna let anyone mess with my netbook again! Congratulations on the amazing apps ))

  118. lovepink
    05 Apr 12

    THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!!!!!!!!

  119. deepak
    08 Apr 12


  120. Starter Man!
    11 Apr 12

    I've used the Windows 7 Starter for a whole year before finding this! I love it! Thank you so much! Now I like Starter on the netbook more than Home Premium on the desktop because it runs faster!

  121. Killer
    13 Apr 12

    Great but a big problem THIS MAKES WINDOWS NON GENUINE:(

  122. Sergey
    13 Apr 12

    Yes, this is known issue

  123. rjvdavid
    15 Apr 12

    does it affect windows genuinity?

  124. Sergey
    15 Apr 12

    Yes, this affects windows genuinity. You may try the Personalization Panel instead of this patch.
    Personalization Panel doesn't affects windows genuinity.

  125. A happy new Aero User
    16 Apr 12

    Really, thank you very much. I'm so happy with this patch, it works great on my samsung notebook w/ Win7HB.
    Greetings from Mexico

  126. someone ask
    21 Apr 12

    how to uninstall it?:O

  127. Summer
    25 Apr 12

    Why does my anti virus detected this patch as a malware?

  128. Sergey
    25 Apr 12

    Because it modifies four system files

  129. Nate River
    01 May 12

    Hi Happy, i was wondering if before updating windows, i uninstall this patch, then re-install it after, will Microsoft detect this patch ?

  130. Sergey
    01 May 12

    This patch brokes Windows validation in any case

  131. Nate River
    02 May 12

    I see. Thnx for the help

  132. anemmagic
    03 May 12

    really really thank you guys!! i've searched this program like for years, and now i find this! thank you so much guys for your hard work! really appreciate!

  133. amit kumar
    14 May 12

    plzz help me out i want character name theme to install which is install in window7 ultimate there is any ans plzz help me out

  134. Sergey
    15 May 12

    Hello amit kumar.
    Use 7-zip to open file SOURCES\install.wim from your installation media.
    Navigate to INSTALL.WIM\[here can by any digit]\Windows\Resources\Themes\
    You'll find desired theme here.
    Navigate to INSTALL.WIM\[here can by any digit]\Windows\Web\Wallpaper\Charactes - here is wallpapers

  135. amit kumar
    15 May 12

    sorry i am not understanding??what u r saying plzz help me

  136. amit kumar
    15 May 12

    thankzzzz really thank u so much
    nd if i want all win7 ultimate themes which is present in it nd not in my lappy......then???

  137. Sergey
    15 May 12

    If you follow my manual I have described before, you will able to get any of ultimate themes. Or I can share them for you. Let me know if i should to do that.

  138. amit kumar
    16 May 12

    Ok..i'll manage.....
    Plzz tell me how can i uninstall the 3rd party change my icons as well as taskbar and whole graphics...plzz help me...

  139. Sergey
    16 May 12

    What is that theme you have installed? Probably you have to contact the theme creator. He can tell you what exactly he change in your OS.

  140. Amit kumar
    16 May 12

    I had istalled mac theme i downloaded it from
    plzzzzz help me

  141. amit kumar
    17 May 12

    i have installed mac theme in my laptop and i downloaded it from
    plzz help me

  142. amit kumar
    17 May 12

    Plzz tell me how i uninstall this..

  143. Amit kumar
    17 May 12

    Kk forget it
    can you send me a link from where i can download a theme macbook pro for win7 64-bit for free......plzzzzzzz

  144. amit kumar
    18 May 12

    i tried but nothing happen from above site which you suggest when i click on download button page is reload again not downloading plzzz help me out

  145. amit kumar
    18 May 12

    kk i downloaded.......thankzzz

  146. Amit kumar
    19 May 12

    Plzz help me....i install a skin pack of window 8(8 skin pack) from your recomended site when i install it then in my desktop there is no my start button show when i move cursor there then it show and when i back my cursor then it also hide can u tell me ans........what can i do....????plzz..
    Or send me a link from where can i download a theme of window 8 which makes my pc completely into window 8...

  147. Sergey
    19 May 12

    actually Windows 8 has no start button. that's why it was hidden in 8 skin pack. unfortunately, I don't know skinpack better than this.

