Skip Metro Suite

Grand update is here - Skip Metro Suite 3.1.
We have completely redesigned it. Now it is just one portable *.exe file! See full change log below

P.S. Please uninstall all previous versions of Skip Metro Suite before you will start to use version 3.1

Attention to all Windows 8.1 users.
YOU DO NOT NEED TO USE THIS APP! You should look to the following apps and articles:

Maybe you already known what Windows 8 won't allow you to boot directly to Classic Desktop. Instead of that you have to click on "Desktop" tile every time you logged in. This is very annoying behavior for all of us who prefer to work with Class Desktop instead of Metro Start Screen. So I decide to fix it.
Skip Metro Suite for Windows 8 allows you to boot directly to Classic Desktop in Windows 8 RTM and Release Preview. Also it allows you completely disable all edge panels, not just hide them! All of them will be disabled, including square start button at bottom-left corner.

Also it features all tweaks from our latest article "How to disable the edge panels (Charms Bar and Switcher) in Windows 8".Since version 2.0 it uses own method to kill hot corners.Skip Metro Suite allows you to disable top-left hot corner (aka Switcher) and Charms Bar hint. So, you need no tweaks anymore to perform all of these tasks.

How to uninstall Skip Metro Suite

Skip Metro Suite features:

  • Skip Start Screen feature.
  • Switcher can be disabled.
  • Charms Bar Hint can be disabled.
  • Can completely REMOVE edge panels, including Charms Bar,Switcher and square start button at bottom-left edge of Desktop.

Skip Metro Suite change log

v3.0 - the new era of Skip Metro Suite
  • Installer and Windows service are removed. Now Skip Metro Suite is portable application and does not require to be installed!
  • Skip metro engine is rewritten. This must solve all previous issues.
  • Settings are rewritten. This resolves all issues with corrupted/non-working settings.
  • New checkbox added which will allow to disable Skip Metro Suite. This equals and means "uninstall".

  • Attempt to fix multimonitor configuration issue.
  • Attempt to fix autologon issue.
  • Fixed drag-to-close issue.

Now you are able to disable the individual edge ui corners.

  • Fixed broken Windows 8 x86 support
  • Fixed annoying bug: application starts twice when you have many active users at one PC.
  • Apllications was rewritten for better code and optimized for performance

Fixed critical bug which prevented application from start on some PCs.
Fixed "lock workstation" issue. It minimizes Metro twice after log on.
Fixed settings file access issue.
  • Edge UI panels disappear much more faster (startup folder is not used anymore).
  • You will able to close Metro apps with mouse drag - this part of Edge UI now will be kept.
  • Multi-user environment improvements.
  • Better installer behavior for "update" mode.

  • Fixed double switching from Metro to Desktop.
  • Switching speed is improved.
  • Installer makes updates properly

Version 1.1 allows you to kill all EdgeUI panels like Switcher and Charms Bar, not just hide them.
.NET Framework 3.5 is not required anymore. NSIS based installer instead of MSI bloatware.
Initial release.

It includes updated code base what switches to classic Desktop even more faster. Also some minor bugs was fixed.

Skip Metro Suite in action

Currently Skip Metro Suite requires .NET Framework 3.5 to be installed. I will release .NET 4.5 version as soon as I will reinstall my Windows 8 and Visual Studio 2012. Stay tuned.
Latest version of Skip Metro Suite does not require the .NET framework 3.5

Skip Metro Suite is portable application and does not require to be installed! It is available for bot Windows 8 x86 and Windows 8 x64 .

Many thanks to my friend Gaurav Kale for his useful suggestions and testing!

Donate options for satisfied users:


  1. sukarof
    21 Aug 12

    Awesome! Maybe the Tablet OS Windows 8 will be useful even on PCs after all?

  2. iTutHD
    21 Aug 12

    can you publish the Source Code Please?

  3. Holo
    21 Aug 12

    Cool stuff!

  4. Joe Bold
    21 Aug 12

    Nice idea, but there is one thing that should definitely be implemented: A Swipe-Menu to map the active edges to the mouse. Such a menu is often seen in todays games like Crysis 1 + 2 and more.
    So for example ...
    ... if one want to open the charms on the right side of the screen he could perform a right-click, holds and then a short swipe to the right and release the mouse button
    ... if one would like to open the start menu he performs a right-click, holds and performs a short swipe to the bottom

    and so on.

