Winaero Charms Bar Killer

Specially for touchpad users: if app "does not work" for you, please refer to this article: How to disable Metro edge swipes and touch charms bar gestures for trackpads (touchpads) in Windows 8.1 and Windows 8

Even if you recently switched to Windows 8.1, you probably noticed new features which allow you to disable top left corner, top right corner and skip Start screen to boot directly to Desktop. Those options are accessible inside properties of the taskbar:

However, there is still no way to rid of Charms Bar completely. For example, the bottom right corner can't be disabled using OS settings. So I decided to fix it and made this simple app: Winaero Charms Bar Killer

This app can kill the top left corner, the top right corner and the bottom right corner in Windows 8.1 and Windows 8. This can be handy for Windows 8 users too since they do not have options to disable those active corners.Use the tray icon to change application options and behavior. You can change the following settings:
  • Run at startup - will run the application every time Windows starts.
  • Hide tray icon - will hide the tray icon of application. The application will remember this setting and will not show the tray icon even when you restart it. To show it again, run Winaero Charms Bar Killer once again.
  • Kill Charms Bar - will disable the top right corner and the bottom right corner in Windows 8.1 and Windows 8.
  • Kill Top Left Corner - will disable the top left corner (switcher).

Please note!

After you have disabled these active corners, exit the application and restart the Explorer shell to get them back!

Winaero Charms Bar Killer supports the following OS:
Windows 8.1 x86
Windows 8.1 x64
Windows 8 x86
Windows 8 x64

No separate version for x64 is required, the application works well on both versions.

Winaero Charms Bar Killer if freeware, portable app and does not require .NET framework.

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  1. Dave Johnson
    23 Nov 13

    It is a good thing that you write programs to help people customize their PCs. I wonder though, why someone would want to kill the Charms Bar. Anyway, I am sure you have made many people happy!

  2. Zanti
    24 Nov 13

    Maybe you should add the option to kill that f**k info screen that pops up in the lower left side of the screen EVERY time you open the charms bar.

  3. MBrown
    24 Nov 13

    This doesn't work in my build of 8.1 x64, bottom right corner is still active.

  4. Erik
    24 Nov 13

    Hey Dave J,

    Many users like me have the charms bar popping up when they try to go to X out a window in the top right corner or when normally browsing around using the touchpad. If you are on a desktop it is not much of an issue but on a laptop using a touchpad its a nightmare.. If you add up the lost productivity in TIME with the millions of people having this issue then some lives have been lost and the blood is on MS for trying to force more crap on us.

  5. Paula
    29 Nov 13

    Your product was the last of a long line of registry edits and programs I've used to try to get rid of the right Charms Bar. I'm using Windows 8.1 and used the option it "provides", but still, no good. In my long search I've read many comments against the bars and for those who wonder why, here's why. Every time, every ...time, my finger goes anywhere near the right on my touchpad, the right menu bar and center date and time appear on my screen. Did I say every time? My cursor might be at the bottom left of the screen but if I am moving it, reading, shopping, surfing - anything - with my finger(s) near the right of my touchpad, up come the bars in black. Then, if I was about to click on something, I first have to get rid of the bars. Oh, just tried to edit my comment and guess what? I read one person say they actually placed some tape over the right side of his touchpad and another who returned her computer for a Mac because of this. Sorry to rant, I'm just so fed up. Thank you, though, for trying. You've got lots of great tips.

  6. Jeff
    07 Dec 13

    This Charms Bar Killer seems to do nothing for me, which is a real bummer because this stupid charms bar is so disruptive when I'm trying to use my laptop. I downloaded your thing and the weird thing is that if I try to trigger the charms bar on purpose I can't, but all day I'll trigger it accidentally, it's like there's no rhyme or reason to it, the slightest touch on my my touchpad can make it pop up at any moment. It's a pain in the ass, I just want a way to permanently disable it and never see it again. That or I'm downgrading to Windows 7.