  148. amit kumar
    20 May 12


  149. Manish
    20 May 12

    Can I change wallpaper too with this patch after I uninstall Personalization panel as you say? What will happen to context menu Personalize item? Also how it is Harmful for Os, will I be able to get updates from windows after installing it? Thanks for looking at my Q.s!

  150. Sergey
    20 May 12

    You will able to receive updates. Also you will get native "personalization" menu. This patch completely unlocks Wallpaper, Aero/Glass and all other personalization features including desktop context menu.

  151. amit kumar
    21 May 12

    hello happy.....
    plzz tell me i install win8 skin pack(8 skin pack) from
    after installing how can i use the homepage as given in this skinpack wallpaper on
    plzz help me

  152. Sergey
    21 May 12

    did you mean start screen with tiles or something else?

  153. amit kumar
    22 May 12

    yesssssssss!!!!!!plzz tell me

  154. Anonymous
    28 May 12

    it is an amazing software .it runs slide shows but personalization option on right clicking on home screen is'nt activation notifications are still coming .please help

  155. Anonymous
    03 Jun 12


  156. Dogma_central
    04 Jun 12

    żQue tal? Antes que nada, te agradezco mucho por este programita, está muy bueno. Sin embargo, me ha ocurrido algo raro últimamente, y es que después de instalarlo no me sale la opción Personalizar haciendo click derecho sobre el Escritorio. Espero que puedas darme una solución ˇMuchas gracias!

  157. Sergey
    05 Jun 12

    Dogma_central, try to reinstall the Aero Patch.
    Depending of version you have you may run it two times to reinstall, or, if you are user of version 1.4, you can use "Unistall a program" control panel feature to remove it and then install it again.

  158. help
    06 Jun 12

    it doesnt even run when I click it

  159. Sergey
    06 Jun 12

    I don't know why.
    It is modded 7zip sfx archive.

  160. Shubham (sam)
    07 Jun 12

    it was working but my friend installed KB971003 upadate and i unistalled that but when i started my computer transparency is not there i runned aero patch but still there is no transparency and personalization

  161. Shubham (sam)
    07 Jun 12

    hey one more thing
    I've windows 7 home basic build 7600 which is not genuine.
    please help

  162. Shubham (sam)
    07 Jun 12

    hey one more thing
    I've windows 7 home basic build 7600 which is not genuine

  163. Sergey
    07 Jun 12

    What is your version of AeroPatch?
    If it is 1.4, it has line at Control Panel - Uninstall a program.
    Click on it and uninstall Aero patch
    Then install it again.
    If your version of Aero Patch is below 1.4, you just need to run aero patch twice: first to uninstall and second to install it again.
    I do hope this was helpful for you.

  164. 8milez
    12 Jun 12

    Not workingm tried 10 times. 1t I have downloaded personalization menu after that i tried to install aero patch but its working.

  165. 8milez
    12 Jun 12

    Not working tried 10 times. I have downloaded personalization menu after that i tried to install aero patch but its not working.

  166. Sergey
    12 Jun 12

    well, I will place old patch in archive too.
    That was 100% working solution.

  167. Sergey
    12 Jun 12

    8milez, try now
    If 1.4 does not works, try to use previous version.

  168. Mick92
    12 Jun 12

    Hello, and sorry if this has been asked before, but I run the patch and apparently nothing happens at first for a long time, so I rebooted my computer and now Aero is clearly working (I have transparent bars and effects and that kind of stuff) but I didn't get the "Personalize" button on my menu nor I can get to the personalization window. I have Windows 7 Home Basic BTW and used to have personalization panel, but uninstalled it before I downloaded this patch just as I was told to.

  169. Sergey
    12 Jun 12

    It seems to be a bug in version 1.4
    Mick92, I will contact the author. It will be fixed.
    Use 7-zip software and unpack patch content. You will see Persionalization.inf file. Right click and choose "install". You will get Peronalization option in the menu

    I have included the previous version in atchive. Use it if 1.4 does not works for you.

  170. Mick92
    12 Jun 12

    Thanks Happy Bulldozer, I installed the 1.2 version and it works alright now ( I had no trouble since I have original Windows).
    Thanks again and congratulations to he creator and to you for your other software, like the Personalization Panel whichI used to have.