    It could be so simple, but sadly it isn't.

  5. guest
    22 Aug 12

    It is a great program.
    Do you can change on the command line switch?

  6. Sergey
    22 Aug 12

    Can you explain which command line you mentioned?
    It is not clean for me.

  7. Evgeni
    22 Aug 12

    "Disable Charms Bar" feature doesn't work on Windows 8 RTM x64 (90 days trial version)

  8. Holo
    22 Aug 12

    No, It works!

  9. Muts
    22 Aug 12

    Geen teen -1

  10. guest
    23 Aug 12

    Hi Happy Bulldozer.
    Thank you for the reply.

    I want to set the disable?or enable in the batch file command.
    For example,
    "C:\Program Files (x86)\Skip Metro Suite\ToggleDesktop.exe"?+metro
    is enable

    "C:\Program Files (x86)\Skip Metro Suite\ToggleDesktop.exe"?-metro
    is disable

    Best regards

  11. Tommy
    23 Aug 12

    Works perfect on Enterprise RTM. Thank you for your great work. Your skip metro is faster than Classic Shell's. Also Classic Shell way of disabling hot corners makes the desktop icons blink if you are running on VirtualBox. Your way does not, which I love. One problem is that we lose selecting icons on the desktop from the way top. We have to select all the way from the top right then go left.

    Can you share your source code with us?

  12. Sergey
    23 Aug 12

    Can you tell me why you need source code?
    I would not like to open sources because my code style is bad and I am non-professional programmer (like Ivo with Classic Shell and so on).
    I have no plans to open sources because i will feel shame.

  13. Anonymous
    26 Aug 12

    Can you add a option to disable drag and dropping of the desktop like a app?

  14. Sergey
    27 Aug 12

    Yes I can, but it also will kill drag and dropping for metro apps.
    I add this option on next week, stay tuned.

  15. juanky
    28 Aug 12

    No me funciona la version 2.0 en windows 8 rtm de 90 dias, pero la version 1.1 si me funciona a que se debe esto?

  16. juanky
    28 Aug 12

    Version 2.0 does not work in windows 8 rtm 90 days, but the version 1.1 if I work at it is this?

  17. Simon
    28 Aug 12

    This application is great! By disabling the annoying hot corners Windows 8 is suddenly a lot more usable. I do miss one feature though, you can still grab the top of the desktop and drag it like a metro app. Would it be possible to add an option to diable that too?

  18. Sergey
    29 Aug 12

    Sure it possible. I will release an update soon.

    I don't know exactly what is happened in your case, but it it works for me in all Windows 8 installations. I will look closely at sources.

  19. moderate
    29 Aug 12

    thanks for the app
    I was just thinking: Windows Server 2012 boots to desktop until the user install "Desktop Experience", then it boots to Metro. So maybe there is the registry setting for this, which could be revealed by comparing two registry snapshots (before and after "Desktop Experience" installation)? If so, same setting will probably work with Win8...

  20. Sergey
    29 Aug 12

    probably you are right. Let me to install the server and look on it.

  21. Lilly
    29 Aug 12

    @juanky| Version 2.0 works fine in Windows 8 90 days trial. I am using it now. I only wish there was a option to disable the drag on top of the desktop.

  22. wood
    31 Aug 12

    I have a bug report: On my Windows 8 Enterprise 90 days trail, "Remove All Hot Corners" only works if also "Skip Start Screen" has been selected, otherwise it won't. This did not occur in 1.2.

  23. Sergey
    31 Aug 12

    try with latest version.
    THis must help to resolve the issue

  24. wood
    31 Aug 12

    OK, I now tried version 2.1 - two bug reports:

    1. If "Skip Start Screen" has been deactivated, and if the removal of all hot corners has been activated, you can still grab the top of the desktop. When you log out, and log back in, all hot corners are active again.

    2. If your Windows account has no password set (*), and if "Skip Start Screen" has been deactivated, and if the removal of all hot corners has been activated, all hot corners are still active.

    (*) you can do this via Computer management -> Local users and groups -> Users -> (click on your user name), More actions -> Set password..., and enter no password.

  25. Mirco
    31 Aug 12

    Great utility! One problem: on multi-monitor setup, only corners on the primary monitor are removed.

  26. Lilly
    01 Sep 12

    thank you! working great on 90 day trial. love that it includes a picture of what we are disabling.