  7. Erin
    09 Dec 13

    Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!! I had tried absolutely every fix I could find, including editing the registry, and nothing else worked. For those who said it didn't work: For Jeff, go to control panel>hardware and sound>mouse>device settings>settings. From there you can adjust a lot of the trackpad settings, including DISABLE EDGE SWIPES. I had to do that too -- it's a separate issue. For the others, I think they're having the same problem I had after I installed Charms Bar Killer -- there are a couple of settings that need to be tweaked. After installing and restarting, go to the arrow in the Notification tray at the right of the taskbar and customize it so notifications for Charms Killer show (you may have to make the icon and notifications show the first time). Right click on the Charms Bar Killer icon and make sure "run at startup," "kill charms bar," and "kill top left corner" are all checked. When I restarted, I had to wait until it tried to launch Charms Killer, and then I got a popup asking me if I want to run that "unknown" software -- uncheck the check box.

  8. Brian
    21 Dec 13

    I inslalled your charm bar killer on a Windows 8.1 laptop. At first it worked perfectly keeping the charm bar from popping up while I was using the trackpad. The next morning when I started my laptop from hibernation the problem came back and for several days the charm bar pops up at random while I am moving the mouse around. I cannot make it happen so it doesn't seem to be a specific mouse movement. I have exited the Explorer and restarted it via the task manager. Do you have any suggestions for me. The constant charms bar popping up is driving me mad! Thanks

  9. Johnny
    05 Jan 14

    I'm running 8 and it works like a charm for me.

  10. Olyhouse
    13 Jan 14

    The damn charms bar can still get accidentally swiped in from the right. This problem is BULLSHIT! I'm going back to WIN 7.

  11. Dupek
    18 Jan 14

    Works very well on Win 8.1 64 bit. Thanks

  12. Sawyer
    24 Jan 14

    thank you so much Erin. You probably won't read this but I'm naming my first child after you

  13. EdDart
    07 Feb 14

    How do I un-install?

  14. Sergey
    07 Feb 14

    Read the text in red.

  15. lindsiknapke
    08 Feb 14

    Okay, so I downloaded the software, and it does exactly what it says it does... Disables from the corners.

    Buuuuuut... What about just plain swiping in from the right side? I can't figure out how to get rid of that part.

  16. kmizser
    12 Feb 14

    Please add the option to disable charms bar popping up by swiping in from the right side.

  17. BootyBump
    18 Feb 14

    Unfortunately, Synaptics (and Gigabyte, as the stock TP driver also has this) have decided to get rid of the hugely useful 'Edge Swipes' feature..It is not available in the default v17.0.18.0, with the latest,, as well as the previous,, drivers having been released without a digital signature file therefore causing upteen headache and not installable by anyone on the internet (no not even with digital signature revocation turned off!). I have tried the registry hack, turning off the hot corners (but I never had a problem with this) and also this CharmBarKiller but NONE of the methods work!

    I have just bought a new laptop and was going to just wipe and install Win 7 Ultimate but decide to get aquainted with Win 8, and in 3 days it's gotten on my nerves many times especially with this f**king unCharming bar. I was clever enough to spend a day getting rid of the annoying sh*te that MS has forced upon everyone but this blasted edge swipe Charms popup I cannot for the life of me get rid of.

  18. Charles
    06 Mar 14

    Works great on my Toshiba Laptop with windows 8.1. Thanks for your work.

  19. eugenyk
    08 Mar 14

    Itshould be disabled also in touchpad settings

  20. Guest
    16 Mar 14

    Great fix for the stupid charms bar. It is so annoying and CONSTANTLY popping up when using the touch pad on my laptop from swiping the screen and swiping the touch pad edge. Works great after I disabled edge swipe in touch pad controls! Thanks!

    For folks who might not know, there is a program running in system tray (bottom right corner) that controls the touch pad on laptops, you must disable edge swipes in there as well to totally kill the charms bar.