  171. amit kumar
    16 Jun 12

    hello happy bulldozer.....
    when i installed the patch my window was not it affects my window...????
    nd when i installed this patch my window media player does not work properly....??when i play some avi format video file there is no volume...??
    plzz help me out...??
    nd does this patch corrupt my window ...???
    i have window 7 home basic....??

  172. amit kumar
    16 Jun 12

    nd one more thing i have installed personalisation panel v1.2...?
    nd can u tell me which is best v1.2 or v1.4....????

  173. amit kumar
    18 Jun 12

    hello is there any one who can help me

  174. Anonymous
    18 Jun 12

    I have replied you by email

  175. amit kumar
    19 Jun 12

    u replied me.......?

  176. Arif
    19 Jun 12

    Thank you so much from Indonesia

  177. amit kumar
    20 Jun 12

    hello is there any one who can help me..........???

  178. Sergey
    20 Jun 12

    amit kumar
    Sorry for long delay - i was very busy.
    Use 1.2 patch if v1.4 fails for you.
    I have contacted with author and he found no issue with version 1.4
    I guess I have to look closely to patch by myslef.
    Before this you you can try with version 1.2 .

  179. amit kumar
    22 Jun 12

    it's ok....
    plzz read my first msg i sent it on 16 jun......and then tell me.........???

  180. Sergey
    22 Jun 12

    1. AeroPatch is affects Windows genuine check. It is written in article.
    2. WMP issue is not linked with aero patch. Something goes wrong with multimedia codecs. Try to install K-lite media codec pack, it resolves all issues with video.

  181. amit kumar
    23 Jun 12

    after installation of this patch,does my window corrupt..??

  182. Happy Larry
    24 Jun 12


    I had some issues with install, netbook did not reboot so I rebooted manually. Personalization did not appear in menu so I did this:

    It seems to be a bug in version 1.4
    Mick92, I will contact the author. It will be fixed.
    Use 7-zip software and unpack patch content. You will see Persionalization.inf file. Right click and choose "install". You will get Peronalization option in the menu

    Now it works fantastic!!!!!

    Thank you sir and to Mr. dUSHA you are FRIGGEN LEGENDS!!!!

    FU MICROSHIT !!!!!!

  183. gian_barry
    03 Jul 12

    It says here "this page is not available in this edition of windows"

  184. Anonymous
    04 Jul 12

    It works!!! Kudos to the developers!!!!

  185. Amit kumar
    05 Jul 12

    Can u tell me that,is i use window media center which is available in win7 premiun,ultimate
    nd i have win7 home basic..
    Can i install window media center?
    If yes then how.....?

  186. Sergey
    05 Jul 12

    I don't know about WMC.
    I am not a WMC user :(

  187. amit kumar
    06 Jul 12


  188. amit kumar
    06 Jul 12

    if i uninstall this patch then my genuinity of window will back..?

  189. Sergey
    06 Jul 12

    Yes, It will be returned it previous genuie state

  190. amit kumar
    07 Jul 12

    i uninstalled this patcch but in my computer properties there is only window 7 home basic written not genuine window 7 home basic..

  191. Janah.
    09 Jul 12

    Aff's, baixei querendo mudar a cor da minha barra de tarefas, mas quando fui abrir o "Cor Da Janela" năo apareceu aquelas cores que normalmente aparece, o que eu faço agora?

  192. Sergey
    09 Jul 12

    English please, I understand nothing :(
    amit kumar
    That is why I still mantain my Personalization panel. It is not harmful for Windows.
    I will contact the author of Aero Patch and I will ask him what you should do.

  193. amit kumar
    10 Jul 12

    okay......plzz contact immediately.

  194. Sergey
    10 Jul 12

    amit kumar
    HI, he says you can run Windows Command Line and type

    sfc /scannow

    He says it will help.

  195. CrystalFire
    10 Jul 12

    Please help! How i can uniinstal this patch? In Control Panel there is no patch((( I cant delete it(((

  196. Grub
    10 Jul 12

    Try to run Patch again. I remember it helps me with patch 1.2

  197. amit kumar
    11 Jul 12

    hi,i've tried but
    it says
    'you must be an administrator running console session in order to use the sfc utility.' and after this nothing happens..
    now what can i do..??