  27. Sergey
    01 Sep 12

    I tried to fix it. The top of desktop now removing properly.
    Also i tried to fix this:

    If your Windows account has no password set (*), and if "Skip Start Screen" has been deactivated, and if the removal of all hot corners has been activated, all hot corners are still active.

    try please with multimointor configuration, it also must works now.

  28. wood
    01 Sep 12

    Happy Bulldozer: Yup, it works now.

  29. Ap1962
    01 Sep 12

    I get try to download this, i will be back to let you know if it works for me thanks

  30. Tommy
    02 Sep 12

    Could you add a way of updating straight from the program, without re-downloading the setup?

  31. Sergey
    02 Sep 12

    I can I will add it in future

  32. IhateStartScreen
    10 Sep 12

    If I use the "shutdown /s /t 0" command the skip metro does not work on next power up of the PC

  33. Sergey
    11 Sep 12

    Thanks, I will check

  34. moderate
    11 Sep 12

    This is the registry setting to switching booting to desktop and Metro in W2012Server (when "Desktop Experience" is enabled):

    HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\Server

    Permissions editation is needed to change the value to 0.
    Maybe it will work in W8, when imported to the registry...

  35. moderate
    11 Sep 12

    Could you add the option to change that reg key to your tool?
    Could your tool display the info, if the service it uses, is running (because changing the reg value will not require the service)?


  36. Sergey
    12 Sep 12

    In conclusion, without modifying protected system files, or otherwise modifying the system to trick twinui.dll into thinking we’re running on Windows Server, it’s currently not possible to have Windows 8 boot into desktop. There are several tricks and utilities that force Windows 8 into desktop after login, but a “native” way is currently not possible.

    So, what you tried to show us?

  37. cnterr
    18 Sep 12

    The latest version works fine but after some reboots is reset to the initial settings.

  38. Sergey
    18 Sep 12

    Who many users you have at your PC?

  39. cnterr
    19 Sep 12

    There's only my user.
    "Skip Metro Suite" working properly for a while but after a few reboots Windows start again with the "Metro" interface and all corners enabled.
    If I try to reopen the software it is set up correctly, but I have to tap again on the "Save settings" button to make sure that everything returns to work correctly, but only for a while.
    Sorry for my english.

  40. MageBoySA
    27 Sep 12

    Just to let you know, although this may not matter too much, Remote dektop seems to reactivate the hot corners. I was remoting in to my laptop to move some files and noticed it had hot corners activated when I logged in. When I switched back to the actual laptop they stayed active until I logged out and back in. Would care too much, except I use Vistart and the start menu hot corner for the stupid "Metro" screen is invasive.

  41. interman
    07 Oct 12

    I found a bug, I use a multimonitor configuration and if I disable my secondary monitor, the drag to close hand icon reappears (I have it disabled via the program). Then I have to log out and log in for the icon to disappear.

  42. Sergey
    07 Oct 12

    Actually it is not a bug. I reduce amount of apps in memory, so SMS can't handle all your dekstop changes in real time. It works only at logon.

  43. sam
    10 Oct 12

    The latest version works fine but after some reboots is reset to the initial settings.

    sometime cannot Skip Metro

  44. Sergey
    10 Oct 12

    How many users you have at your PC?

  45. sam
    11 Oct 12

    only one

  46. Sergey
    11 Oct 12

    Hmm. Very strange
    It stores its settings in C:\programdata
    I have no idea why they can be corrupted.
    I will think.

  47. sam
    11 Oct 12


  48. sam
    11 Oct 12

    C:\ProgramData\Microsoft\Windows\Start Menu\Programs\Skip Metro Suite
    C:\ProgramData\Microsoft\Windows\Start Menu\Programs\Skip Metro Suite\Skip Metro Suite Settings.lnk
    C:\ProgramData\Microsoft\Windows\Start Menu\Programs\Skip Metro Suite\Uninstall.lnk

    SET Skip Metro --- C:\ProgramData NO SMS_**.txt
    SET Donot Skip Metro --- C:\ProgramData\SMS_853C6192.txt

    I will try more

  49. sam
    12 Oct 12

    maybe I update Skip Metro Suite
    I have not uninstall the older one
    my english no good

  50. baw1976
    20 Oct 12

    This if great!

