Microsoft makes changing input language in Windows 11 less frustrating

The keyboard layout indicator that pops on the screen when you press Win + Spacebar in Windows 11 is a victim of fancy animations and improved UI with bad optimization. Unlike Windows 10 and 8, where the indicator appears on the screen instantly, Windows 11 suffers from atrocious UI delays and bugs.

Windows 11 Build 22518: Weather forecast in taskbar, Spotlight as desktop background

The Redmond software giant pushed out Windows 11 Insider Preview Build 22518 to the Dev Channel with the following new features:

  • The ability to set Spotlight as your desktop background
  • A new weather forecast button at the left corner of the taskbar.
  • Voice Access - a new feature that allows managing Windows 11 with voice commands.
  • The keyboard layout switcher now has touches of Fluent Design.
  • The option to show the clock on all displays and secondary taskbars are now available to all Insiders.

How to disable notifications on the lock screen in Windows 11

Here's how you can disable notifications on the lock screen in Windows 11. Some users find notifications on the lock screen in Windows 11 annoying, distracting, or just unnecessary. If you do not need Windows to show you alarms, reminders, messages, and other notifications on the lock screen, here is how to disable them.

Windows 11 apparently slows down NVMe SSDs

Apart from some controversial changes, most users, so far, have had a positive experience with Windows 11. The operating system is snappy, stable, and often works better than Windows 10. Still, there are thousands of various PC configurations, which means things sometimes get out of hand. Apparently, Windows 11 cripples performance of some NVMe SSD drives.

Redesigned Notepad for Windows 11 released to Dev channel Insiders

Microsoft rolls out the redesigned Notepad for Windows 11 to all Windows Insiders in the Dev Channel. As you could already guess, the app has touches of Fluent Design and fits perfectly into the design of Windows 11. Currently, the new Notepad app is only available to members of the Windows Insider program on the Dev channel. It requires at least Windows 11 build 22468.

Surface Duo 2 gets massive firmware update with new features and fixes

December 2021 firmware update for the second-gen Surface Duo is here. Unlike previous updates, the latest release for the dual-screen smartphone from Microsoft contains not just Android security updates. There are numerous device-specific improvements, fixes, and new features.

How to Show More Pins or Recommendations in Windows 11 Start Menu

Here's how to show More Pins or More Recommendations in Windows 11 Start Menu. Windows 11 has a brand-new Start menu layout that splits between two sections: pinned apps and recommendations. The latter displays recently open files or apps and additional objects Windows thinks you might find useful.

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