  198. A Reader
    12 Jul 12

    For those having problems changing wallpaper, in my case it was because the wallpaper was being used by another process. On my machine it was Samsung Easy Display Manager, known in Task Manager as dmhkcore.exe. Stop the process in Task Manager, make your wallpaper change, then restart the program from the start menu.

  199. Anderson Mateus
    13 Jul 12

    Gente pode baixar sem medo esse é o melhor programa que ja vi o meu windows 7 basic ta transparente com cara de windows home premium!
    Muito obg!

  200. amit kumar
    13 Jul 12

    please help me..??
    i messaged u but u didn't reply..??

  201. Sergey
    14 Jul 12

    Sorry I did not notice
    Here is the manual for you:
    1. Type cmd.exe in search box in Start menu.
    2. Press ctrl+shit+enter on keyboard.
    3. Command line will be opened with administrator's rights.

  202. amit kumar
    15 Jul 12

    hey..i've tried this but after 7% completion of process it says that
    'window resource protection could not perform the requested operation.'
    plzz help me out

  203. amit kumar
    16 Jul 12


  204. fahrenh
    21 Jul 12

    I can't find the archives.

  205. Anonymous
    22 Jul 12

    patch doesn't work

  206. Anonymous
    22 Jul 12

    downloaded it, but when i click on the patch file nothing happens

  207. Anonymous
    22 Jul 12

    Also the personalization panel doesn't have desktop-slideshow feature

  208. mohit_20062
    27 Jul 12

    supoerb man superb !!! really happy for this software... loving it to the core of mah heart... but can u pls tell me one thing dat can i applye the aero glass themes in my win 7 starter just like a ultimate or professional

  209. guest
    10 Aug 12

    excellent job.
    just ran it in my new acer amd quadcore with win home basic..
    many many thanks for the revitalised experienece.

    regards to the maker

  210. warrior94
    16 Aug 12

    helo, i already downloaded the aero patch v1.4 and i use winows 7 starter. i already run the application(aero patch v1.4), the transparent glass is there but i couldnt change the desktop background...

  211. taeyeon
    20 Aug 12

    how can i get back my defaut log on screen? it changes my log on screen

  212. Sergey
    20 Aug 12

    It does not change logon screen

  213. Anonymous
    20 Aug 12

    i dont understand why this isnt working for me, i have windows 7 starter.

  214. Sergey
    20 Aug 12

    try previous version from archive

  215. jazzsity
    21 Aug 12

    im a hensome guy..

  216. taeyeon
    21 Aug 12

    it is!,my netbook is acer aspire one and the log on screen is the green one with acer logo after using this it became blue and no logo of acer

  217. Anonymous
    25 Aug 12

    Worked great until I tried to uninstall it. Double clicking on the exe rolled back the changes and worked fine, but when I tried to uninstall it entirely in the Control Panel, it didn't work. I can click uninstall, but nothing happens and it stays there. Awesome work! But I would like to understand why I can't remove it from my computer!

  218. Anonymous
    28 Aug 12

    great work thank man thnxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx.........

  219. Anonymous
    09 Sep 12

    3D Flip don't work

  220. Michi like black
    11 Sep 12

    thanx a lot winaero.... my windows now are beautiful... mmmuaaaahhh!!!

  221. Nikhil
    17 Sep 12

    The latest version won't uninstall.
    I was having trouble when using the previous version, [1.2] so I uninstalled and then installed 1.4; the personalise option won't appear in the control panel or when I right click on the desktop, although my windows now use Aero Glass. And it won't uninstall...

  222. Thx
    17 Sep 12



  223. Nikhil
    18 Sep 12

    Correction(s): It uninstalls from "Default Programs"; the remaining problems are:
    ?1.4:the personalise option won't appear in the control panel or when I right click on the desktop.
    ?1.2:The slideshow isn't working and the icons and the themes applied are mismatched. And before the trouble started I'd been using it without trouble since February.