    Mine is a Synaptics So I have to go to mouse properties/device settings/settings and then disable edge swipes.

  21. Guest
    21 Mar 14

    Grrrrr so darn frustrating, I've tried your app and Classic Shell but neither are blocking Windows 8 x 64 charm bars from popping up on my screen which is so frustrating when I'm trying to work. even desensitizing the touchpad mouse hasn't worked ( Brand New Lenova G505s).

    Microsoft appear to have us all to ransom, try buying a new laptop or desktop from any retailer without Windows 8 installed is impossible. It seems I have no option other to than to get rid of Windows 8 and reinstall 7 from my retail copy.

  22. Guest111101
    26 Mar 14

    On IBM thinkpad when I swipe from left to right, the charmBarm still comes up.
    I have tried everything, the only option left is to throw the laptop away.
    To Microsoft: A feature that makes the computer unusable should not be a mandatory feature!!!

  23. Anonymous
    08 Apr 14

    thank you so much for this program, windows 8 was driving me nuts

  24. Azhrei
    12 Apr 14

    Is there any way of stopping the program from notifying me it's running every time I start Windows? It's becoming very annoying.

  25. eidylon
    14 Apr 14

    just fyi, while this seems to work great for mouse corners, on a Surface Pro device, you can still swipe in from the right edge of the screen and get the charms bar. :-/

  26. bob
    17 Apr 14

    unfortunately this doesn't actually kill the charms bar, you can still swipe in from the right to center of the screen and the charms bar still appears.

  27. Deguwitchrose
    28 Apr 14

    Going into the mouse settings (as someone suggested above) and removing the ability to swipe worked for me. I was being driven up the wall by that damn charms bar but it never comes up now.

  28. Pikanjoe
    29 Apr 14

    Is this Charm Bar Killer program supposed to work with all Browsers including chrome or is it limited to IE?

  29. dick wong
    03 May 14

    awesome good done guy!
    it make people get rid of windows charms bar!

  30. I hate Windows 8
    05 Jun 14

    Worst mistake of my life was getting a windows 8 laptop.

    Windows 8 is a car crash.

    Nothing works properly. it is slow and inefficient. Not even f8 works any more so if you need to boot into safe mode it is unnecessarily complicated.

    I use Advanced System Care on my win 7 PC and win 8 laptop and it finds many more faults with the win 8 laptop.

    I don't know what Microsoft were smoking when they created win 8. It must have been some heavy shit.

  31. It does not work period
    15 Jun 14

    Winaero Charms Bar Killer does not kill the bottom right corner on Windows 8.1

  32. It does not work at all with Google Chrome
    15 Jun 14

    How come it does not work with Google Chrome? I.E is the worst of all browsers and the only one CBK works with.

  33. I even can't download this software
    19 Jun 14

    I tried to download it about 10 times, and all I got was some sort of "downloader", not the charm killer.

    I did change the registries on my computer, but the charms keep coming back. I can't imagine a dumper design like that. How on earth can people avoid swiping their mouse right to left by accident? It's illogical beyond belief.

  34. Robert
    05 Jul 14

    Not work accer 8.1 but not instruction how to remouved this program It look am stock with

  35. Pangloss
    20 Jul 14

    I have the Synaptics PS/2 Port TouchPad. Charms Bar Killer did not work for me, nor did any combination of tweaks to the touchpad properties. However, I only started having this problem a few weeks ago, and I discovered that driver had been updated on July 4. So I rolled it back, and that took care of the problem. If you have this software, try rolling back to version of the driver dated 3/10/10.

  36. alex
    27 Jul 14

    Pangloss, I have the same problem on ASUS PS/2 Port ClickPad. Charms bar Killer usually works well, but about 10-20 times a day - it spontanously block the mouse and open Chrams Bar. So, can you say me what's the driver should I roll back? The driver of touchpad or the driver of Winaero?

