Close Threshold for Windows 8.1

Close Threshold for Windows 8.1 is a must-have tool for all Windows 8.1 users. It allows you to improve ways of Metro apps closing. You will able to do much smaller mouse movements/touch "swipes" to close any app. Also it can speed up the "flip to close" feature.

Set sliders to left, and it will be not nessesary to drag Metro apllication to the bottom edge of the screen! After you click on "Apply & Restart Explorer" button Windows Explorer will be restarted and you will able to close Metro application near the top edge of the screen!
I have prepared a video to show you how is it works:

Close Threshold for Metro Apps in action

With Close Threshold for Windows 8.1 you will able:
  • to speed up Metro apps closing with mouse
  • to speed up Metro apps closing with touch gestures
  • to speed up the "flip to close" feature.

This app has been superseded by Winaero Tweaker and is no longer being maintained. Use the following options from Winaero Tweaker:

You can download Winaero Tweaker here: Download Winaero Tweaker.

Change log
Just reduced left and right values of threshold for better usability.
Initial release.
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  1. Chris
    18 Nov 13

    tested on win 8.1 pro, no problem. work like a charm ! great job !!!!
    thx for all your tools

  2. Horst
    19 Nov 13

    Thank you for this great Tool.

  3. Marcelo
    25 Nov 13

    Nice app! If possible, add an option to disable desktop closing, its really annoying!

  4. King
    06 Dec 13

    Nice fix. Small app, but really makes a difference. Thank you. Works on Windows 8.1.

  5. DIPetar
    09 Jan 14

    You just run it once and it is set for good, or you have to reapply it every time?

  6. Sergey
    09 Jan 14

    You need to run it just once

  7. GaryB0125
    18 Jan 14

    Program seems to run on 8.1 pro but I also get a windows displaying program code and no way to close that window except to end the task. Anyone else experienced this problem?

  8. GaryB0125
    19 Jan 14

    Thank you for the quick response and fix. Program now works great on Win 8.1 Pro.

  9. Chris
    25 Apr 14

    Any chance to disable the new "Metro App Title Bar" when using a mouse?

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