  224. Amin Longo
    22 Sep 12

    Extraordinary WORK...... My absolute respects to the designer of this masterpiece. It really looks like an original Microsoft patch and it works perfectly on my Acer Aspire One D270 netbook with Starter 7 aboard !
    Windows Update gave me even an update response confirm.

    So I allow myself to say: "A true master cannot envy another master...... So I bow to the true master. Thank You." :-)

  225. JC
    01 Oct 12

    Don't Work. No change. no aero. The personalize option exist but, no work, no appear any there.

  226. Angelo
    04 Oct 12

    If you uninstall this, will your windows be genuine again?

  227. Unknown
    15 Oct 12

    Please help me about installing 3rd party themes.I use a win 7 starter and came through your amazing app which works perfectly well.I wanted to install a theme which was featured in this web i.e./ WP7 Mango VS.
    I have patched the files from Universal patcher and copied them to Windows\Resources\Themes and tried to run .theme file.It opens it personalization panel but nothingg happens?

  228. Gio
    20 Oct 12

    Uninstalling it makes windows genuine again? does somebody tried to uninstall it and made the windows genuine again

  229. Faann
    25 Oct 12

    If i right click the patch and click run as admin, nothing opens :(

  230. lawl
    26 Oct 12

    ive extracted it to my destop and ran it as administrator,but it does not reboot. any suggestions?

  231. Sergey
    26 Oct 12

    try to reboot your PC

  232. deepak madheshiya
    27 Oct 12

    its really work....thnx alot:)

  233. Unknown
    28 Oct 12

    May I have a response to my previous comment?

  234. Jomer De Luna
    29 Oct 12

    Sir! Excuse me, I don't know how to personalize panel 1.2.1 silent install to where get personalize panel uninstall? Please, Thank you for information me.

  235. abestanodarwin
    29 Oct 12

    It really works on my netbook!!! Thanks for this application!!! Great!!!

  236. Angga Argadinata
    31 Oct 12

    Just installed it, and it works fine so far...but "after a week it stop working" issue on the previous comment worries me...

  237. eye2i2hear
    03 Nov 12

    Anyone have any idea why I can't get this to install on a HP Mini netbook? I ran it on an Acer Aspire netbook and it installed no problem (and works beautifully, yes!). Both netbooks are Windows 7 Starter. On the Acer I see it in CCleaner's installed programs list (X PROJECT Personalization Panel 1.4). No matter how times I run it on the HP it never installs nor shows as installed in CCleaner. I'm running the install with avast anti-virus disabled (and avast never reports it on restart nor nothing in it's chest). I'm running the installer as Administrator and the user profile is Administrator as well. I tried it with a different Administrator account. I also checked "personalize" in regedit via a search and it's not returning anything. I'm stumped! Any ideas? The only difference I know of between the two netbooks is the HP had Personalization Panel DWB v2.5 installed on it but it's been uninstalled (and isn't showing as installed). thanks!---

  238. opensuse
    04 Nov 12

    i have genuine windows 7 home basic on my laptop hp 1000, will installation of aero 1.4 make it pirated, i mean will windows still remain genuine or not?

    reply asap

  239. Sergey
    04 Nov 12

    Your Windows will be considered as pirated after aeropatch. You can use the "personalization panel" software instead of aeropatch. Personalization panel will preserve your Windows genuine.

  240. hyunky
    05 Nov 12

    help please!!!
    i had extract the aeropatch but after i right-click and run as administor
    NOTHING happen...
    help please
    help please!!!!!!

  241. hyunky
    05 Nov 12

    thank you for your amazing woorks!!!
    after run as administor i rebooted the computer manually and after that BYONG!!!its works
    thank you!!!

  242. eye2i2hear
    06 Nov 12

    ==update== regarding my not being able to get this to work with a HP mini, I did a hard drive Recovery using the netbook reinstall to factory setup, then ran all the MS updates, including SP1, then installed the Patch 1.4, and success! It installed & works! Thanks again!! ==

  243. Gavin
    11 Nov 12

    I installed your patch and it works great. But the first time I tried to Change a theme it wouldnt work an said "This page is not ..." but when i clicked the windows upgrade link below windows explorer hung up and now I got allthe themes including some third party themes I had installed earlier !!! Thank you very much, I shall remain forever grateful to you and MrDusha:)

  244. jacs53
    11 Nov 12

    i cannot uninstall it, i tried running the patch again but it just installs it again help please

  245. dhev
    17 Nov 12

    how can i remove it and make my lapttop basic as windows 7

  246. Anonymous
    20 Nov 12

    Windows will be not genuine?