    Only thing that stands out is the metro ui that opens when you press the "network" icon on the right of the taskbar.

    Would it be possible to bypass this and use the Windows 7 style? If so, I will donate!

  51. whc
    20 Oct 12


  52. Sergey
    20 Oct 12

    baw1976, i have no idea atm :(
    whc, you are welcome

  53. what's needed
    26 Oct 12

    if you can make it so that any time a metro application tries to RAPE YOUR EYES WITH SIZE 96 FONT AND FULL SCREEN run in a smaller window instead, you really have something. for example, if click on the wifi or bluetooth icon in the corner, you get full-screen metro garbage. instead of that, have the metro run in a small window (with minimize and X buttons), ~33% window size, ideally near where you clicked. in this case, the bottom right.

  54. RandomEngy
    09 Nov 12

    When "Skip Start Screen" is enabled, it will sabotage the first attempt to open the start screen after you unlock your computer. Lock, log back in (to your desktop), then try to open the start screen and this program immediately boots you back to the desktop.

  55. cstangor
    10 Nov 12

    Skip metro doesn't work for me. I check all of the boxes but still get the start screen and the mouse still opens the charms bar when it moves. I have a Samsung Series 9 ultrabook.


  56. asdf
    10 Nov 12

    What did you do to my start menu? I would assume the changes were reversible, but after checking away all the changes and uninstalling the program, the start menu hot spot only works a couple of seconds after boot.

    Now I have to go find registry fixes to clean after your program?

  57. Sergey
    10 Nov 12

    you will be surpised but my program does not touch your registry! it works with hot corners by own way
    clean your pc from other stuff and tweaks before attacking me

  58. Guest
    11 Nov 12

    Thank you very much for Skip Metro Suite.

    Maybe there is a problem with Windows 8, when you log into your account sometimes Skip Metro Suite does not load at all and I have to log off and then starts correctly.
    A Windows 8 bug?

  59. Dr. J.R. M
    13 Nov 12

    My antivirus says its a virus

  60. Sergey
    14 Nov 12

    That is false positive
    BTW, can you share your antivirus's warning message screen shot?

  61. tomos
    17 Nov 12

    Hi, you have some very nice stuff here - thanks :-)
    I'm wondering about this - here you say "completely disable" - on the page you link to with the registry tweaks, you say: "This does not mean that Switcher and Charms Bar will be completely disabled. You will still be able to show them using keyboard shortcuts." I like the idea of them still being callable via keyboard.
    [1] Do the regristry tweak and this app work differently?
    [2] does the one on this page work by changing the registry, or does it start with windows and disable on each startup?
    Thanks again!

  62. Sergey
    17 Nov 12

    [1] Do the regristry tweak and this app work differently?
    Yes they are
    [2] does the one on this page work by changing the registry, or does it start with windows and disable on each startup?
    It start with windows and disable on each startup/log in

  63. tomos
    18 Nov 12

    THanks very much for your reply Happy Bulldozer !

  64. Roy
    25 Nov 12

    it doesn't work after logoff/ logon!

  65. Sergey
    25 Nov 12

    thanks for report. I will look ASAP

  66. mc
    26 Nov 12

    What if you have multiple accounts - how does this works? Also, when you disabled metro in DP, task manager's new features were also disabled and only limited win7 style TM was available. Do those features still are available? Thanks!

  67. Bob
    29 Nov 12

    Not working with my windows 8 32 bits, sadly : (
    (I use Classic Shell too)

  68. Bob
    29 Nov 12

    Ah sorry didn't realize that classic shell can deactivate the corners as well, i'll use that. I guess this software was paraziting yours.

  69. gillym
    29 Nov 12

    Hi, I downloaded this and ran it on my new win8 laptop. It worked great for a couple of weeks, but now has reverted to the original startup blocks screen.
    I've downloaded again, uninstalled & reinstalled but still the same result. Any thoughts as to what I'm doing wrong?
    Many thanks.

  70. Bib
    11 Dec 12

    Not working.

  71. Fran
    15 Dec 12

    Does not work anymore.
    No funciona.

  72. cuulblu
    22 Dec 12


  73. Cuulblu
    22 Dec 12

    I installed Skip Metro Suite. I have decided I want to experiment with Metro, so I opened Skip Metro Suite control panel and removed all the checks. However my machine will not boot to the Metro Start screen. I also tried uninstalling Skip Metro Suite with no effect. My machine still boots straight to the desktop. This software is a great effort and could be a useful tool once all the bugs are worked out. Looks like I will have to do a reinstall to get back to the original windows.

