2 thoughts on “How to Change Account Picture in Windows 10”

  1. Hello Sergey,

    I was trying to delete all the user- and quest-account-pictures, since I do not need them. So as for now all user.png and guest.png files are deleted. When I open Start Menu there is any empty place where the user account picture used to be. And when I start Preferences => Local Account there is an empty space. Hence my procedure went properly and now I am account-picture-free.

    But no way!

    This huge account picture on the LogIn picture is still there! Nooooooo… I restarted my laptop twice but that thing decided to stay. Be gone!

    Do you know how to get rid of that stupid account picture on the LogIn screen (which in my case uses the same picture as the Lock Screen).


    1. Maybe it is hardcoded in the login screen resources and shown by default.
      IDK yet, I need to check this.

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