    Can be uninstall using System Restore?

  247. pravus.ace
    27 Nov 12

    thank you for your amazing work but i'm just wondering if can windows 7 home basic theme can be turned into fully glass like everything seems to be transparent because whenever i try to apply the fully glass theme, there will be an error and it says that 'index was outside the bound of the array"...... i can only apply semi glass theme.. though at first applying fully glass theme works but then it follows the error and defaults theme into win98 mode... pls help

  248. PaulJun.Sor
    02 Dec 12

    The personalization doesn't appear... How can this solved??? Thanks!

  249. onetwothreeandfour
    13 Dec 12


  250. Anonymous
    18 Dec 12

    thank you very much

  251. dks
    20 Dec 12

    not working

  252. amin
    28 Dec 12

    if i unistall this patch my windows will be genuine again or waht pls reply

  253. Unknown
    02 Jan 13

    ins t windows 7 starter/home basic what about to windows 7 ultimate 8 rt

  254. beibee_gee
    09 Jan 13

    This is awesome!!! At first it did not work, and had to reboot my netbook twice, still wasnt working for me. I even tried going through Computer>rightclick>Properties>Advance System Settings>Performance> Data Execution Prevention - to bypass the aero patch just to try and see if it works but no luck. Then I had customized my Visual Effect settings in Control Panel > Performance Information and Tools > Adjust Visual Effects and made sure that these three are enabled :
    *Animate controls and elements inside windows
    *Enable desktop composition
    *Use visual styles on windows and buttons.
    Then went on to the Services and made sure that The Desktop Window Manager Session Manager and Themes Services need to be set as Started and Automatic. It only gave me two option Stop and Restarted, so I hit Restarted and voila!!! its perfect!!!^_^ thank you so much for sharing this ^_^

  255. tony
    11 Jan 13

    thank you very much and happy new year!!!!!lol

  256. Amy
    19 Jan 13

    The first time I tried this patch, it worked and I had Personalization Panel installed with it but then I removed everything from my netbook because I wanted to give Linux a try. Now, Personalization Panel works fine but whenever I try the patch, when I reboot my netbook I end up getting that dreaded blue screen and I have to get Windows to repair whatever happened. This is really frustrating because this happens whether Personalization Panel is installed or not.

  257. Amy
    24 Jan 13

    I figured out why this patch wasn't working for me! It's working now!

  258. Dani
    30 Jan 13

    And it really worked! Thanks a lot! :DDD

  259. Deepan
    07 Feb 13

    windows 7 starter! no have Personalization Panel ..
    to download on install ....
    windows 7 starter/home basic.have Personalization Panel:)
    have windows color theme it.:)

  260. salaar
    24 Feb 13

    cannot use the personalise option after installing this. Did I do some thing wrong?

  261. jonny_AB
    28 Feb 13

    I'm also having trouble with this. Just installed on x86 win 7 starter. No personalization options.

  262. girl
    08 Mar 13

    this is not working :( i have personalisation panel but don't have aero glass :(

  263. BOY
    26 Mar 13

    it says corrupt file how is that?

    THANKS FOR YOUR REPLIES! (if you even would)

  264. wimpykidkw
    28 Mar 13


    I Run Windows 7 Starter And it works great greatest patch for it makes it look ok
    My Product Specs:
    Net book Came With 1GB it was slow even on win 7 basic theme. so i asked him to order some and he did so now i just have to put ram in my dad put an extra GB of ram into this netbook now my netbook has 2GB of ram.
    1.66 GHz
    1.66 GHz
    it has two prcesssor my dad bough one when i got it. and put it in.
    I Though it had an installen, but it dint so i opened it and kept on opening it haha but at the last time, it worked.
    I Went To The Desktop, And Peronlation Was There!!!!!!
    My Netbook Did Not Restart, Or Anything i was able to perzonlish.
    I Restarted Before i set or made or deleted thens

    My Email Is:

    I Am A High PC Tet!!!!!!!!!!!