  74. Sergey
    23 Dec 12

    I am sorry
    I will try to redesign the software engine to rid off all the issues.

  75. sandi
    24 Dec 12

    Just installed Skip Metro on Lenovo lap top with obligatory Win 8. Have spent three days trying to figure how to disable the Charms bar swiping off the right side and the STUPID screen that comes up before login. I thought I had it with your software I installed. the only thing that changed was corners are dead now which is the one thing I might have kept. I did restart twice with all checks off so nothing should have come up. Is there something else I have to do?

    Is there ANYTHING I can do to stop that right edge charms bar CONSTANTLY screwing everything I type or do up, every time I move my finger from right to left? I am thinking of just disabling my whole touchpad and going back to a mouse - or if I can convince someone to help me, reinstall Win 7. I had no choice in this win 8 and am so upset about it! I want a laptop UI, not a phone/tablet one ;-)

  76. sandi
    24 Dec 12

    actually, no, am wrong. thought corners were disabled, but just went to go hit lower left and found Start pop up and they are all working. Just an FYI. I sure wish this would work though. I don't like messing with the registry and like that. am a big "user" but not into the code stuff....

  77. Klolo
    27 Dec 12

    Skip Metro Suite has a bug where, at least in Windows 8, it will continuously minimize every window you have open, making it impossible to continue working.

    I have yet to find out what's causing it (you have to log out and back in - you can't even get into the task manager, because the Skip Metro Suite will fight against you). However it is extremely irritating. Had it on two computers so far, happened when I had to go to Metro to change a setting, and then switched back to the Desktop tile.

    The minimizing doesn't happen immediately - the whole thing seems to be on a one-second timer. Which makes me wonder how efficient this is, polling windows every second, instead of hooking into one of the Windows events ....

    Anyway: Throwing it out there for anyone else who has the same problem. If your windows continuously get minimized every second or so, this is caused by the Skip Metro Suite. If you uninstall it, it goes away.

  78. Klolo
    28 Dec 12

    Okay, I checked back here in case any solution was posted, but Skip Metro Suite was doing it again, so it pretty much forced me to uninstall it.

    Kind of funny: After locking the computer and logging in again it stopped minimizing, but as soon as I brought up its uninstaller, it started minimizing everything again. I had to position the mouse correctly, and then Alt+Tab to the uninstaller (even the alt+tab task switcher was closed, thankfully the uninstaller was the first option, so I was faster than Skip Metro Suite) and quickly hit "Uninstall" before it minimized again.

    Then finally, the haunting stopped. Shame that now I will get the hot corners back.
    Unless you can absolutely confirm this was fixed, I will not install this again, cannot recommend it, and will remove it from any computer I maintain.

    Shame, because it seemed to work, but I cannot have my computer fight against me.

  79. Rob
    28 Dec 12

    I just installed skipmetrosuite - thanks a lot.

    It has not removed the charms bar on the right side. others features seem to be working correctly.

  80. Sergey
    29 Dec 12

    please try with latest version

  81. Ak
    02 Jan 13

    Charms bar is still there..... Even with the new version of Skip Metro

  82. Noah
    04 Jan 13

    Great software. Can you please tell us what the program changes or what to do if I lose the file and don't know which places/entries are changed?
    That was the advantage of the old versions, there was always need to have an install when you use it and if you remove it you have the old settings.

  83. Klolo
    04 Jan 13

    Was the "try with latest version" addressed to me, ie did you fix this and want me to try again, or to Rob?

  84. DanB
    11 Jan 13

    V3 not working for me on Win8 Pro (MCE) x64. When I try to run it, the wheel turns for a few seconds, then nothing happens. Same whether I run the app as Admin or not.

    Any thoughts?

  85. Sergey
    11 Jan 13

    Do you have .NET 4.5 disabled/uninstalled?

  86. Ad
    14 Jan 13

    Yes, I uninstall .NET 4.5 and then the charm bar is removed. What will happen, when some software need .NET 4.5?

  87. Sergey
    14 Jan 13

    It will not run. Skip Metro Suite uses .net framework 4.5 too.

