Close Threshold for Metro Apps

Warning! Windows 8.1 RTM users, please refer to the Close Threshold for Windows 8.1 app!
Close Threshold for Metro Apps is a must-have tool for all Windows 8 users. It allows you to improve ways of Metro apps closing. You will able to do much smaller mouse movements/touch "swipes" to close any app.

Set sliders to left, and it will be not nessesary to drag Metro apllication to the bottom edge of the screen! After you click on "Save settings" button Windows Explorer will be restarted and you will able to close Metro application near the top edge of the screen.
I have prepared a video to show you how is it works:

Close Threshold for Metro Apps in action

With Close Threshold for Metro Apps you will able:
  • to speed up Metro apps closing with mouse
  • to speed up Metro apps closing with touch gestures
  • to disable Metro apps closing with mouse
  • to disable Metro apps closing with touch

This app has been superseded by Winaero Tweaker and is no longer being maintained. Use the following options from Winaero Tweaker:

You can download Winaero Tweaker here: Download Winaero Tweaker.
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  1. Leepat0302
    15 Aug 12

    Well done Perfect App solves a massive headache with mouse users Thanks

  2. noname
    01 Sep 12

    Closed source for so few =/

  3. david marlow
    02 Dec 12

    brilliant saves a lot of swearing!

  4. Sergey
    03 Dec 12

    sure. I hate swearing

  5. CtrlZ
    22 Jan 13

    does this app change the registry or something? I'm looking for the same effect in Windows RT, this obviously doesn't work there :/ any tips?

  6. hary10000
    16 Apr 13

    Great! The exactly app i wanted though didn't even thought there could be tweaks for metro close especially with touchpad its a pain (oldish driver/must require two hands >.<)!!
    Thanks a lot!

  7. mhipsman
    03 Jul 13

    does not appear to work on 8.1

  8. Sergey
    03 Jul 13

    let's wait 8.1 RTM
    i do not want to waste my time if something will be radically changed in RTM

  9. somanyusernames
    14 Jul 13

    Hi Sergey,

    MouseCloseThreshold and TouchCloseThreshold are helpful, however, I am looking for a way to adjust the distance it takes to "grab" the app before it jumps to bottom and switches to "close" mode.
    Strangely enough, it only takes a few pixels from top to "grab" an app with a mouse, but what is killing me is that you have to drag an app down to half the screen with the finger to get to "grab" state. I need to make this distance/threshold as small for touch as it is for mouse.
    Purpose for this is to "snap" desktop apps to right side as alternative to taskbar(have a windows tablet so mouse is not a great alternative). Please help figure this out.


  10. Sergey
    15 Jul 13

    No known easy way for this, sorry

  11. Asrin475
    17 Jul 13

    Does it support Windows 8.1 ?

  12. Horst
    17 Oct 13

    Please Update for Windows 8.1

  13. Sergey
    17 Oct 13

    open your eyes and read please

  14. Bronislav
    19 Oct 13

    doesn't work in win8.1, waiting for new version

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