  265. sunil
    30 Mar 13

    very very thanks......its works!!! great man

  266. Kön Svelbĺrnöava
    08 Apr 13

    Hey, thanks a lot

  267. Anonymous
    20 Apr 13


  268. Martin
    02 May 13

    After uninstalling the patch, my personalization panel it's gone. I have W7 HOME PREMIUM. HELP PLEASE!

  269. Anonymous
    06 May 13

    working in win7homebasic !

  270. mansih
    09 May 13

    thanks a ton

  271. rickkkkkkk
    29 May 13

    hello..i installed it but where can i get more themes? pls help..and does 3d themes are available in this? thank u

  272. archit
    09 Jun 13

    after uninstalling this patch ,,, will windows again become genuine ?? ......... plz let me know only then I can install this patch

  273. Dass
    30 Jun 13

    If i install then uninstall it, will W7 be genuine gain?

  274. Anonymous
    08 Jul 13

    the aero worked but I don't have the personalization panel?? where do I go to get this

  275. Anonymous
    16 Jul 13


  276. totalweb
    04 Aug 13

    can i use this for enable aero in windows 8?
    becuase when i setup aero turner software my system crash.

  277. Anonymous
    29 Sep 13

    Thank you!

  278. piyush
    06 Nov 13

    thank you very much sir for your aero software

    06 Nov 13

    working in win7homebasic !

  280. Mike Corręa
    19 Nov 13

    Thank you it works perfectly in seven home basic.

    But i had problems with windows (not because of aero path) and had to do "sfc /scannow". When i restarted pc the path did not work anymore but the personalization button was still there. When i clicked it, windows said aero was not enabled in basic version.

    The problem is when i tried to reinstall it, because is known that to uninstall aero path all you have to do is run it again.
    I tried to install again but nothing happened. The button was still there but did not work. So i tried the "previous" version and then button disapeared. I restarted and tried to install again. Nothing!

    In the end i had to restore system to a very previous point, run sfc /scannow and then reinstall the path.

    All im trying to say is that there should be two separated files in the path.
    One to install and the other only to uninstall. Because what if windows update causes that problem too?

  281. Abhik
    21 Nov 13

    Thank you so much friend for this patch.... It works nicely... You'r the best...

  282. Anonymous
    14 Feb 14

    Hi i just instalet it and my laptop now show me a bluescreen with this error, 0x00000131, its there a solution for it?

  283. Anonymous
    05 Apr 14

    I have extracted it. When I run "aeropatch1.4.exe" ad Administrator, it asks for UAC prompt. When i click on YES, nothing happens. It doesn't get rebooted. Please help.

  284. Alerthim
    25 Apr 14

    dont mind me

  285. Reinhart
    02 Sep 14

    I wasn't care about Uninstall our Personalization Panel and Personalization panel DWM controller sowtare if they was installed. They are incompatible with Aero Patch, then because I like this, I will reinstall this patch after uninstall the personalization panel. The bug is the system color scheme was not shown (I ignored that), however, working with things like AeroRainbow and Windows 7 Home Basic Color Changer is nice at all.

  286. im_nimish
    11 Nov 14

    hey im interested in using the patch.. as i can see all the reviews are positive.. bt i hav a question (may b sum1 has already askd it.. ) does it affects the genuinity of windows.. sorry for bad english or on windows update, does any problem occure? Im really interested in using this patch :D

  287. Darkfire
    04 Feb 15

    I can't get windows aero to work im using windows 7 starter.

  288. darkfire
    06 Feb 15

    My computer won't restart after installing the patch

  289. archaeopteryx
    25 Apr 15

    good program

  290. mochakess
    07 May 15

    great job

  291. jorge
    13 May 15


  292. jake 69
    21 May 15


  293. Denis
    30 May 15

    I download this patch in 2011. Now, after reinstall Windows, I download this patch again. Thank you very much <3

  294. PRO Anonymous Hakcer
    21 Jun 16

    I Like like like like like like This Program !!
    Thanks thanks thanks !!!
    Love all mans Made this PrOgRaM !!!
    AnD ThAnKs !!!

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