  88. Nuno
    16 Jan 13

    I used the last version on skip metro suite. I want to go back and have metro on windows start.
    But even if i uncheck the option windows starts on desktop.
    How can i restore the old metro screen?

  89. Ben
    17 Jan 13

    Nuno, uncheck "Enable Skip Metro suite"

  90. Nuno
    17 Jan 13

    I unchek "enable metro suite" and save settings but the sistem still starts on classic desktop.

  91. Sergey
    17 Jan 13

    Please check that you do not have previous version of this software installed.
    Like Skip Metro Suite 2.x
    Go to Control Panel - Uninstall a program - uninstall all Skip Metro Suite lines there.
    Also, some other apps like Startdock Start8, Classic Shell and many others can provide such behaviour.
    Check their options too

  92. digi1
    17 Jan 13

    the charm bar seems to re-enable itself on my system, I think it happens when I RDP into the PC.

  93. Nuno
    18 Jan 13

    I never installed previous version of Skip Metro Suite nor other similar programs!

  94. Anonymous
    21 Jan 13

    I think you have a bug: If I have the "Skip Start Screen" option enabled and lock my computer, when I unlock it everything gets minimized (and sometimes I can't bring them up for a while too as they instantly get re-minimized)

  95. Sergey
    22 Jan 13

    digi1, I will try check it. However, it is truth that charm bar can recreate themself

    Nuno, I have no idea. Please run regedit.exe and post here your userinit value at
    HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\Winlogon. It must be something like

    I think you have a bug: If I have the "Skip Start Screen" option enabled and lock my computer

    I will try to repeat the issue and fix it. This is unexpected behavior of Skip Metro Suite in any case.

  96. Anonymous
    23 Jan 13

    This disabled the charms for me, but I am still able to press Windows Key + C and it opens the Charm on the right side. Is there anyway to disable that?

  97. Anonymous
    23 Jan 13

    No way

  98. Ben
    24 Jan 13


    This doesn't seem to work anymore after the update. The bottom left start button is still there. I've uninstalled every instance of the program and the files in programdata/appdata etc.

    Do I need to change something in the registry?

  99. Sergey
    24 Jan 13

    nope, you should not change anything.
    Which update you have installed?
    What happens when you tick "enable skip metro suite" checkbox?

  100. Anonymous
    25 Jan 13


    is there any way to disable the "Hot Corners" and skip the Start screen with a batch file?

  101. ben
    25 Jan 13

    I'm using the 3.0 update without the installer. Yes enable skip metro suite is checked. The weird thing is that the app switcher at the top left is still disabled even if I turn off the program. There must be something left over from the 2.xx version.

  102. Sergey
    25 Jan 13

    I will post detailed clean up manual to make sure that all old compoments was removed

  103. Uninstall
    30 Jan 13

    Doesn't work for me. How can I uninstall it?
    I still see the Metro UI for some seconds and it seems to slow down the boot process.
    However, there's no Windows uninstall and I can't delete it manually.
    Is there a clean solution to remove it? Thanks for help.

  104. Anonymous
    02 Feb 13

    unfortunately, this seems to no longer work, the whole reason i installed skip metro was because of how insane the charms bar was acting, it was really getting beyond a joke, i first tried the old reg hack, no go, tried this, and again, the charm bar is still active and disruptive, looking for something else to kill it once and for all.

  105. Laurence
    03 Feb 13

    Hi Sergey,

    First off: thank you for your coding and determination in bringing about so many useful programs. They certainly come in handy.

    In Skip Metro Suite (now at v.3.0) when placing a check mark in the lower left hand corner box ("Start Button") it also disables the mouse activated Win + X menu: the key combination still works, but now that Win + X menu can no longer be opened by the right mouse button when placing its pointer in the utmost lower left hand corner of the desktop.
    Any chance of leaving the mouse activated Win + X menu active/enabled? But for those who have no use of accessing the Win + X menu via the mouse, possibly adding just one more setting that would disable it?

    Thanks again. I keep coming back to your site to see what you are now working on and making available.


  106. guest
    20 Feb 13

    I installed v.3.0 on my new windows 8 HP laptop. It worked great for the first 6 start-ups/logins then It started taking a minute to disable charms bar and now it will not disable it at all. if I drag at the corners it doesn't pull the charm bar up but I drag the pointer across the screen anywhere and the bar pops up annoyingly every time. I was going to try to uninstall/reinstall but when I go to programs in control panel I cant find it. still starting on regular desktop after login tho. please help.