  37. Anonymous
    29 Jul 14

    I have installed but the charms and clock appear from lower right corner

  38. guest
    04 Aug 14

    Works fine after you read the red line and do what it says! Thanks Thosiba a 8.1

  39. Anonymous
    18 Aug 14

    App fails to hide charms where a second or third monitor placed to the left of the primary monitor

  40. Fitaelio
    27 Aug 14


  41. John R. Sellers
    13 Sep 14

    Works great. Your choice of a piece of fruit for the program's icon is a little weird though.

  42. Anonymous
    13 Sep 14

    Hello, I am having trouble disabling this product. I am trying to get the top left corner spot back but it won't work. I've done exactly as it says to do each time and to no avail. My OS is Windows 8.1 Update 1. Can someone please explain why it isn't restore the top left screen corner?

  43. Anonymous
    10 Oct 14

    works a treat, kills from corners and from the right swipe. Thank you

  44. Guest
    23 Oct 14

    Thank you so much for this program! I do all but a very minute amount of my computer work in the desktop view of 8.1 x64, and find the sudden and often unexpected appearance of the charms to be jarring, intrusive, disruptive, and annoying. Your program worked "like a charm" to get rid of the charms.

  45. 456
    28 Oct 14

    its perfect

  46. cezovski
    12 Nov 14

    Does this prevent ONLY the top/bottom part of the Charms Bar from popping up? Or does it get rid of it entirely, like when you go anywhere near the right hand edge and it pops up?

  47. 49FlatHead
    14 Nov 14

    Why are so many people unable to grasp the fact that they still need to turn off the edge swiping on the touch pad properties in addition to using this program?!?!?!

    08 Jan 15

    i just sticked 2 band-aids to right edge of touchpad . works like a charm . WARNING !patent pending

  49. Teresa
    11 Jan 15

    I hope Microsoft is listening! The next time the geniuses decide to come up with some new and "improved" feature I hope they listen to their customers and never, ever hardwire something as annoying as the *&%^*&$ charms bar! Get some feedback first, people! New doesn't necessarily mean better.

  50. Mark41
    16 Jan 15

    This application does not work on my HP laptop with Windows 8.1.

  51. UB
    28 Jan 15

    I have an HP Envy with Windows 8.1 and I have tried following all instructions and methods to disable the charms bar, but it will still randomly pop up sometimes when I'm typing and my cursor is not even on the top or bottom corners at all. It just appears randomly and I can't figure out what I'm accidently touching.

  52. Charming Guy
    29 Jan 15

    Well all I can say is that it works like a charm(no pun intended)

    Now I need to resolve my touchpad swipe movement because a certain movement will still show the charms bar. Sigh.

  53. Sergey
    30 Jan 15

    See the link in very top. I added it just now.

  54. Anonymous
    25 Feb 15

    I have a touchscreen that don't allow to disable the swipe. when I swipe from the right outside the screen to the left the charms bar appear. Please help me.

  55. Sergey
    26 Feb 15

    Read green text.

  56. Anonymous
    26 Feb 15

    I have read the green text but I have a touchscreeen not a touchpad and in the mouse configuration I don't have the configuration of the touchscreen

  57. Sergey
    26 Feb 15

    Ahh, sorry. My bad.
    At this moment, I have no idea how to hook the touchpad swipes. You can disable touchpad completely, but I doubt that it is what you need. If i will find the proper way to hook swipes, I will update the app.

  58. bunnies
    16 Mar 15

    It doesn't work all the time, I can get it to work some of the time. The charms bar is absolutely the worst thing windows has ever fucking done.
    But I don't know why I can't get this charm killer to work all the time.

  59. yamasilver
    23 Apr 15

    It doesn't work om my 8.1 x64
    How can I uninstal? does not appear in the list of programs installed.

