Chrome’s Read Later feature made its first appearance in Canary

As you may remember, Google Chrome is getting a new feature that reminds of the Collections feature of Microsoft Edge. Simply called 'Read Later', it allows saving tabs to a special area which can be opened with a new button.

Starting in Google Chrome Canary 86.0.4232.0 you can already enable the button for this new feature with this flag:


Google Chrome Read Later

Once enabled, it adds a new button to the bookmarks toolbar:

Read Later Button In Google Chrome

The feature is a work-in-progress. This is how it is described by developers:

Add Read later skeleton implementation.

This is hidden behind a feature flag. This change adds a new button to the bookmarks bar which opens an empty bubble containing a WebView.

Create a ReadingListModelFactory for desktop use.

Development is at a very early stage, so the button does nothing. We should see more details on this in the future.

So, the work is still at very early stage, so the new feature doesn't appear to be working. That could be great to have the ability to save pages in Chrome, as its competitors already some solutions. We already have Collections in Edge, and the Pocket service integration in Mozilla Firefox. It's time for Google to take a step in the same direction.

Thanks to Leo for the heads-up.


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