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Microsoft is testing a taskbar search widget in Windows 11

Looks like Microsoft is testing various methods of simplifying users' access to online and local search in Windows 11. In the released version, the taskbar has a dedicated Search button. In some pre-release versions, there was a desktop search bar. Finally, in Windows 11 Build 25136 Microsoft added a search widget that appears in the bottom left corner of the taskbar. Continue reading

How to enable new File Explorer with Tabs in Windows 11 Build 25136 and 22621.160

Microsoft today officially announced that they bring up File Explorer tabs to Insiders in the Dev channel with Windows 11 Build 25136. But they are using a gradual feature roll-out, so not everyone see it after upgrading to that build. If you don't have the new File Explorer yet, follow the instructions in this build to enable them.

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