  60. lfx2m
    17 May 15

    I am quite shure people would pay money for a complete package that makes a win 8 pc as close as to a win 7 pc as it gets, starting with the start bar and finishing with customised graphic layers that replace any shread of the piece of s it win 8 look and tablet like design.

  61. anykidsmom
    20 May 15

    Nope it doesnt work here either. We bought our kids a new laptop for christmas and as it has a warrenty we cant touch the os at all so we are stuck with 8.1 and the damn charms bar. its put me off upgrading to win 10 and just as soon as this warrenty is gone so too is win 8. I am fairly savvy when it comes to pc use and commands but nothing will get rid of this damn thing. So far, without moving my cursor off this text box charms bar has sprung up twice. Theres no rhyme or reason to it at all. Microsoft have lost users over this and theres no way in hell we are downloading ten even though they are giving it away, as for your program, sorry, it doesnt work so will be removed.

  62. breanne32
    27 May 15

    oh thank god! hate hate hate these stupid, forced side bars-right left top bottom- they were EVERYWHERE!! unstoppable b-stards!

  63. ACCESS TO???
    29 May 15

    can i ask what this app has access to of my personal info etc? I am used to being able to read that info before downloading an app, but I do not see that option on here? thanks

  64. Sergey
    29 May 15

    This app does not use access to your personal info and does not "leak" anything to the Internet.

  65. BmB
    08 Jul 15

    This is not a replacement for SkipMetro. Please allow to disable the lower left start corner too. I am trying to use a vertical taskbar and the pop-up start button gets in the way of the notification area. Either update skipmetro or add the option to this. No other apps do this.

  66. Eric
    21 Jul 15

    Pretty cool. But little problem with two screen. Can't close windows with the windows photo viewer. Can't access to windows menu with the bottom bar menu. But work really with one screen.

  67. herbert
    21 Aug 15

    sorry, no perfect job.
    sidebar doesn't show, beautiful, but open windows are still minimized.
    I don't care about the sidebar, what really wrecks my nerves is the minimizing.
    give another try.
    ok, so far thanks for your beeing in the MS-mess.
    win 8.1. pro 64 bit

  68. herbert
    21 Aug 15

    oops, , forgot some information:
    lenovo thinkpad sl500, not using the touchpad. mouse....

  69. DCSmith
    03 Nov 15

    Thank you for your efforts but this really only applies to the standard desktop, not the Metro interface.
    I have a growing fleet of Surface Pro 3 tablets and need to run them using Metro. I have 3 tiles avalaiable for my users and through policy settings I have locked-out pretty much all other Windows functions.
    I cannot, however, remove the Search icon nor the Chrams Bar. My users quickley figured out how to use Search to access the internet :(
    It's looking like I may need to whitelist the 2 sites they are allowed to access. This will make managing them a bit more difficult.
    Thank you again for your efforts - this one will not work for me :(

  70. Atoz
    10 Nov 15


    Please forgive my ignorance. I'm wondering about a red flag that's been raised by a couple of malware scans.
    They both found "Trojan.Win32.IRCBot" in "WinaeroCharmsBarKiller.exe".
    Please explain.

    Thank you.

  71. charlie
    17 Dec 15

    so, where's the source, bro ?

  72. patfenton
    13 Jan 16

    Hiya Sergey

    I am using touchscreen with standard windows drivers on windows 8.1 as a kiosk type application to display work related data for staff. I cannot kill the charms.
    The winaero app kills the charms when the mouse is connected but not when the touchscreen is connected. Appears like the touchscreen driver is in control???
    Any thoughts???

  73. Linocajo
    23 Jan 16


    This works also for Windows 2012 R2.
    I needed it because I only access my server with microsoft RDC, and each time I wanted to click he "show desktop" command button (bottom right corner) the charm bar would lay over.
    This is great,

    thank you.

  74. michael412
    19 Jan 17

    Only appears to work on primary screen. 2nd screen still pulls in the charms bar when I point at RH corners.

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