  107. dave k
    23 Feb 13

    Acer v3 771 new laptop.

    Im afraid Im not comp literate so everything is a struggle and windows 8 has NOT helped!
    trying to dispose of charm bar but have problem same as guest 20th Feb charm bar pops in at will (even as Im writting this) but not from corners? drives you crazy! tried v3 down load but no metro in programmes list, so can not uninstall! any help would be appreciated
    Any assistance needs to be in real laymans terms
    Dave K

  108. Sergey
    23 Feb 13

    @dave k
    "enable Skip metro Suite" - uchecking this check box equals to uninstall. This is portable software, it means it does not require to be even installed, so it does not require to be uninstalled, That's why it is not presented in programs list.

  109. Frank
    09 Mar 13

    Very useful for windows8

  110. goldy
    18 Mar 13

    How do I only install Skip Metro and not any other weird stuff? I've tried three times and it keeps trying to get me to Accept installing stuff that I don't want. Where is one, clean, download link?

  111. daaawooo
    24 Mar 13

    after march 2013 updates it won't open

  112. emoxam
    27 Mar 13

    after some time charm bar and other stuff that i disable - enables again.
    version 3.0
    Win 8 prof

  113. chrisbax
    27 Mar 13

    Hi Sergey, I noticed some bugs even in the new 3.0 version.
    1) For me, the program DOESN'T work when "Skip Start Screen" option is DISABLED.
    2) The drag to close option works, and I noticed that the top 4 pixels are finally available for the mouse, and I can even drag the "mouse selection" from there (creating a "blue rectangle" as it was till Windows 7. I love this feature!.
    However, after a reboot, those pixels became no more available, until I open any Windows Store app.
    Then those pixels work till the next shutdown.
    3) If I disable only one of the two charms-bar hot corners, sometimes the other one doesn't work (I solved it with a reboot).
    Can you have a look at it please? Thanks!!!

  114. chrisbax
    27 Mar 13

    Moreover, Sergey, I'd like to post a comment about "Users list enabler" but it is impossible to post anything... Error ---> Http 400

  115. Sergey
    27 Mar 13

    Hello chrisbax
    I promise I will look on all those issues as soon as possible. Thank you very much for such good bug report, it is very helpful.

    Moreover, Sergey, I'd like to post a comment about "Users list enabler" but it is impossible to post anything... Error ---> Http 400

    I have no idea why and can't reproduce it. Use my email hb860[animal here], I am always open for communications.

  116. chrisbax
    29 Mar 13

    Sergey, if [animal here] should be replaced to @ , I sent correctly an email

  117. David-G
    29 Mar 13

    Tried to download, I got two executables, x64 and x86. Which one should I use? I have a Samsung Windows 8 laptop. Thanks.

  118. Sergey
    29 Mar 13

    Try x64.
    If it will not run, use x86 one.

  119. Anonymous
    30 Mar 13

    very good

  120. goldy
    30 Mar 13

    Installed and I'm so happy the "charms" are gone. How do I get the old version (not Win8) of Start back? I don't know how to open anything up unless it's already on my desktop. And I want to see Recent documents and stuff. Thanks!

  121. goldy
    30 Mar 13

    One more thing: I have no idea how to shut down without a Start and I got rid of the charms. [Really glad those giant start screen squares are gone - those were so stupid.]

  122. chrisbax
    30 Mar 13

    Goldy: the perfect start program you need is Stardock Start8. There are free alternatives, like Classic Shell.

  123. robapacl
    02 Apr 13

    A dozen cheers for your life-saver. I was reaching the point where I thought I would heave the PC over the railing. Those idiot/morons at Redmond can't do anything right in my book. No substance. Nothing but gimmicks and never-completed apps.

  124. gri
    05 Apr 13

    Using 3.0. Disable Charm Bars feature still doesn't work on Win8 x64

  125. Anonymous
    08 Apr 13

    Hi, I don't think you should be ashamed of your own code, since you did manage to skip the metro and disable the hotcorners. People, including me, wish to know how you did manage it. They could learn the technique behind it. Besides, we want to know what such tool exactly does to our computer.

  126. Megion
    13 Apr 13

    Is there any way to stop bypassing Metro Suite manually as unticking "Skip Start Screen" does not do anything.

