Windows 11 may get support for third-party desktop widgets

Several days ago, somebody at Microsoft spilled the beans by leaking a pre-release build of the upcoming Windows 11, aka "the next generation of Windows." The leaked build 21996 revealed some curious UI and feature changes coming to Windows, for example, a centered taskbar and a brand-new Start menu. Besides, there is a new mysterious Widgets button.

Microsoft filed a DMCA complaint against a site that distributes the Windows 11 ISO image

This week, an internal build of Windows 11 was leaked online, confirming both the name of the new system and showcasing a new user interface and some features. There was no doubt about the authenticity of the image initially, but some users still sure that it is a half-baked Windows 10X proto from Microsoft, and by the end of this month the company will demonstrate "the real system and its name."

How to Install Windows 11 with Local Account

Here's how you can install Windows 11 with a Local Account and omit the Microsoft Account requirement. It forces the latter by default if you have connected your device to the Internet. However, if it is not your plan, you can bypass the enforcement and set up Windows 11 with a traditional account type.

Windows 11 comes with a new Widgets panel with News and Weather

The leaked Windows 11 build comes with a new panel called "Widgets", the icon of which is pinned to the taskbar by default. However, these are not at all the same desktop gadgets that were in the days of Windows 7. In fact, what we see is just a different implementation of the "News and Interests" function from Windows 10 with a different user interface. The Widget panel connects to the MSN service and displays tiles with news, weather, sports and finance.

How to Change Taskbar Size in Windows 11

You can change the taskbar size in Windows 11 to one of the three different presets. A recently leaked build of Windows 11 exposes the appropriate settings. Windows 10 offers users two size options for the taskbar - standard or small. In Windows 11, things are slightly different. While there's no GUI option for that, you still can resize the taskbar.

Windows Snap feature in Windows 11 has got nifty improvements

The Snap feature in Windows 11 has got useful additions and is possibly inspired by Fancy Zones of PowerToys. The snapping process remains unchanged since Windows 10 and supports the same keyboard shortcuts. However, the new thing here is when you move your mouse  pointer over the Maximize window button on any open window, a pop-up will allow you to quickly pick the desired position of the window on the screen.

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