  127. Yulcastor
    16 Apr 13

    Something goes wrong since a while ago. Once you enable the Skip metro and turn down the computer, the system automatically seems to disable the app again, so, when you run the PC again, the Metro screen is not skipped anymore, you have to press on the "Desktop" button. And if you check Skip metro again, it appears with the button "Enable" unchecked.

  128. Yulcastor
    17 Apr 13

    I guess Windows, on one of its updates, included some "defense" measure...

  129. Frederick
    26 Apr 13

    Dear WinAero friends: SkipMetro does not work anymore, Windows 8 has found a way to skip it. Any solution planned? Thank you.

  130. nhymxu
    07 May 13

    Lost effect if restart explorer.exe

  131. Aiyaya
    30 May 13

    Thanks for your share.
    I want all the users skip Metro suite in windows 2012 when they first time login.
    Is it possible to run with command line or any other feature I can set to make it real?

  132. acele
    14 Jun 13

    I think it's great to be able to switch off charms. Thanks but now having got it installed how can i tweak it to allow the start screen back. If I need to uninstall how do I do it. I can't find it in my list of programs. Maybe I just ran it instead of saved it. It doesn't appear when I search for metro. Many thanks for lall your work.

  133. Sergey
    14 Jun 13

    You can do the following:
    Download skip Metro suite again and tick/untick checkboxes you need.

  134. Anb
    17 Jun 13

    Hello Sergey.. thanks for your hard work..

    Can I know where Skip Metro Suit keeps the application setting?

    Is it in the Registry or in a file somewhere?


  135. acele
    23 Jun 13

    Thanks for the reply to my last mail. That worked ok but I would also like to know how IF it is possible to UNINSTALL all of it (Skip Metro Suite) if needed. Can you let me know how? Many thanks.

  136. Sergey
    24 Jun 13

    Untick the "enable skip metro suite" checkbox, close the app and delete the file.
    That's it.

  137. alireza
    26 Jun 13

    ty very much

  138. Mintyboy
    26 Jun 13

    I managed to get it working on one of my accounts, then when I tried to uninstall it an put it on another users profile it wouldn't work. I tried running the app again on the account it was working on but now that doesn't work eiter. Any suggestions? PS it was great when it worked at first, thanks for writing it

  139. Nathan
    02 Aug 13

    Hi Sergey,
    I need to deploy this across many machines silently. I can see where the registry keys are stored but I still need a way to run this automatically. Do you have, or are you able to provide, a way to run this program silently? It just needs to open, do its stuff and close again.
    Great programl, hope this is possible.

  140. KingOftweaks
    12 Aug 13

    Hi, this is the only way to disable charms bar when swipe right edge on a touchscreen. However, after I switch to an external monitor, I have to log off and on to reactivate this feature. Please look into this issue when you have time. Thank you very much!

  141. Fugazi
    25 Oct 13

    Great little piece of software. I,d like to make a request of the programmer, I work for a company that supplies systems as communication aids to disabled people, we would like to include skip metro suite as standard on all our windows 8 machines, so would like your permission to do so .. this would not incur any charges to the client.

    Hopefully you will give us the permission to include your program.

    With regards

  142. Sergey
    25 Oct 13

    I've replied in email

  143. Cool but....
    26 Oct 13

    Awesome app.... but the Start Skip Screen function doesn't work with Windows 8.1.

    Thanks! :-)

  144. Almost
    29 Oct 13

    Works for me fine in windows 8.1, at least to get rid of the charms bar completely, after I reboot. However, changing displays brings the charms bar back until I reboot again.

  145. Geurti
    30 Oct 13

    - Works for me in Windows 8.0, but when i change user and i come back charms bar is enabled.
    - Partial works in Windows 8.1: charms bar, corner ok, but not drag to close with tablet PC

  146. johnnyzero
    03 Nov 13

    If used on a Win8 touchscreen tablet, will Skip Metro Suite allow me to disable the right-side edge swipe that normally brings up the Charms Bar? This page mentions that it will disable hot corners, but it's unclear if it can also disable edge swipes on touchscreen devices.

  147. when an if i update to Windows 8
    09 Nov 13

    i will give Skip Metro Suite a try when and if i upgrade to Windows 8. I am happy with Win 7 for now, thanks.

  148. Anonymous
    09 Nov 13

    BTW I think WinAreo in a really good web site, thank you!

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